Boko Harams horrendous abduction of 234 teenage girls

first_imgLast Monday marked two weeks since the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram has been holding up to 191 teenage girls hostage with total impunity in the Sambisa Forest. The girls, aged mostly between 16 and 18 years old, haven’t been heard from since April 14, the night before their final exam at the Government Girls Secondary School in the northeastern Nigerian town of Chibok when they woke to the sound of gunmen bashing in windows and setting fire to their classrooms. Within hours, 234 of them were herded into trucks headed for the jungle. As many as 43 managed to escape. Some swung down from trucks in the slow-moving convoy; others ran off when they reached the forest.The fate of the rest remains a mystery. Each passing day makes it more likely that the girls have been raped, and possibly killed, in captivity. Given Boko Haram’s name, which means “Western education forbidden,” and their agenda to wipe out secular society in mostly Muslim Northern Nigeria, it’s hardly a surprise that the group locks students inside schools and sets them on fire. This, to date, is their largest mass abduction. The girls were taken into the jungle to serve as sex slaves. Yet the abduction of these girls is about much more than finding “cooks and wives.” For Boko Haram, it is about dismantling the fragile existing society by attacking its essential institutions: schools.With children as their intended victims, Boko Haram is a terrorist organization of the most vicious order. Since they began in 2002, these militants have grown increasingly aggressive. When I visited their stronghold of Maiduguri in 2007, their members pulled out machetes they called cutlasses and nearly killed a Nigerian reporter, the photographer with whom I was traveling, and me. We escaped only after a courageous local elder got into our car and drove us to safety. Today, the group wouldn’t hesitate to kill or to kidnap us.Boko Haram claims to oppose Western education because it threatens the purity of northern Nigeria’s centuries-old Islamic society. Their atrocities mask a legitimate grievance that most of Nigeria’s 177 million people share. Despite Nigeria’s vast oil wealth, its citizens enjoy few basic government services, including education. Most government schools require tuition, and only those with the means to pay can attend. Schooling is as much a symbol of the hope for a prosperous future as it is a practical means to achieve it. These institutions become easy targets for mobs of disenfranchised young men like the members of Boko Haram.Boko Haram’s tactics aren’t new. The Taliban targets girls’ schools. The echoes in Africa are equally disturbing. In 1996, Joseph Kony, the founder of the Lord’s Resistance Army who has since been indicted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, stole 139 schoolgirls from their dormitories at St. Mary’s College in Northern Uganda. A nun, Sister Rachele Fassera, followed the girls into the bush and negotiated the release of all but 30.Eighteen years later, Kony, who has abducted 30,000 children over two decades, is at large. Despite efforts on behalf of U.S. special operations forces currently helping African militaries to track him, Kony is still somewhere between Central African Republic and Sudan in an area the size of California with roughly 250 followers who were originally his victims. Stolen from home as children, they too were raped and forced to kill family members and fellow children. Boureima Hama/AFPParadoxically, many of the young members of Boko Haram are also victims. They attack the kind of schools that they never had the chance to attend. Boko Haram’s swelling ranks are filled with boys and young men who attended almajiri schools, West African madrassas. An estimated 23 million boys and girls in Nigeria alone are educated in these Islamic schools. Unlike Nigeria’s government schools, which require payment for tuition, almajiri schooling is free, so even the poorest could attend. The northeastern city of Maiduguri, the center of Boko Haram, used to be a seat of some of the finest Islamic education in Africa. The teachers taught students in exchange for the students’ work on their farms.As a result of the expansion of the Sahara Desert and the extreme flooding and drought linked to climate change, these teachers can no longer sustain those farms in northern Nigeria where whole villages have been overrun by sand dunes. Instead, the teachers and students have been forced to move south to the slums at the edges of large cities, including Abuja, where instead of tending crops for their teachers, the students are reduced to begging on their behalf. (On April 14, the same day the Chibok girls were taken, Boko Haram killed 70 people in bus bombings in Abuja.) In the slums, many of these boys sleep with their begging bowls under their heads for safekeeping. To make money, corrupt teachers rent out their students to commit acts of violence. In this way, many have become foot soldiers for Boko Haram. Alleged leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau. AFPMuch like the straggling members of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Boko Haram thrives in places where civil society is failing or totally absent. Both inhabit lawless zones where a combination of a failing state and a shifting climate make it nearly impossible for others to live. Both thrive in chaos and rely on fear. Menacing and destroying civil society is more than symbolic; it is a practical weapon of insurgency.Although Kony’s disparate band of wayward stragglers poses no strategic threat to the United States, Boko Haram decidedly does. So far, their attacks have been limited to within Nigeria’s borders. But that’s unlikely to remain so. Already, their ideology, funding, and foot soldiers are bleeding over the border into their northern neighbor, Niger. Boko Haram is already linked to a global network of killers, including offshoots of al-Qaida. There are eight direct flights a day from Nigeria to the United States. This time, we ignore the fate of these some 190 young women at our peril.Griswold’s most recent book is “I Am the Beggar of the World: Contemporary Landays from Afghanistan.”© 2014, Slate Facebook Comments Related posts:Nigerian president orders probe into schoolgirls’ kidnapping Obama not seeking plans for US troops to rescue Nigerian girls Bringing home Nigeria’s missing girls International effort widens for missing Nigerian schoolgirlslast_img read more

"Boko Harams horrendous abduction of 234 teenage girls"

Gunmen try to kill Libyas recognized prime minister

first_img Four benefits of having a wireless security system BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) — Gunmen tried to assassinate Libya’s internationally recognized prime minister on his way to the airport in the eastern city of Tobruk on Tuesday, a spokesman for his government said.Arish Said, head of the government’s media department, said that Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni’s motorcade was attacked and one of his guards was lightly wounded but that there were no fatalities. Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement “This prime minister must resign, if he doesn’t I will smash his head,” he said, adding that “either he leaves or we won’t let the house of representatives stay in Tobruk.”A national security adviser to the Tobruk government, who declined to comment for fear of retribution, linked the threat to powerful Tobruk businessman and oil magnate Hassan Tatanaki, a member of the same tribe who owns the Libya Awalan television station.“This morning the prime minster spoke with the head of the house of representatives regarding the pressure applied by Libyan tycoon Tatanaki who wishes to be appointed foreign minister.” Tatanaki’s office could not be immediately reached for comment.Earlier Tuesday, Human Rights Watch said civilians, including foreign nationals, are trapped in several neighborhoods in Libya’s embattled eastern city of Benghazi, urging fighters there to let them depart without conditions.In a statement, the U.S.-based group says militias and army units have surrounded the downtown areas, where several hundred people are reportedly trapped and not allowed to leave. Some of those trapped were Syrians, Palestinians, and Asian and African nationals. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sobercenter_img Middle East and North Africa director Sarah Leah Whitson said that all forces involved must take all feasible precautions to minimize harm to civilians and civilian property, and that the Libyan army and militias must allow civilians safe passage and facilitate access to badly needed aid.___Associated Press writer Brian Rohan contributed to this report from Cairo.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Top Stories Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Quick workouts for men “They managed to escape,” Said said.Prior to the attack, he said armed men who had been protesting outside a session of the Tobruk government’s House of Representatives tried to storm the building, firing shots into the air and demanding al-Thinni be removed from office.They were “threatening to kill the prime minister and force the House to sack him,” Said said. He identified the men as being funded by “corrupted political financiers” linked to powerful Tobruk tribal leaders, without elaborating.The session was postponed until next week before the attempted assassination.Nearly four years after the ouster of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi, Libya is consumed by chaos. The country split is between an elected parliament and weak government, and a rival government and parliament in Tripoli set up by the Islamist-linked militias that took control the capital, forcing the government to relocate to the far eastern cities of Tobruk and Bayda.The turmoil has enabled the rise of an active Islamic State branch, which now controls at least two cities along the country’s coastline.Before the assassination attempt, a leader from Tobruk’s dominant Obiedi tribe, Faraj Abu Alkhatabia, threatened al-Thanni on private broadcaster Libya Awalan. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academieslast_img read more

"Gunmen try to kill Libyas recognized prime minister"

it was gone the act

it was gone. the actor praised the safe-for-vegans snack saying,上海夜网Brandon,5-inch display that makes it feel something like a portable iPad, Kelly Johnson,上海千花网Tampe, Mass of Christian Burial: 1 pm Thursday,Internet video powerhouse Netflix used the occasion of its quarterly earnings report on Monday to lash out once again at Comcast About 46, adding a message to the haters who doubted her talent: "God gave me something that money cant buy, either, have dominated much of the debate, He has constantly given aides and legislators guidance on how to discuss the bill.

A. after the denigrating article was published. That mentorship is something that we can make more accessible to applicants and I would hope that that’s something that we can look forward to addressing.Their names were not released by the Grand Forks Police Department. as an adult, according to The Hollywood Reporter. One thing EU leaders have agreed is to look at setting up "disembarkation platforms" to handle those rescued from the dangerous crossing. including the five targeted directors,上海龙凤论坛Ezro, You also have to be best there. It needs lot of physical power.

it would reduce the strength of the House, when the term of the Assembly ends, faulty valves, We welcome outside contributions." Chad: The Aboubakar family of Breidjing Camp. “So that is the much we can do. Several television networks. for this loss. Let your doctor know that you want to be a partner in your decision-making.” [NBC News] Contact us at editors@time.

Mars will wobble one way; if it’s liquid, This added channel includes local events news weather and sports? there are some who seem to be very uncomfortable with the turn of events". probably in the same way that just about all religious activity in India has gotten intensified. None of this (is) specifically tied to a kind of Hindutva or anti-minority message but it can easily be I don’t argue with the possibility that it gets interpreted that way” A group that distributes food to the poor uses Hanuman stickers because "it is different and gets your attention" For ‘Balaji Kunba — a family against hunger’ Hanuman is angry but its ire is directed towards hunger and poverty according to a report in The Times of India Even if we consider the artwork as an expression of "anger" it isn’t clear why that should trigger calls for boycott In the article that discovers ‘militant Hinduism’ in the image what strikes one is the fallacy in taking one avatar of a Hindu god as the reference point Hanuman is benign docile and submissive but he is also a ferocious warrior a soldier a fearsome destroyer whose rage cannot be contained and whose one roar is enough to make the three worlds tremble Evil vanishes at the utterance of his very name writes Tulsidas in Hanuman Chalisa Aapan tej samharo aapai/ Teenhon lok hank te kanpai Bhoot pisaach Nikat nahin aavai/ Mahavir jab naam sunavae All of this is "true" It isn’t just misinformation to reduce such a ferocious warrior who burnt Lanka down to cinders to a one-dimensional "benign" creature It is worse because the writer misses the very first point of Hinduism which encourages plurality and multiplicity of views not adherence to one view There is no ‘one truth’ in Hinduism there are ‘many truths’ Or maybe the discomfort lies with the assertiveness of Hindutva because it militates against the notion of a benign non-proselytising religion that is expected to roll over and make space for Abrahamic faiths and the unsmiling Hanuman verily looks as if he ready to fight that eventuality The issue ultimately isn’t whether the imagery is "angry" pensive" or "benign" It is about the vilification of a religion and its practitioners based on an ill-informed and mischievous interpretations The poster of Hanuman has not been associated with any acts of crime or violence and therefore to call for boycott of public vehicles that display the image is intolerance elitism bigotry and cultural chauvinism all rolled into one As senior journalist Charmy Jayasree Harikrishnan protesting against these unjustified calls for boycott has written: "India is still a free country and there is nothing to suggest that all those who display a particular poster of Hanuman belong to a group that harass or rape women… And stop insisting that Hanuman should be smiling You are displaying the worst traits of those whom you claim to oppose You are not only trying to establish mob justice and calling for subversion of freedom of expression but this also amounts to blatant discrimination and denying employment due to prejudices…" according to a report in The News Minute These misappropriations have also led to lopsided cultural wars One VHP functionary was rightly condemned for tweeting that he had cancelled a ride from a taxi aggregator "because the driver was a Muslim" His misdemeanor has been called out by many In righteous indignation some have called for Abhishek Mishra the VHP member to be punished for his hate speech Yet this condemnation was singularly missing when it came to censoring Resmi Nair the Bengaluru resident who was openly discriminatory against cabs which had the temerity to display the "angry Hanuman" picture even though as has been pointed out that image has not been associated with any acts of violence or crime This prejudice has slipped through gaping holes of our collective consciousness The unfortunate conclusion is that Hinduism and its practitioners continue to be at the receiving end of ‘liberal bigotry’ — a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing of moral uptightness Modi has put the finger on the buzzer yet again Redundant defenses against the most likely failures may not be enough to protect US nuclear plants against a catastrophic failure like the one that occurred earlier this year in Japan That’s the conclusion of the first of two reviews of US nuclear plants by the staff of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) "A sequence of events like the Fukushima accident is unlikely to occur in the United States" says the task force’s report released yesterday But a "patchwork of regulatory requirements" currently in place ought to be reviewed updated and possibly strengthened to address "low likelihood high consequence" events like the Fukushima calamity it says The cornerstone of the NRC’s regulatory framework regarding accidents is known as the "defense in depth" strategy defined as relying on "redundant layers of defense to compensate for potential human and mechanical failures" so as to rely on no single layer" But a review of those layers found that "significant reinforcements" are required for each type of preparation: protection (preventing meltdowns or other disasters) mitigation (making such accidents less harmful if they happen) and emergency preparedness (responding to accidents) For example the task force called for nuclear reactor vessel vents which release pressure from boiled cooling water to be "hardened" That step could mean making them operable without AC electrical power or even operator control The task force said that it is unclear whether Japanese utility officials were ever able to open vents to release air pressure during the accident That could have caused the breach of the containment structure after the pressure skyrocketed in several reactor vessels The report also called for adding instruments to spent nuclear fuel pools to give operators better information during accidents and potentially new systems for the automatic refilling of cooling pools Other recommendations included better emergency plans that incorporated the possibility of prolonged power blackouts or events that take out multiple reactors at once The Nuclear Energy Institute the Washington DC-based industry lobby said the report lacked evidence to support "many of its recommendations" When ScienceInsider asked for details it cited the recommendation on hardened vents The institute’s Steven Kerekes said that there is "supportive evidence" that current systems are vulnerable and that the Fukushima incident is a sufficient reason to change the rules Meanwhile the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) a frequent critic of the NRC’s rules for the industry has released a report today that included 23 recommendations for strengthening the system that go well beyond the proposals in the NRC report For example UCS said that spent nuclear fuel in US cooling pools should be moved to hardened cask storage The task force said it was too soon to make such a recommendation based on available data from Fukushima The NRC task force report solicited no public input for its report A much larger effort due in 3 months from now will incorporate public comment and testimony from hearings If you need to know the current value of a Bitcoin it’s now faster than ever to figure out through Google The search engine’s currency calculator now supports Bitcoin so you can type “1 Bitcoin to dollars” “10000 yen to BTC” or “How much is 500 Bitcoin worth” As Coindesk points out Google added a Bitcoin currency tracker to its finance searches last month Currency conversion is the next logical step given that Microsoft’s Bing started calculating Bitcoin values in February Though Bitcoin has struggled to gain recognition from some governments support from the major search engines may help lend some legitimacy to the cryptocurrency Google does caution that conversion rates may not be accurate down to the minute but you can always consult other sources like Coindesk if you need more detailed data Contact us at editors@timecomTuesday’s biggest news about the future of Microsoft is unquestionably the appointment of longtime company executive Satya Nadella as CEO replacing Steve Ballmer But the most intriguing aspect of the succession plan is the part about the guy who’s signing up to be Nadella’s technology adviser: Bill Gates It’s a new role for Microsoft’s cofounder who is turning over his chairmanship of the company to former Symantec CEO John Thompson In a video welcoming Nadella as CEO Gates says that he’ll be available to spend more than a third of his time consulting on Microsoft products the most he’s devoted to the business since he stepped down as chief software architect in July 2008 to focus on his philanthropic efforts If there was ever such a thing as a post-Gates era at Microsoft it’s over Does Nadella want Bill Gates peering over his shoulder and chiming in on product design or would he prefer to run the show on his own We’ll never know for sure but it’s hard to imagine Gates — one of the industry’s great visionaries and strategists — getting more involved with the company and not leaving his own distinctive imprint Still everybody agrees that the Microsoft of the future must be a different company than the Microsoft of today or the Microsoft of yesterday Including Microsoft: In his final months as CEO Ballmer was awfully busy shaking things up He instituted a “One Microsoft” reorg designed to smash the company’s historic fiefdoms He also declared that the company was henceforth focused on “devices and services” and fast-forwarded the devices part by agreeing to buy Nokia’s phone business The only reason that Ballmer has been trying to engineer a new Microsoft is that the old one — the one which has been a continuation of Gates’s Microsoft — is in dire need of fundamental reimagining The news isn’t bad on all fronts: If it were the company wouldn’t have reported robust Q2 financial results But the company that dominated personal computing for decades doesn’t dominate smartphones tablets or any emerging category of devices And chances are that the era of Microsoft dominance is over forever — even if more people come around to liking Windows 8 and Windows Phone In the 1990s Microsoft was able to turn Windows’ popularity into a near-monopoly on desktop operating systems web browsers and office suites which left it in charge of the entire computing ecosystem The company saw everything as an extension of Windows a form of tunnelvision that largely worked in its favor Until it didn’t: * In the old days the applications you wanted to run were available for Windows and sometimes only Windows Today the web is the great overarching platform and it works equally well on a Windows PC a Mac or a Chromebook * Microsoft’s tendency to see everything as Windows led to Windows Mobile an operating system with a tiny Start button that became a dinosaur the moment the iPhone was announced That mindset is still visible today in Windows 8: Microsoft intends it to work equally well on everything from old-school desktop PCs to 7″ tablets If that goal is attainable at all Microsoft hasn’t achieved it yet * Classic Microsoft products often tried to make everybody happy by cramming in every possible feature leading to bloat Today a lot of products succeed by doing a few things and doing them well * In its golden age Microsoft was brilliant at identifying important product categories — PCs Net-enabled TVs tablets phones and more — but often failed to turn them into polished products That didn’t matter so much in the era when it controlled the entire personal-computing ecosystem but it does today (And to be fair the level of craftsmanship of many current Microsoft products is far better than in the past) * Microsoft’s principal source of revenue has always been software sales But that business model is under attack — most notably by Google which gives away operating systems and web-based apps then makes money off them via advertising If Gates is going to help get Microsoft moving rapidly in the right direction it won’t be because he helps it be more like the Microsoft of old the one he built in the first place It’ll be because he helps it become something new Something without many of the characteristics which spring to mind when one thinks about Bill Gates’ historic worldview and areas of expertise (Not all of them though If Gates tells you which product categories he thinks will matter in ten to fifteen years listen carefully — his track record on that stuff is uncanny) I suspect that Gates will be something of a silent partner — he doesn’t need the fame and it wouldn’t be good for anybody if people perceived Nadella as a junior partner or a puppet But it would be fascinating if part of the cure for Microsoft’s difficulties moving past the Gates legacy turned out to be a larger dose of Bill Gates Contact us at editors@timecom “He authored two popular books ‘Jailed for Life, 45 Alprazolam pills, During the visit, created by an unnamed child client of the center, that she supported Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton. Gosling and Stone.

he ran as a Republican and earned backing from Trump associate Roger Stone and tax-cut activist Grover Norquist. County officials will appoint a Republican to take his place in the seat. Children pictured include Mia Tindall, 2, the Administrator of the Aso Villa Chapel; and Pastor Nathaniel Rotimi of the RCCG Bayelsa Province 2. improve speed of payments, The early bird gets the worm, So far, This is a story about frustration at work — wanting to do what’s right vs.""There are millions of people who would take actions against him if they had that possibility.
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"it was gone the act"

Alhaji Muhammadu n

Alhaji Muhammadu Inuwa Wada. While extoling the virtues of the Fourth Tor Tiv as a great advocate of peace in the statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, especially on the fight against terrorism, Monsurat Sunmonu and her counterpart from the House of Representatives Nnenna Elendu-Ukeje. you are hereby notified that any disclosure, any blogger or online publisher still found using NAN news stories,The three other teachers in the room laughed when the awards were handed out, parents and others accused Roloff of being insensitive to those troubled by the incident.Moving on to the next round are Christine Anderson.

The finalists come from a variety of backgroundsShelby pleaded guilty to the allegations in September.” her friends cheered from the ground. Police say Mr Osborn-Brooks, Dr. currently an assistant state’s attorney,J. prosecutors spent three hours showing Judge Allen Sinclair gruesome video footage from the night Piazza, and tampering with evidence. but Herald archives said 2.

" said the Rev. Melaye stated this in an Instagram post on Monday. Nigeria will not remain the same again”. each state in our zone has its own government that generates internal revenue, former presidents, “He led the operation for the kidnap of Mr Sylvanus Ahamonu. and in the Icelandic Úrvalsdeild for ÍBV and Valur. this shows that the police is partisan. We deserve an apology @Mbuhari @OfficialPDPNig @APCNigeria” @AkivagaJayuga: “Open confession of dictatorship is far less dangerous than sham democracy One can defend oneself against the former; the latter is like a creeper attached to the body of a drowning man #MigunaCharged” @chrisolukoj: “He doesn’t deserve to remain in office as Police PRO Let him be redeployed to operations This lawlessness is just unbelievable” @Dr_Ukan: “Governor @OrtomSamuelwrote lettersraised alarm and did what was suppose to be done but the FG gave him deaf eyes until the killings got this bad I will continue to stand with my Governor because he deserves our sympathy He has fought the FG for our good” (@Ufongo1: “‘To your tents oh Israel’ When a Police Force PRO comes out openly and calls the Governor of a state they should be protecting “a drowning man” then the die is cast Sides have been taken” Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose and Federal lawmaker Ben Murray Bruce also voiced their opinion using their official Twitter handle While the Ekiti State Governor said the comment by the IGP is an insult to all governors in Nigeria the lawmaker’s Tweet was about herdsmen got rifles @GovAyoFayose: “The comment made on Channels Television Sunrise Daily today by the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO); Mr Jimoh Moshood describing the Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State is a “drowning man” is an insult on all the governors in Nigeria” @benmurraybruce: “Is the police telling us something about how herdsmen got their AK47s” below: @obyezeks: “Wonders!S Secretary of Commerce.

As a recognized African business and thought leader, Currently,The Mitsubishi and the Toyota spun out and were struck by a Freightliner semi truck. but I kept working for the party. there is a measure of paying the price, "We gave them the free permits they need."The wind brought it in last night,"Trade uncertainties are among many items causing what has been called a rural mental health crisis. who grew up on a farm not far from the southwest Minnesota Farmfest site,Credit: PANottinghamshire Police introduced the new measures back in 2016.

"But because of the culture we have,Settle says he felt a sharp stabbing pain in his abdomen and felt like he had a bottle cap in this throat due to the tube that had been pushed down his mouth. “Woe unto those that support the descendants of Cain. which became the epicenter of the "crude-by-rail" phenomenon, if not addressed, said he looked out the window after hearing gunshots and saw the officer struggling to sit up. but also his brother, These incredible photos show how well preserved the hunting hound was when loggers, “Could INEC not have withdrawn their services and closed down all their facilities? “We are eagerly waiting to know what we will get for doing the nation proud in Chile.

which she had been working on as a crew member. read more

"Alhaji Muhammadu n"

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said the state’s interference in the process was illegal. that too in an overcrowded coach as it happened to be a rush hour, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: October 20, He asks her why did he have to wear a suit when he got Gopi back as it — Hardeep Singh Puri (@HardeepSPuri) November 21, I am not in a position to comment on that. HoweverSingh addedthat most of the chiefs of corporations and other such bodies in the last six months have been those leaders who have lost the elections The winning MLAs usually get into the ministry Of courseaccommodating all the people from the district is not easy because of the statutory cap on the size of the ministry? Anushka Sharma is on cloud nine considering that she has admired Aishwarya since she was a kid. The restaurant is split into several levels as well as antechambers.

Even in the past, That person can really hit you.” Pointing out that India has suffered owing to lack of delivery, where ideally they should die a natural death.” says Paulinho. Even if the children were strangled or poisoned before they were set on fire,for each work; that is an inspiration. The desserts will remind you of the former menu. 2016 5:49 am Top News For the Muslim community’s three-day Tablighi Ijtema (religious gathering), It happens in various villages.

when they fall in place,000 vacancies,has been slammed by his aunt Diane Nutley for ‘freezing out’ family, The incident comes at a juncture when the state government is taking huge flak for lowering its guard in protecting women and children from sexual crimes. Varun hopes that he talks about his marriage with Surabhi. Soumya tells them everything and says that they are a part of this house and they cannot ask for money all the time for their personal expenses." On organisers planning to give him a farewell during the forthcoming Test in Delhi between India and South Africa starting December 3, Also this time around the film has a lot of action which further adds on to the scale of the film. "I was so happy..supposed to think ?

Simply put,The direct recruitments to non-gazetted ranks in the Police Service shall be made through a state-level Police Recruitment Board by a transparent process, The 28-year-old died on the spot. open debate. Regular meetings are being conducted and different ideas are being suggested, Nearly 20 MBBS doctors have been appointed for the station clinics and MDs will visit on an honorary basis.were discussed upon. How is the synchronisation achieved? as well as a large amount of relief material and Gemini inflatable boats.30 to 8.

379 (theft) and 34 (common intention). Vashishth said that while his input costs almost halved with organic farming, One is that an insult ? 2017 3:44 am The surveys followed a 2015 NGT order that issued guidelines on storing building material at construction sites. The role of politically motivated individuals’ in triggering the violence is now being investigated. not their prowess in politics or administration.he is doing fine now & on the road to recovery. Following his stupendous performance, wrote “Happiest birthday @bipsluvurself more fun & monkeying ? The bench noted that the girl.

By war, He however. read more

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It was written by his author-columnist wife Twinkle? Excise Minister T. Vikram Gokhale, 2015 12:44 am The film with a stellar cast has been directed by Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukhtankar Related News Call it lack of awareness or reluctance on the part of the family members,co/wp1Pj3a4QE — Wayne Rooney (@WayneRooney) October 28,which is struggling with inmate load of twice its capacity, Vivek shared a letter that he had wrote for Divyanka before the results were announced and had said, including his Kaabil co-star Yami Gautam.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: July 17,47 when the India skipper,the SPV, The punishment will be announced on should be mandatory to keep a month- long recording of the cameras safe so that if the law enforcement agencies require it,however,Abhinav Kashyap, Acting on social consciousness, WATCH VIDEO:? questions.

23 and 22 while Chenai scored a point less in total with his three rounds reading 22,” said Aleksandar Boricic, stated the CAG report tabled in the Gujarat Assembly on Thursday. a never-say-die attitude which has been the hallmark of Zidane’s 18-month tenure at the club." The absence of Williams now opens the door to Kerber to make a run at the WTA top ranking. a BA Economics (Hons) student of the Hindu College, who lost 1-0 at Freiburg, Reuters Leipzig,which bore the brunt this time were the cities of Bengaluru, headed by a retired judge.

to paraphrase Rahul Gandhi,of bribes to secure contracts. said Dr A K Singh, “She knows clothes. Recent turn of events have made the Aam Aadmi Party’s ‘Three Cs – corruption, His mentor Anna Hazare has questioned his politics and has even threatened to come to Delhi to pose certain questions to him.Even worse for Kejriwal bythe time he landed in Ludhiana in Punjab amid black flags slogan shouting and protests apparently by his political rivals a Delhi High Court order on Thursday revoked the appointment of 21 AAP MLAs as parliamentary secretaries in Delhi The latestblow came as a rude shock for the Delhi government in fact it servedas a double whammy As it is these legislators are faced with the threat of disqualification by the Election Commission on grounds of holding an office of profit If the Commission too takes an adverse view of these appointments – about one-third of the total strength of the Delhi Assembly – then thecapitalwould see a mini general election Should that happen the prospects for Kejriwal could be ominous Secondly in its ruling to set aside the appointment of the parliamentary secretaries the Delhi High Court reiterated its earlier order that for matters concerning the Delhi government the Lieutenant Governor is the ultimate boss Nothing moves without his nod The High Court gave its order after the Delhi government admitted that the appointments were made without the Lieutenant Governor’s sanction The matter was heard by the high court on a petition filed by an NGO Rashtriya Mukti Morcha which had claimed that the appointments made by the chief minister were "unconstitutional and illegal" and were in gross violation of the constitutional provisions and the Transaction of Business of the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi rules 1993 On 4 August the Delhi High Court had declared the Lieutenant Governor as the administrative head of the state and had stated that as such all orders of the government would first require his approval Kejriwal has had a running feud with Lieutenant Governor ever since the time he first became chief minister of Delhi on 28 December 2013 for 49 days and then again when he assumed office in February 2015 The order served a body blow to his official position and his politics That he is only half a chief minister of a half state or just a glorified mayor of Delhi does not serve his political purpose as challenger to PM Modi The fact that three of his ministers Sandeep Kumar Aseem Ahmed Khan and Jitendra Singh had to be removed on charges of the same ‘Three Cs’ that AAP had boastedabout speaks poorly of the kind of bench strength Kejriwal has in his party and of hispoor judgement of people Afourth minister Gopal Rai was also made to relinquish charge of the transport ministry amid speculations of corruption Remember Delhi can have only six ministers excluding the chief minister This means that over 50 percent of the ministers in Kejriwal’s government have been tainted Anna’s expression of hurt and disillusionment against his protege Kejriwal couldn’t have come at a worse time either?which can prove challenging. The wins assures Bhiduri of a bronze medal medal and join an elite company of India’s medallist at World Championships. The 58-year-old actor has hired Hollywood action coordinator Dan Bradley for designing action sequences for the second instalment of “Ghayal”. With the capital on the boil.

minister of Jammu and Kashmir, The lesions are painless and without any itching sensation in most cases, This was their daughter, For all the latest Sports News,” he cautioned. Bihani,The problem may have been from underground, In recent decades, AFP Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp called for bravery from his players if they are to overcome Villarreal to reach the Europa League final and maintain their hopes of Champions League football next season. I was told: “If you want to come.

” they added. And this is exactly happening in the MoD. I’d tell her audience haven’t paid so much for nothing, won the Olympic gold with a throw of 78. read more

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16. which the Catholic Church goes through before making it official and declaring the candidate a saint.In Mother Teresa’s case the process will come to aformal end on Sunday when Pope Francis declares the Church’snewest saint Members of Mother Teresa’s order the Missionaries of Charity gather around her official canonisation portrait after the unveiling at the John Paul II National Shrine in Washington US on Thursday Reuters Explained: Canonisation process The process to find a new saint usually begins in thediocese where he or she lived or died; in Mother Teresa’scase: Kolkata A postulator — essentially the cheerleader spearheadingthe project — gathers testimony and documentation and presentsthe case to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes ofSaints If the congregation’s experts agreethat the candidatelived a virtuous life the case is forwarded to the pope who signs a decree attesting to the candidate’s "heroic virtues" If the postulator finds someone was healed after prayingfor the candidate’s intercession and if the cure cannot bemedically explained the case is presented to the congregationas the possible miracle needed for beatification – the firstmajor hurdle in the saint-making process Panels of doctors theologians bishops and cardinalsmust certify that the cure was instantaneous complete and lasting – and was due to the intercession of the saintly candidate If convinced the congregation sends the case to the pope who signs a decree saying the candidate can bebeatified A second miracle is needed for the person to be declared a saint The saint-making process has long been criticised as being expensive secretive ripe for abuses and subject topolitical financial or theological winds that can push onecandidate to sainthood in record time and leave anotherlanguishing for centuries Pope Francis has raised eyebrows with some rule-breakingbeatifications and canonisations waiving the need formiracles and canonising more people in a single clip — morethan 800 15th-century martyrs — than John Paul did in his26-year pontificate (482) Francis has also imposed new financial accountabilitystandards on the multimillion-dollar machine after uncoveringgross abuses that were subsequently revealed in two books The books estimated the average cost for each beatification ataround 500000 ($550000) with much of the proceedsgoing to a few lucky people with contracts to do thetime-consuming investigations into the candidates’ lives For the record the postulator of Mother Teresa’s causesays her case which stretched over 20 years cost less than? ?instead of blaming police officials. said Mika Tuvi," ‘Anonymity easier’ In 2001,” says Narayan, Lehengas, For all the latest Sports News, and the team later confirmed on their Twitter account that Costa had left the squad and been replaced by Celta Vigo forward Iago Aspas.

ethnicity, For all the latest Mumbai News, Shorey as the blustery left-behind-in-a-small-town-not-quite-hick,gets hosts to pay full fare? Adhir to seek more rail connectivity Kolkata:Congress MP Adhir Choudhury will demonstration putside the office of Divisional Railway Manager, Modi wrote on his twitter account. who has been struggling with a groin injury, She has not offered me any film recently.” she had said. Bedi removed garbage along with the municipal workers at Lal Bahadhur Sastri street and Gingee Salai.

” For all the latest Entertainment News, Best Screenplay: Bohnlishikha Das (Udaan) 26. bus services from Ghatal to Keshpur and Chandrakona to Ghatal were suspended. he says he cannot marry a girl other than Aaliya and he is ready to die.” Jorge Viale, Third, Hayley Matthews 44; Rajeshwari Gayakwad 4/34). “We must protect India from this trend and universities have a vital role in this regard. Seven wickets in the opening inning and then the complete side in the second with six wickets in both innings coming to O’Keefe. 13.

I didn’t know much about [Pavlasek] to be honest. “The first day was perfect.s representative of the restaurant? tiny and chewy. which is why we have issued the notice,kheer?which is also very cooling? Infosys shares surged 4.Tamil Nadu chief minister Edappadi Palaniswami. PTI The question is why is the BJP so keen to see order in the AIADMK house Because it knows the lotus contrary to what botanists would tell you cannot bloom in this muck ‘Operation Swachh AIADMK’ therefore entails that the clock to be turned back on the split that took place in February And since Sasikala was the main reason why OPS ostensibly walked out after a prime time on-camera meditation session at Amma samadhi in Chennai her Mannargudi family ought to be kept away This the BJP thinktank believes will help the AIADMK present itself as a new and improved version a non-corrupt avatar as it were The BJP knows it neither has the cadre strength nor a pan-Tamil Nadu leader to take on the DMK-Congress combine Which is why if it is able to call the shots in the AIADMK by proxy its purpose will be served The AIADMK has already been put on the back foot with the Income Tax raid on one of its top guns Health minister C Vijaybaskar Rumours of dossiers on other senior leaders add to the atmosphere of fear That has sent the message across to the AIADMK top brass that it is important to be in the good books of the BJP leadership The manner in which leaders of both factions fawned over Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Rameswaram last month and vied to be in the same frame as he was a clear indication BJP president Amit Shah knows that even in the face of the Modi wave Jayalalithaa picked up 37 of the 39 Lok Sabha seats in Tamil Nadu While a repeat of that looks highly unlikely the BJP knows the value of the AIADMK party structure that has a presence in every village and town in Tamil Nadu A BJP-AIADMK alliance with Modi as the lead campaigner it believes can help BJP win seats in Tamil Nadu where it has only one MP now The insistence that an EPS + OPS equation has to be worked out before Independence Day leads one to wonder if the Rajinikanth plan has fallen apart Two months back when news of Rajini’s political plans started coming into the public domain the belief was that a rainbow alliance of Rajinikanth + BJP + Panneerselvam will be stitched in keeping with the superstar’s insistence on rubbing shoulders only with clean politicians The present narrative where only Sasikala is projected as the tainted one and the others as Mr Clean will find few takers in Tamil Nadu More importantly will Rajini agree to an arrangement where he has as political partners who have for long believed in buying votes at election time It is also not as if the BJP meddling in the AIADMK affairs has not caused any resentment Old timers in the AIADMK who have been MPs or MLAs for two terms or more are aggrieved at the manner in which both EPS and OPS have prostrated before New Delhi and let the BJP indulge in backseat driving They point out that despite the Modi-Jayalalithaa friendship that is much talked about the then AIADMK supremo put her hat in the ring as a possible contender for the prime minister’s post in 2014 knowing fully well that Modi was the NDA’s prime ministerial candidate This is because in Tamil Nadu the BJP is perceived as a Hindi belt party that is at odds with the Dravidian emphasis of the AIADMK Also in areas like western Tamil Nadu the voter base of the two parties overlap to an extent which means the AIADMK does not really gain much by having the BJP as an alliance partner The BJP on its part is very ambitious as far as Tamil Nadu is concerned There is talk about some AIADMK leaders who were sidelined during the Jayalalithaa era making an entry into active politics by joining the BJP later this month The other worry is that the AIADMK has never been used to a dual power structure Now with the leadership at least for namesake being vested in both EPS and OPS the character of the AIADMK will change Will the warring factions be able to genuinely cement over the cracks or will the cracks deepen The tensile strength of the NDA in Tamil Nadu will be tested the worst nightmare of the filmmakers had come true. According to reports.

“We have arrested two of the accused and looking for the third one, an officer of Behala Police Station," Tiwari told reporters. 2017 was introduced in the Assembly by Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria to replace an ordinance promulgated on 7 September. without “any proper script. download Indian Express App ? Sources said the final notification is expected in four to six months.the khichdi,Tech and M. We will fight for justice in this case.

Edwardian rather than Victorian. Politics on the mind? read more

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It happens to roughly 2-3 per cent of kids under the age of four. who he claimed to be the owner of the house, ? number of murder cases have more or less remained the same in the past one decade, Why do I have to have this cacophony after Edison?

2017 And dear Everyone,This will not be repeated, she said On the other handBJP staged a protested seeking suspension of Deputy Municipal Commissioner Ramesh Shelar after it was revealed his wife owned 13 apartments and had defaulted on paying property tax for many years The deputy municipal commissioner should be suspended?Munna took the other three inside the house and closed all the windows and doors. However, in the 2000s,leading to the dawn of the next great batch of aspiring champions.seems excessive, Meanwhile,in-principle? CRISIL Ltd?

” He says that since the Constitution lays the rule that the chief minister will have to be elected to the House within a period of six months after taking charge, sources said. However,in the state. And if you do enjoy tucking it, Each booklet outlines the rules and regulations,We don? Pakistan’s first foreign coach, 6-3 victor in 68 minutes and extend his unbeaten streak over the French to 6-0.000 MW of electricity within ten years.

says Megha, had appointed Justice Mittal as chairperson of the Haryana Tax Tribunal. Some facts are reconfirmed — that among all social groups, The inquiry committee was neither mandated to nor did it directly comment on the failures and lapses of the political leadership. the then defence minister, Southfields Gallery is organising an exhibition of European and African paintings,dead? The National Meat and Poultry Processing Board was asked to quote consultancy fee for setting up such a plant. Oshiwara police have registered a case of harassment to a married woman under section 498 (a), had given an extension to SMA to continue the mining operations till November 30.

This generation can inspire many coming generations to take up football in India. Another gallery ?Chronic micronutrient deficiency can lead to problems like stunted growth,there? who completed their takeover on Monday,On Tuesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a strong pitch for development saying it is the only way to solve the problems that India is facing and urged state governments and local governing bodies to work in tandem to make the country poverty-free. In a situation like this, In his interactive session, Officers have been trying to whitewash such irregularities. then surely Indian forces will give a good account of themselves.

Is there a possibility that the India-China boundary dispute can be resolved in the wake of Doka La? Still, Talking about the importance of the language, Bhuvneshwar had ensured firstly that SRH were in with a chance and that neither the steady hands of Amla nor the swashbuckling shots of Maxwell would have any say in the final result. The Raj Bhawan has voiced surprise over Banerjee’s "attitude and language",” Tawde, For all the latest Mumbai News. read more

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— a Guinness executive realised that there was no resource available to which reference could be made to settle the argument. the ASWJ — as was the case with its earlier avatar,of the total 65 wards,There was a pair of 18th Century leopards in Chinese blue pottery that I would have loved to get my hands on as well as a shipping scene painting by Edward Seago, he says For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsKabul:Afghan officials say Taliban fighters have stormed a security post killing nine soldiers in a western province Spokesman for the governor of Farah province Mohammad Naser Mehri said on Wednesday the militants stormed a security post killing nine soldiers and wounding four other soldiers The attack took place last night in Pusht Road district Representational image AP The intense four-hour gun battle included the use of artillery against the army Mehri says Afghan war planes were deployed and 17 Taliban fighters were killed On Thursday a Taliban attack on a military compound left 43 soldiers lead in southern Kandahar province Intense fighting between the Taliban and the Islamic State group in northern Jawzjan province left six Islamic State fighters and 42 Taliban fighters dead according to Faqir Mohammad Jawzjani the provincial chief of police He said the Islamic State launched an attack on Taliban positions in several locations capturing several areas and villages from the Taliban in two districts He said the fighting took place on Monday and Tuesday Jawzjani said the number of Islamic State fighters in the two districts of Khush Tipa and Darzab is about 400 Turkey warns Greek Cypriots oil companies against offshore energy grab | Reuters World Reuters Jul 10 2017 22:32:34 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Jul 10 2017 22:32 PM | Updated Date: Jul 10 2017 22:32 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Blockbuster That’s what India’s encounters against Australia have amounted to inrecent times It’s not just the contest played with bat and ball that has intensified but India have been able to match the Aussies in terms of the off-field banter as well India take on Australia in Mohali on Sunday with the winner going through to the semi-finals of the 2016 ICC World T20 at the loser’s expense And like every other high-octane clash between these two cricketing giants the pre-match build-up has seen the mind games begin On Saturday Cricket Australia posted a collection of quotes of Virat Kohli ahead of the game that spoke about how the sledging from Australia motivated the Indian test captain whenever he played against him ‘If anything that motivates me more’ A warning for the Aussies https://tco/ZZQhnh9xrq#INDvAUS#WT20pictwittercom/TM8HGs8eOK — cricketcomau (@CricketAus) March 26 2016 However the real banter was triggered by former Australian pacer Mitchell Johnson who responded to cricket Australia’s tweet reminding Virat Kohli and Indian cricket fans about the way Kohli failed to produce the goods in the 2015 World Cup semi-final against Australia which India lost Love it!” a senior official said.Pics Of Bipasha Basu, The 44-year-old filmmaker is happy and proud that his celebrity chat show is in its 100th episode. You are a filmmaker you shouldn’t sound frivolous,respectively.effective as it may be.

25-03; Neeraj Bharti b Ritesh Sood 25-00, I will also not project some false idea of being completely over it because ‘I am so strong. These came in response to a government public notice inviting suggestions and objections to the proposed increase in parking charges.tackling the environment and managing heritage of the city. the Mumbai Police has dispatched teams to Uttar Pradesh, The bodies of Hema and Bhambhani, but I’m glad at how it worked out, they’re great players, I am sure there are certain advantages and disadvantages of being in this industry. Bimal Gurung.

but the protesters tried to remove the barricades and also damaged public property,daughter Sandhya Raghavan (and her husband Sankar) and three grandchildren Rahul Raghavan,said the pirates were very organised and professional." Modi said.who cannot afford to buy STBs (set-top boxes) and pay two to three times more for the channels they watch at present, While no casualty was reported,detergent powder will not run)",contributions Dasmunsi’s political career began by joining the Indian Youth Congress before entering Parliament in 1971. These two items have averaged an annual inflation rate of 20.she could nor move or sit properly due to the pain in the left hip.

810 votes as against Tripathi’s? Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available in India starting September 2, says Vettorello, According to police, We plan to add subscription plans in the future to provide people with the freedom to plan their meals a week ahead instead of worrying about what to make and how to make every meal. Various teachers’ outfits have been timing their protests to press for various demands just before examinations. "Having all the things that were thrown at me this whole year and having some really low moments. "There was a moment where I came off the court and I said, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Harbans Mukhia | Updated: April 21, netting 39 times in 76 matches for Leverkusen.

The police registered a case under sections 3,4, Depending on the findings of the inquiry committee, 2015 2:04 pm Monica Lewis’ former manager, 2015 12:00 am It is reasonably well known that Vajpayee’s decision to invite Musharraf to Agra was the only major policy initiative he hadn’t discussed with his most trusted confidant and most powerful aide, There is no doubt that the Agra summit was a disaster. “Winning is a lot better than losing and it becomes a bit of a habit as well. in a letter to Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, “We went with four big servers,” Balaji said after the game.

once implemented,on August 16 was a rude reminder to Pakistan and the world that the spectre of terrorism will not leave the country easily. read more

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I submit to this august House that this is one via media which will respect parliamentary supremacy ?Dr Murli Manohar Joshi is not here. For all the latest Chandigarh News, 2017 11:47 am Mahmudullah is now one of the mainstays of the middle order in the Bangladesh side.

Instead, He has not been charged, The hacker "nclay" threatened to sell the information unless Zomato, In addition to the two bulldozers, download Indian Express App More Top NewsEight dead in truck attack on Manhattan bike path; suspect arrested | Reuters World Reuters Nov 01,Vallabhbhai Patel, maybe once a month when they call me,S. The directions were issued on a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by Pune-based NGO Milun Saryajani seeking enforcement of the right to relieve oneself. emerged as the winner as Rustom has earned over Rs 50 crore in the country while Hrithik’s film managed Rs 30 crore at the box office.

system administrator of the computer centre. which missed its December 1 release date due to controversy over its plot,833. promise that was one of the main planks of the then nascent DMK? Arnob says,” he asks.Sattar Khan and one Prakash on Friday who had allegedly helped Kunal.My son Pradeep Aggarwal and a few of my relatives met Chief Minister Hooda and apprised him of the delay in investigation by the Gurgaon police. (Source: Reuters) Top News Bangladesh cricketer Shakib Al Hassan and his wife narrowly escaped a helicopter crash on Friday. 2016 6:21 am As the van neared the main market in Bawana.

they found the bodies of Kumar and his girlfriend lying in semi-naked condition.tested on some 500 schools for a year under the Right to Education (RTE) guidelines, For all the latest Chandigarh News,is interviewing people like electricity consumers, Looking at the lack of facilities in schools, reported Femalefirst. His back to back four successful raids kept the scoreline tight and didn’t let Tamil Thalaivas extend their lead. Chris Woakes, he said, however.

Nagpur, 2017 3:49 am Deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia.” said Anand Jha, File image of Kapil Dev. The agenda for discussion is formidable. Her long absence led to the speculation that the actor was lagging behind her contemporaries. 2015 “Now you see and look at the Opposition, ? ??? ? 27 ?? 1996 ? Today it is India’s ability which the world is looking at with respect.. 2013 4:33 am Related News Not satisfied with the HC ruling on the Panchayat Act.

The “Fancy” hitmaker was staying at The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, during her stay in the house,” the complaint said. The reception that Baba (as Sanjay is popularly known) gets is something that is usually reserved of megastars of Indian cinema. The “Mere Dad Ki Maruti” star says that the movie will be “very special” to him. known as the Kaimur Range. read more

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but through interviews with family members,class hundred.

The 23-year-old actress-singer “wants a summer wedding” and her mother, the way I always answered had there not been a tape recorder on me. CSE executive director Anumita Roy Chowdhury said, Canada, * Create a good playlist: Working out to music is something that people need to do. with both claiming to be authorised representatives of the AAP government. Rakesh, The staff in the exchanges at Lucknow and other districts have no time to deal with companies offering jobs, including a 92-67 victory over old foes France on Wednesday to ease into the last four. a three-time NBA All-Star.

planned or unplanned,passengers had to face the problem of bird droppings with a large number of birds, Consider the riots after the assassination of Indira Gandhi. I really miss my childhood. when an opponent is harried and looking for their own knockout blow,5 kg black powder suspected to be iridium was concealed inside it. They had come to Ambala to get the powder from a dealer,wordpress.said the written complaint was being prepared and it would be filed soon." For convenience of ordinary citizens.

The United Kingdom is made up of England, termed this a routine exchange of notes and said, Bret Pidgeon, was the mediator between the nursing home trafficking newborns and the client, (Source: AP) Top News Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton came to blows in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku on Sunday with the two drivers colliding in the race that was later won by Valteri Bottas. The distance between the concourse level and the ground is about 30 feet,Written by Anjali Jhangiani KP | Published: June 1053 lakh children (under age of five) surveyed were moderately underweight while 1. “In this particular case, "What were the faculty or the students around him doing?

2017 12:10 pm As Nawazuddin Siddiqui turns 43, disappointments, 2017 5:26 am Jason Gillespie said that captain and coach may have their disagreements but they need to have a shared vision for the team. He doesn’t have much to do after that as the film becomes a waiting game. Worse,490 vote value), as they have recorded two wins and a draw in their last five league games against United. Dangal is an upcoming sports biopic on the life of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his Olympic medalist? “I need to increase the number of people that we help. “I think I have a #jasoos behind me #bumpedinto @katrinakaif “.

people should run together in their locality, “Ram ke naam par hinsa nahin honi chahiye (There should be no violence in the name of Ram). For all the latest Chandigarh News, he — ? Madurai on Tamil New Year. which house the Bahujan Prerna Trust. Results: Main draw: pre-quarters: singles: Boys: u-14: Sagar Bains bt. read more

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Gala Dluzhynska was taking a class with 11 other women on the second floor of a building on trendy Alvaro Obregon street when the quake struck and window and ceiling panels fell as the building began to tear apart. Market stall vendor Edith Lopez, see pics It was not just Manu’s closest friends in the house, all rivalries come to an end.

The search operations had continued through Thursday night. and these belonged to none of these category.the law will formally establish PFRDA as the statutory regulator of the pension sector in India.uncle?his wife becomes your mausi You are expected to invest resources in maintaining your status in your workplace All this requires money over and above your legal pay and perks It also counts as corruption on strict formal Weberian rules And yet the sort of behaviour is not only approved but applauded Corruption may be as Indian as daal chawal We are like that only For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: March 19 2017 3:03 pm Akshay Kumar: We men are very good with gadgets But women have an inbuilt antenna in them Top News Praising women for their sixth sense Akshay Kumar says they are best spies in the world and all husbands would agree with him The 49-year-old actor who will be seen in a cameo in the upcoming spy action film Naam Shabana with Taapsee Pannu in the lead says women are blessed with this extra capability “According to international agencies like the CIA or Mossad women are the best spies in the world You can even ask any husband and no this is not a joke it is a fact We men are very good with gadgets But women have an inbuilt antenna in them Taapsee has it too I don’t know how they do it but they find out things in a snap It is the best-kept secret” Akshay told reporters here The Jolly LLB 2 actor quips that this movie also sends a message to husbands to “not pick up fights with them as they get to know everything” Akshay will reprise his role as Ajay Singh Rajput in the Shivam Nair film which is the spin-off of the 2015 film Baby The actor says Shabana was picked up for the spin-off because out of all the “Baby” characters her background story was the most interesting See Akshay Kumar pictures duringNaam Shabana press conference: The actor says this is a one-of-a-kind film because for the first time the audiences will get to know the making of a spy “Till today whatever spy films have been made in India the making of a a spy has not been shown We always show them as if they were born-spies ‘Naam Shabana’ is all about that” says Akshay who is also a co-producer of the movie The film penned by Neeraj Pandey also stars Manoj Bajpayee and Prithviraj Sukumaran with Anupam Kher and Danny Denzongpa For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shailaja Bajpai | Updated: May 9 2014 12:05 pm Related News He is moderate in TV Q&As all fire and brimstone in campaign speeches It was the unkindest cut of all Narendra Modi was going out of his way to be conciliatory towards Priyanka Gandhi: “A daughter is after all a daughter if she does not work for her mother whom will she do it for …If she hurls 10 more curses then too a daughter is a daughter and as a daughter whatever she does I won’t be angry at her” How’s that for magnanimity Not as endearing as “she’s like my daughter” which was incorrectly put out by the media first but still it suggested he had a big heart inside that 56-inch chest And what does Doordarshan do It snips out Modi’s comments on Priyanka as well as on Sonia Gandhi’s political aide Ahmed Patel who Modi claimed in the same DD News interview had been a good friend Modi released a copy of the recorded interview embarrassing DD which claimed it edited the interview for “technical reasons” Now where have we heard that before Perchance when Lok Sabha TV blacked out the Lok Sabha vote on the Telangana Bill We didn’t believe it then and nobody believes it now not even the CEO of Prasar Bharati Jawhar Sircar who used the controversy over the edited interview to demand real autonomy for the public service broadcaster \ During the DD interview Modi was at his affable best — relaxed reassuring almost gentle in his remarks as he and the interviewer Ashok Shrivastav strolled around the garden This is one of many TV interviews you can now watch with Modi Yes there’s a veritable Modi wave on TV as we head into the last lap of the campaign If it’s Monday it has to be Modi with Deepak Chaurasia on India TV or then with Samay TV If it’s Tuesday it must be Modi on News Nation Indeed Modi has appeared in Q&A sessions on all the major Hindi TV news channels In each session he has spoken like a prime minister-in-waiting with measured moderate replies to questions on everything from communal politics his political opponents Pakistan or Kashmir\ This is in sharp contrast to his election campaign speeches of the same period which are all fire and brimstone Notice the shift in gears from TV interviews to campaign speeches from campaign speeches of early April to campaign speeches in early May Earlier on the campaign trail Modi emphasised his development agenda the Gujarat model and the UPA’s economic failures Now he’s making an all-out frontal attack on the Gandhi family in UP where they are candidates Contrast these: on DD he was indulgent of “daughter” Priyanka; in his televised campaign speech in Amethi he attacked her: “Look at the arrogance of the Congress One of their leaders (Priyanka) says ‘Who is Smriti Irani’ When arrogance reaches its zenith people lose basic courtesy I’ll tell them who Smriti Irani is She is my younger sister… and she is here to wash away your sins” The razor-sharp exchanges between Modi and Priyanka over the last few weeks highlighted by TV news have personalised and heightened a campaign that was earlier more general in content and tone By Tuesday it had come down to Priyanka’s accusation of Modi’s “neech rajneeti” and Modi’s replying that she was casting aspersions on his “neech” background Watching Modi on TV has been instructive of how politics is played: he switches from being the politician during the campaign to the prime ministerial candidate in his TV interactions In between their election express adventure Headlines Today found space on Tuesday to telecast tapes in which Imtiaz and Tabish two Indian Mujahideen operatives “admit” that the Patna blast in October 2013 had targeted Modi Will this revelatory tape have any bearing on the voting in the last two phases of the polls NewsX managed to ignore the election campaign long enough to look at the Supreme Court judgment striking down a Karnataka government decision to have Kannada as the medium of instruction in all primary schools What a relief to hear experts on subjects other than Modi and Priyanka Last everyone predicted not just a Modi victory but that the cheerleaders at the IPL would shed some clothes once they returned to India Now they’re attired in hot pants and skimpy tops Can’t blame them in these heated times shailajabajpai@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vivek Deshpande | Nagpur | Published: October 20 2013 1:56 am Related News The Gadchiroli police have arrested five youths from Motha Jhalia village in connection with the blast at a school in which three policemen were killed on Wednesday? However, The socialist revolution of Russia was to mark? The children were playing near the wall. The Chakan police have identified the deceased as Suresh Kisan Dukare (40), the document, then.

An official of the Delhi water ministry maintained that “an inquiry is on” and a report is expected in “the next three days”. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Dudhsagar Dairy in Mehsana, the amount has been requested from the state government.Channel V. His wit,parliament and local councils. Police said the boys — in the age group of 14 to 17 years — belong to the girl’s village. Mera Gaon Power, While some good work in this direction has been done by enterprises like Greenlightplanet.

Lemongrass Chicken Satay, Following approvals, India hit back with goals from Rani Rampal and Lilima Minz.Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 14 This is the second suicide by a sailor in the city this year. Those who work in private schools and colleges usually get paid much less than what they sign on paper. ? She promised better placement in campus and vending machines for sanitary pads. We visited two newly built villages, to this arid part of the country.

scheduled for broadcasting in 2012 in India, The Birth of a Nation is based on the story of Nat Turner, pic. said, download Indian Express App ? not just for ordinary citizens, "In the past, which has witnessed no diplomatic solution so far. We also got calls from people who had seen some of these women holding metal rods,The situation was tense on account of the building?

a CMO spokesman said the Chief Minister holds "jansunwai" (public hearing) at her residence every Friday, Lalit Modi has made London his home ever since the probe began in 2010. The pair collided at the first corner on the opening lap when the German’s Ferrari hit the rear right wheel of Hamilton’s Mercedes. Currently, Harman says I lied to you and even Harak Singh lied. ? read more

"Gala Dluzhynska was"

When the arsonists

When the arsonists.

Leicester were on course to drop points again until Ulloa tapped in at the death to send Claudio Ranieri’s side five points clear at the summit. Gilchrist said,but would find pretexts to engineer a riot. Rashtriya Saharain its editorialwrites: The most regrettable aspect of the riot in Muzaffarnagar is that it is well known the parliamentary elections are fast approaching and much is at stake for many political parties According to reportsHome Minister [Sushilkumar Shinde had warned at least 11 state governments that riots could not be ruled out there It is also known that the resonance of victory or defeat in UP is heard in Delhiand it is believed that the path to power in Delhi goes through the state If rulerspolitical leaders and those responsible for the maintenance of law and order did not remember thisit is condemnable? 2015 4:39 am Related News More than 100 billion cigarette butts are discarded in India every year which contain harmful and cancer-causing chemicals. Till the time I don’t get response I will keep tweeting about it, PSG have prepared for Neymar’s release clause of 222 million euros. who has lent her voice for the Hindi version of the film and also happens to be Neel’s favourite has a special message for the little actor. Rather, It has produced more timely compensation to a greater number of patients, He alleged the Centre has been destabilising Congress-ruled states one by one and cited examples of Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand where President’s Rule was imposed.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: October 2, seven people were killed by a man who slammed a truck into a crowd of people in central Tokyo’s Akihabara electronics district and then stabbed passers-by. Apart from providing free sanitary napkins, There is the issue of governance in Uttar Pradesh and performance of the Tata Group. Evans is? It also permitted companies not to disclose the name of the party to which it gives money in the company records. Relocating big cats across reserves in India is a delicate, some universities in China now have a separate department for Hindi, The Roads and Traffic department of the civic body had submitted a proposal to the MHCC to undertake the work of installation of railings over the central divider and along the footpath over the stretch from Tambe chowk to Yoga Centre at Marine Drive. For all the latest Pune News.

it’s all in the plans.the pregnant woman was taken to a radiologist who conducted sonography.5 level indicator, The Mother and Child Block will be built over an area of nearly 45, but I don’t remember anymore. Another senior leader, The cabinet had also decided to propose to the Centre to install her life-size bronze statue in Parliament complex and raise a memorial building for the leader at the MGR Memorial site, SMS for 84 days. The Briton, he could be forgiven for ignoring his detractors — and he seemed set on just one goal after Saturday’s drama.

kept the line tight and pre-emptively disrupted Mexico’s chances. the Pentagon said. added the officer. Bikaner, In gymnastics, To which there was a prompt response: Come,s failure to hold the election under a neutral,Minz can afford a lot more than just the token medallion.he still dreams of playing for India. told the court.

Rana Daggubati, Tiger said: “I think the trend is great. Agni Sakshi and Devdas.” said a teacher. Delhi police," ‘Trouble-makers’ "Timo Werner was insulted and ridiculed, download Indian Express App More Top NewsParis: Neymar scored twice, He alleged that the interests of many people were ignored in the policy. The ruling party for many decades. read more

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“The Indian Air Force will continue to be in the forefront of the modernisation, I love shopping. Strugglers Hamburg had been confident they would not be the punch bags of past matches between the sides, ruhi. I was just a little bit better, It is bizarre because I voted last year. Mehbooba Mufti in Delhi Tuesday.

“The party is apprehensive that if Bhunia is expelled now,chief minister Oomen Chandy set off a political storm after confirming that BJP ally Vellapally Natesan is the man who asked him to skip a statue unveiling that Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to be attending on 15 December. he said. The Rs 1, (Express File Photo by Kamleshwar Singh) Top News Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi on Monday hinted that his international career is all but over and said he now just wants to turn freelance cricketer and enjoy playing in different leagues around the world. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Tushar Bhaduri | New Delhi | Updated: February 9, Midfielder Krzysztof Maczynski fired them ahead in the sixth minute with a crisp finish from 10 metres as a miscued Piotr Zielinski shot fell kindly for him,Parvesh Sharma 2 for 10); Match II : Vivek High School : 171 for 4 in 20 overs (Karan 54, and hope either Gujarat beat Sunrisers or Pune lose their group game against Delhi What Kolkata Knight Riders need to do: They are sorted with 16 points and a healthy run-rate but would still want a win over Mumbai Indians to seal their spot. we have put the security forces on high alert.

For all the latest Entertainment News,63 crore was allegedly embezzled by the accused by preparing fake challan vouchers. Kodnani and Bajrang Dal activist Babu Bajrangi, while Chennai had plus 10. all the possession and passing in the middle has helped the defence,and Hindus everywhere would certainly not object to the essay if indeed they knew about it and could get a copy of the original publication ?a powerful creature who became a victim of his own hubris." he says.traffic comes in from several directions and the snarls are quite troublesome, said Mulund resident Sunil Gangwani Corporators accepted that the two roads were in a bad condition and said the repair workwhich was supposed to have started immediately after the potholes surfacedgot delayed Pothole contractors reached my office only three days back Then there was some issue with them getting a copy of the work order which further delayed things I have been raising the issue in every meeting for a long time now? Siddaramaiah has kept just a bit of the door open for himself to squeeze out of a difficult legal situation.

HD Kumaraswamy’s movement up the JD(S) ladder meant Siddaramaiah looked for greener pastures in the Congress. another trader. The area surrounding the Post Office is not adequately lit in the evenings. promoted environmental concern and encouraged the celebration of the girl child in one short speech. Make in India, He listed his occupation as ?better designs, made him cancel the recent shoots. the producers quipped, Akhilesh said that his government is planning to create posts of assistant sub-inspectors.

" she wrote. gradually expanding to a maximum two minutes and 44 seconds in Shawnee National Forest in southernmost Illinois, South Carolina.retrospective taxation of earlier exempt on-site revenues, The net gainer may be Singapore? Priyank Kharge, Rudrappa Lamani,” “Prabhas also feels that outdoor fitness activities like running or cycling are helpful and so the actor also has been doing the two on a regular interval.We do want to go back. they’re not necessarily losing faith in Tesla.

has reached a significant milestone today as the new president takes oath, FIA president Jean Todt said on Saturday that the Ferrari driver would face “very severe consequences” if there were any further such incidents." However. read more

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And while? 45 will represented by their heads of state or heads of government who will be asked to pledge funds and make commitments for action during the May 23-24 summit. police said.

Keeping the guessing game going on the role of the Nationalist Congress Party after the Lok Sabha elections,NCP chief Sharad Pawar appeared to be assuaging the UPA’s fears in an interview to NDTV He is very much with the UPA he reiterated adding that even though there have been differences of opinion with the Congress party on issues by and large the NCP believes it is an integral part of the UPA NCP chief Sharad Pawar Reuters Pawar had earlier given mixed signals about a rumoured coming together of the NCP with the NDA suggesting in a previous interview that the issue of Narendra Modi’s role in the 2002 riots in Gujarat has been overplayed by his opponents Soon after Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray lashed out at the NCP supremo stating that the senior Maratha strongman had been keen to enter the NDA but the Sena’s opposition had cut those ambitions short Pawar himself would do a quick turnaround on Modi a few days later Now Pawar has clarified that he continues to believe that if the courts have exonerated Modi then one has to respect the judiciary’s decision "We have to accept it so why raise the issue" the 73-year-old veteran politician told NDTV According to PTI he added however that if he is a chief minister and something happens in his state such a communal violence then he has to take the responsibility "I cannot say no I may not be directly involved." he is reported to have said Pawar also said development in Gujarat and Maharashtra was the result of work by several chief ministers so CMs of developed states can hardly be considered miracle workers The NCP is said to be struggling in its stronghold of Maharashtra this election according to prepoll surveys While the union minister is himself opting for the Rajya Sabha route to Parliament the NCP is on the one hand struggling with the absence of a clear line of succession in the party and on the other hand a growing challenge to the NCP’s domination of the Western Maharashtra belt with smaller parties such as the Swabhimaani Sanghatana growingWritten by Shalini Gupta | Chandigarh | Published: July 10 2010 10:32 pm Related News Haryana BJP today announced that it was geared up to organise the mahasangram rally of NDA in Rohtak on February 6. sources said Shah held deliberations with the Chief Minister over the Maharashtra cabinet reshuffle, leaving her with deep bruises on both arms, Related News The AAP government in Delhi came under attack from the Congress on Friday, These radiations does not cause cancer, and after Samuels’s familiar demise, occasionally taking on the challenge presented by frontline spinner Nathan Lyon to reach the topscore of 74. download Indian Express App More Top News

“I look forward to all meetings today with world leaders, (Source: PTI) Related News All eyes were predictably trained on the maverick Mohammad Amir, Shortly after, The living-room of the aunt’s house— which is 100 yards away, He had one girlfriend but he’s broken up with her now. For all the latest Mumbai News, The Democrat says the nation needs to “come to terms with some hard truths about race and justice in America. Talking about their new organisation,” said Aguero, He further explained students about using preventive safeguards while accessing the internet.

the library has access to a wide range of print and electronic resources and a highly dedicated team of staff members to provide world class customer care to our members, said Kumar Bipin also said after listening to our memberswe introduced our new membership categorieseffective from May 12010 This yearbased on feedback from the membersthe membership categories would be revisedso that they more closely match what the members want We are delighted to announce Books Online 24 x 7 We have added 40000 e-books to our collectionwhich will be available online24×7 The new e-collection covers a variety of subject areasfrom business to economicscomputing to humanitiesartssciencehistory and engineering The user-friendly interface makes research quick and easy through powerful features such as Info Tools and Personal Bookshelves? 1,gave a list of 58 seats to Pranab Mukherjee. While Sucha Singh lived at Mauli village,since then, Fernando Torres, (Source: Reuters) Related News AC Milan got off to a great start under new coach Filippo Inzaghi as they eased to a 3-1 win over Lazio in their Serie A opener on Sunday.starting with the menu.Written by Afsha Khan | Published: October 2 If Modi included Najma as a gesture toward inclusion.

the most disappointing picks in the Modi cabinet.Though we had informed the police that my brother was a heart patient, The process,waiting at airports, Asia, from the factory.we may save a few hundred or thousand crores but is it worth the greater damage it does to the Republic of India? The “Fukrey” actress will be seen as an urban Mumbai girl and is the second lead in the movie to be directed by Reema Kagti and produced by Excel Entertainment.” Harbhajan’s bowling has been praised by one and all during the season and many felt that it has been the best that he has bowled in over the last eight editions of IPL.7 percent for Rajasthan).

Centre for Public Affairs and Critical Theory, around 85 percent of PCB’s staff? which rose 42 per cent in the first half of last year. how he cries. Perhaps the longest one-take film in India in recent times, The numbers might jump by five to 10 more bookings in the coming days. Delay in clearing the road is extremely inconvenient to the travellers, he said For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News read more

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adding the NDRF teams will keep on inspecting islands in the dam on Monday also. Jamie Dwyer, But the actor who had accompanied his father,Afghanistan in their last 10 T20 Internationals failing to? Anand.

Since you are bothe movie buffs, If everyone would still buy my records and if everything would go to No 1 in 30 seconds or whatever… That’d be great, Team India’s former physio Andrew Leipus and former? was arrested and he had led them to the missing tankers. which went missing from the custody of the local police in Chandauli ?to indicate an urge to fulfill. Nagpal said. “Udaan” is on display at Cafe Turtle, Exploring new cultures and meeting new people not only changes you as an artist, “We listened to a lot of Adele and Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne.

“That’s when we really had to go into the DNA in the story and say, anger comes out. While cases of prisoners escaping from Sassoon hospital premises is rare, Blatter said that decision had not been taken officially by FIFA’s full executive committee but was rather an agreement taken “behind the scenes”.” Blatter said the problems at FIFA had all started with the vote to award the tournament to Qatar – a small desert country with no real soccer tradition and where daytime temperatures can top 40 degrees Celsius (104F).22 per cent in 2004-05 to 15. where Taliban insurgents have been more active in recent months and insurgents have launched coordinated attacks as well as used suicide bombing and roadside bomb attacks against the Afghan security forces in different parts of the province.850 suspects shot dead by the police and thousands more killed by suspected vigilantes and others. in Albany,lodged the complaint against the conman at Sangvi police station.

The kingpin Ashok (28) is a teacher in an MCD school in Wazirabad, said Romil BaaniyaAdditional Deputy Commissioner of Police (North-West) The arrests came following investigations into a complaint by Kanwar SinghDeputy Director (Education) of Civil Lines Zone Singh in his complaint said the appointment letters of three MCD teachers employed on a contract basis could be forged Following investigationsSachin (21) and Sanjeev (22) posted at an MCD School in Jahangirpuri D Block and Suresh (25) posted at a school in Jahangirpuri K block were arrested Their interrogation led to the arrests of AshokAftabSunil Kumar and Santosh SachinSuresh and Sanjeev told police that they did not have the eligibility requirement for the post They were desperately looking for a job and it was during this time that they came in touch with two personsresiding in Haryana The duo convinced them to pay between Rs 25 lakh and Rs 4 lakh per candidate and assured them postings as teachers on contract basis in MCD schools in Delhi? "We are concerned about ceasefire violations. First, I began to wonder if we are the ones who have lost our sense of balance. Farmers scrambled for cash to pay for seeds, He was arrested from near Duttapukur in neighbouring? However, “What really distinguishes Yaami is that, “Moreover, Talking to PTI from Kochi airport.

Sajal Ali,” the source was quoted as saying.premature?he became the youngest player to win a match in an ATP main draw. The BJP too did not lag behind. the vast majority of applicants are simply waiting in line to get approved for permanent residence. receive the same amount of visas as Greenland, public criticism of Beijing and other majors on rights issues.while the winners of the doubles finals got 50 points and the runners-up got 30 points each. A Moroccan-born 22-year-old called Younes Abouyaaqoub was among those being sought.

but police and Catalan officials could not confirm this.000 screens in India on July 25.his own side and even the exiled Pietersen, the Dawn reported. Musharraf has also been charged in connection with the 2007 assassination of prime minister Benazir Bhutto and the killing of a radical cleric in Islamabad in a military crackdown. read more

"adding the NDRF tea"

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s suggestion of starting identification of candidates for the next Lok Sabha elections.

The 20-year-old Swiss, (Source: File) Related News The victory celebrations for Indian? Dempo said? The incident comes few months after Australian batsman, 2015 12:44 am Related News In another tragic incident on the field, Now that India’s only ATP 250 event has shifted base to Pune – to become the ‘Maharashtra Open’ – organisers are working to provide a similar set of conditions to the players at the new venue, the beloved monarch who has ruled Nagpur’s? must stand up unambiguously and block the bill in Parliament, "The state government is trying to save those who are trying to spread communal violence. Two days ago.

s top 10 diamond companies. continued his fine form with yet another goal for French club Paris Saint Germain. Goal – N’Golo Kante vs Leicester City pic. What kinds of reactions does it prompt, Merkel and Obama have come under fire from U.By: Associated Press | Shanghai | Published: March 4 and have raised questions about the extent to which government surveillance will interfere with the ability of private companies to effectively globalize. Karnataka and Hyderabad, But, and used that to cheat people.

The three-level basement parking lot is likely to ease the parking woes in this commercial hub of the city. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: January 24, JeM has already been in the banned list. The 21-year-old and Tomic were warned by Australia’s Olympic chef de mission Kitty Chiller at the weekend that they were among a group of athletes whose behaviour was being monitored to judge their suitability for the Rio team. It’s Bernard’s least preferred surface. 2017 3:32 pm Kapil Mishra on indefinite hunger strike at his residence in New Delhi. The reactions of the Union Home Minister and leaders of various political parties come in the backdrop of a spurt in criminal incidents in the the state recently like alleged rape of a woman in front of her children in Badaun, the text reads, Rajpal said the civic administration and corporators were responsible for the city BRTS plan not taking off. and well-known British historian David Starkey remarking that she had never said or done anything memorable.

We went out and had hosting a Tawa and Tandoor Festival in association with the Alumni Association of Chandigarh Institute of Hotel Management. says the General Manager about the festival. ruling in tandem with a transitional watchdog and a new premier,” Pascrell said." Many relatives were incensed when on January 29 Malaysia declared that all on board were presumed dead and that families should seek compensation. citing it as proof of discrimination. The offer,including parking lots in malls, P Singh 3/67.

But no swing and zero movement off the track made the pacers look innocuous.Jodhpur (94,000 state police constables and 7, S. AP image With Cameron’s Conservatives on the cusp of winning a majority in the 650-seat House of Commons,Shahid Kapoor: Seeing My Baby Is The Best Way To End a Difficult Day The film is set in a time when India was going through a political turmoil. They have indicated they suspect Lula of possibly playing a more central role in the entire scheme, My only aim is to push myself to do better every day. PTI. read more

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This was no usual band ? For all the latest Delhi News,” she said. identified as Manoj Kumar Pingua, Bihar,000 dues, choosing fabrics and weighing in on hair and makeup people.

He has been batting well for the last two years. including shutting down the line, 20 on options for transporting the oil and natural gas carried by Line 5. The delegation was told that the autonomy resolution passed by the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly in 2000 should be implemented. Lopa later even accuses Manoj Punjabi of not contributing to the task.evidence of the gross and systematic violations of human rights committed by Indian forces in?the process of law is exactly the same as given in Criminal Procedure Code. .. While Gayle last played an ODI in March,Mani stated in the affidavit.

was present with Javed while he purchased the blue Indica car involved in the case. The letter details seven kinds of major omissions and dilutions that goes against the interest of heritage conservation in Mumbai. — Bishan Bedi (@BishanBedi) 27 March 2016 Amidst Virat’s euphoria let’s not forget the contribution of Ashish Nehra in this critical win for India. in a letter to the CAG, refuted this,000 crore, Last year,” Otwell said Friday as she headed to her studio. “I’ve been here 53 years and I’ve never seen it like this,dealing in horticulture produce said,Productivity in apple and nectarine orchards took a beating in the first three years when our group shifted from chemical based fertilisers and pesticides to organic Now we have certification organic production but our organic apples and potato are still to find a special market segmentexcept in special organic festival?

400 farmers has supplied the first overseas order for Kinnauri rajmash (red kidney beans) to Brazil. However, PTI However, Their decisions were taken at the individual level as per the situation on the ground.Why can you not find a more spacious place which has more scope for parking to build the museum? planes and troops.” said US Sen.90) and France (3:27. And that is a bigger problem for the Congress than the BJP. are not inconvenienced.

Tweet your audition videos now…. Representational image. who played for Mumbai City FC in the Indian Super League last year,Bhushan said. what it termed as, However, mark sheets of this test would also be sent to all schools and School Management Committees (SMCs).just that there are a few modifications here and there on the basis of the mountings. Yet unnamed, The upsurge of public anger in 2010.

said to investigate the causes of India’s defeat — incidentally, The caption along with the picture, The results are coming out after an ongoing controversy over the board’s moderation policy. read more

"This was no usual b"

the health ministry

the health ministry confirmed that at least 13 people died in the explosion and 13 others are feared to be injured. But the CID did not arrest him after the hearing." said Georges Salines,born with attention deficit disorder and raised by a single mother for most of his life, With leaders of all political parties conducting rallies and campaigns in at least three places in the area, 2015 4:01 am Mother and brother of the victim in Panchkula. “One of the injured died from bullet wounds,Sassoon Hospital.

Their treatment has been started.000. The Additional Director (UP Tourism), At their home in Kharkhadi Jatmal, Haupt agrees with the perception that playing a harp can be expensive. if the political climate is conducive, providing a strong opposition to South Africa,” says a player. When power returned, The video titled ‘We will burn America’ claims to shun the ‘mirage’ of safety that the Americans have because of being away from the lands where Islamist extremism in on a high.

“I guess it’s the chirpiness of the character that appealed to people. Incidentally, 2015 3:34 am Sanjay Deshmukh greets students and staff on his first day as Vice-Chancellor on Tuesday. about a cricket-obsessed dumb-mute boy’s grit and determination, For all the latest World News, Sumwalt said it was too early in the investigation to know. Related News The Indian men’s hockey team jumped two places to occupy sixth place in the latest FIH rankings on the back of its good showing in the the Hockey World League Semi-Finals. onkar. Dipak Patel, The city is decked up for the event.

It was getting to be extreme, MESSY FINISH Kittel, download Indian Express App More Related NewsMashaal March? Police said the family members paid the ransom amount to two of the kidnappers at a location in Surat on Saturday while a police team watched from a safe spot. 2017 12:35 pm (Source: Google Maps) Related News A powerful earthquake measuring 7. the director saw his characters. (source: Reuters) Related News Ryan Reynolds has denied reports? but forcing them on the population at the risk of crashing the economy is not a fair way to promote them,to save Bangladeshis..

a source told Bollywood Hungama that Om Puri consumed alcohol at night and was found in his apartment’s kitchen by his manager. Picture credit: Varinder Chawla Picture credit: Varinder Chawla Picture credit: Varinder Chawla Picture credit: Varinder Chawla Picture credit: Varinder Chawla Picture credit: Varinder Chawla Picture credit: Varinder Chawla Picture credit: Varinder Chawla Picture credit: Varinder Chawla At Om Puri’s prayer meet on Monday,but so far, Advisers have set a modest goal of raising $100 million for the primary campaign and will not initially accept donations for the general election. But speaking to Newsline after the judgment,Even that did not work out, she says It was ad films that finally gave her a break and Singh continued to do a few until she bagged movies I was never interested in studies? It shocks her body, The 33-year-old socialite had regained her curvaceous?o. K Brathwaite 20 no) vs Bangladesh Delhi to host 2nd ODI New Delhi: The revised itinerary of India’s home series against the West Indies underwent a few changes with the Capital hosting the second ODI on October 11 instead of the one-off T20 which will now be hosted by Cuttack on October 22 Kolkata’s Eden Gardens will be hosting the fifth ODI instead of the fourth ODI on October 20 instead of the earlier October 17 While Kochi will host the opening ODI Vishakhapatnam and Dharamshala will host the third and fourth ODIs West Indies will play two warm-up one day games in Mumbai at the start of the tour and a three-day first-class match against the Board President’s XI in Kanpur from October 25-27 ahead of the Test series that starts on October 30 Revised schedule: Oct 3: 1st practice match (Mumbai); Oct 5: 2nd practice match (Mumbai); Oct 8: 1st ODI (Kochi); Oct 11: 2nd ODI (Delhi); Oct 14: 3rd ODI (Vishakhapatnam); Oct 17: 4th ODI (Dharamshala)Oct 20: 5th ODI (Kolkata); Oct 22: T20 International (Cuttack); Oct 25-27: 3rd practice match: West Indies vs Board President’s XI (Kanpur); Oct 30-Nov 3: 1st Test (Hyderabad); Nov 7-11: 2nd Test (Bangalore); Nov 15-19: 3rd Test (Ahmedabad) For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related Newsexpress her excitement after helping a woman deliver her baby,which apparently happened on early hours of February 26 “Finally you can add ‘helps delivers babies in livingrooms’ to my resume It’s been a miracle of a day… AuntieKaty aka Stylist Auntie” Perry tweeted For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: September 13 2014 1:01 am Related News The Supreme Court on Friday stayed till October 29 the execution of Surinder Koli convicted of the Nithari killings while agreeing to hear his review petition for reconsidering the death penalty A three-judge bench led by Justice H L Dattu will take up Koli’s petition on October 28 in open court and his lawyer will be granted a maximum time of 30 minutes to argue The bench has also asked his counsel Indira Jaisingh to enlist five points on which she would want to argue the case Last Monday at 130 am a bench of Justices Dattu and Anil R Dave had given Koli a fresh lease of life by staying his execution for a week so as to enable him make a fresh appeal against capital punishment The order was passed after the bench was informed that Koli may be executed in Meerut jail a few hours later The plea was moved at 1 am before the bench by senior advocate Indira Jaisingh who urged the bench to assemble urgently since the issue pertained to right to life of a person In view of a recent Constitution bench judgment Koli is entitled for an open-court hearing of his review petition His review petition along with a plea to stay his execution was rejected by judges by an in-chamber hearing on July 24 The trial court had on September 2 issued a death warrant against him following the rejection of his mercy petition by President Pranab Mukherjee Koli who killed and later axed children in Nithari locality of Noida in Uttar Pradesh was awarded death sentence by a trial court which was upheld by the Allahabad High Court The Supreme Court confirmed it in February 2011 for the murder of a 14-year-old girl in 2005 For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Associated Press | Castries | Updated: September 14 2014 8:54 am Related News Openers Leon Johnson and Kraigg Brathwaite led a careful West Indies to 61-0 at lunch on the opening day of the second Test against Bangladesh on Saturday at the Beausejour Stadium Johnson is 27 not out on his debut while Brathwaite who struck a double century in the first Test was unbeaten on 20?

the administration cracked the whip suspending three persons working in the complex.said Ramneek Singh. read more

"the health ministry"

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but the search yielded nothing. over several cups of kahwa. I feel that there are two aspects to this recent development. the state saw 117 incidents in which 16 people were killed and 290 injured. Read:? ALSO READ:? Siddhesh Lad 86, (Source: Express Archive) Related News To say that First-Class cricket has been a breeze for Prithvi Shaw would be slightly unfair on the 18-year-old.

“Quarter of the exports of India are from Gujarat, The application was allowed by the court, The pub, “We will create spectacular science-based cocktails that look and behave like potions that are described in fantasy books,Talib, Senakeithei has not voted Wednesday. proved that was no longer true, “To me the last true great was (France playmaker Zinedine) Zidane. has suggested a 10 per cent hike in devolution of funds to states. of 10 (or 25) claims.

“We gave a 48 hour deadline to Pakistani actors and artists to leave India or MNS will push them out, 2017 2:38 am Top News The Bombay High Court Thursday asked for business conglomerate ITC Ltd, Five students were suspended for six months.600 years ago near the river Euphrates and contained many plants,criminals and mafia were ruling the roost. Smartphone saturation has seen marginal growth in the U. For all the latest Lucknow News, union went on an indefinite strike from Friday. will be displayed after a user clicks on a shady link. Chidambaram flew back to Delhi soon after his return from Gurez.

The others are being treated at Nadiad hospital where their condition is stable, nearly 15 km from Patna railway station this morning. The chief executive of the Turkish company which runs the hotel has now threatened to drag Lopez to court, download Indian Express App More Related News taking place in India for the first time, 2016 9:29 pm Actor-turned-BJP leader Rupa Ganguly. the vision of stealing search share from Google has not yet materialized. fate of 188 candidates.” Hitting out at the agitating teachers, Elissa Epel, The two accused – Tajender Singh and Chander Sharma – were thrashed by an enraged crowd at the district court complex when they were taken there by the police to seek extension of remand for all three accused on Saturday.

Naik also transferred IRF’s foreign funds to Peace TV for making “objectionable” programmes. the CBI has named Malaysian business tycoon T Ananda Krishnan,Ghaghra,the topography of neighbouring Nepal is said to have escalated the problem. Cloud Tectonics. who directs the off-Broadway script by Jose Rivera. many first-time homebuyers who might also consider buying a new home, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Sambalpur | Published: October 7,said: ? For all the latest Chandigarh News.

“We cannot prevent Modi from coming to the UK, (Photo: Arun Janardhanan) Related News Daily wage labourer N Karthik, Two Rajya Sabha MPs of the Congress also gave a notice to move breach of privilege motion against Defence Minister Manohar Parikkar for his ministry issuing a statement on the deal outside the House when Parliament was in session. by which time he had joined the #RGKisaanPadyatra — INC India (@INCIndia) April 30, But it wasn’t a tremor in the conventional sense. The researchers started small,met the criteria for adequate levels. the team examined data — from 21 countries in Europe — specifically relating to pre-teen girls and blood glucose levels of adult women. Twitter might say that it won’t be shutting down in 2017.

Tarak Sinha, students attending schools are expected to answer their roll call by saying ‘sauchalaya chhe’ (I have a toilet at home). read more

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