Don’t talk about Wei Zexi search for disease information away from all search engines

51, Wei Zexi died because of synovial sarcoma and Baidu medical promotion are misleading, is undoubtedly the most hot topic.

latest news:

National Network letter office in conjunction with the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the national health and Family Planning Commission set up a joint investigation team stationed in Baidu Inc, the incident and the Internet companies in accordance with the law to investigate and handle the matter according to law

so, the incident itself, waiting for regulators to investigate and deal with. As a kind of investment from the media here, I just want to talk about a closely related investment closely issues: how to get reliable information, the problem of whether investment or to query information on diseases, is essential. read more

"Don’t talk about Wei Zexi search for disease information away from all search engines"

Summary of the experience of classification information network

recently classified 1 categories of information networks, some of which operate, it is worth to share with you.

1, everywhere left to leave the figure

site must collect a number of local at least 10 sites can publish information, can be a forum, can be classified information network, the portal can also leave a message. Early to these networks to promote the dissemination of information, after all, they are seniors, accumulated a number of customers. But the post not too explicit. At the same time, do not feel that posting can not put down the price, are the site, with what I go to his network of information, can break through this, but also a successful social side. In a word down, to your opponent the post. read more

"Summary of the experience of classification information network"

On the phone test driver’s license Mobile Aceable driving seed round of 4 million 700 thousand fina

Your license

memory, there is no theoretical examination of the pro forma process that is too boring, the topic is too boring? Wait until the test may be far away to go to test for test. This process, do you want to change?

The United States

startup Aceable is trying to change this tedious boring test theory, test process. Aceable is a state approved course service driving school students, students can do homework and test driving whenever and wherever possible, you only need to download the mobile phone application or on its website, the course price from $25 to $100. read more

"On the phone test driver’s license Mobile Aceable driving seed round of 4 million 700 thousand fina"

Youth at the box office over 500 million to see how the sale of social networking detonated

a few days ago, the youth of the investment side of the light media Wang Changtian revealed on micro-blog, to the youth of the box office has more than 500 million. For a production cost of only sixty million, in addition to the director Zhao Wei is a star, the other lead almost all new circumstances, "Youth" has completed a "grass root counterattack".

in the counter attack of the show, the social network has played a crucial role. Zhao Wei in particular rely on contacts and star V in the circle back off a strong "Youth" surge in Sina micro-blog, "Miss quickly quickly detonated topic of youth". And now micro-blog has become a barometer of the film at the box office, netizen enthusiasm pulled the box office, creating a run for 12 days at the box office exceeded 520 million success. read more

"Youth at the box office over 500 million to see how the sale of social networking detonated"

Don’t take that thing what is the feeling of good business projects

tiger sniffing note: This is a dark horse capital partner Jin Haitao share in the interior, the current capital of the dark horse partner of Jin Haitao, responsible for dark horse camp, dark horse and the project will be a dark horse investment and financing docking. Specializes in business model combing, talent and resources docking, service over the rapid growth of TMT projects. He talked mostly about the following questions: what is the investment, what is the nature of the investment in 2016? What are the Internet outlet? And the impact of entrepreneurial companies valuation system change, the original length is longer, the tiger sniffing was cut. Please read the full version of the black horse financial WeChat ID:heima_jinrong read more

"Don’t take that thing what is the feeling of good business projects"

On the 8 penalties for violations and complaints Taobao customer adjustment proposal

Ali mother yesterday afternoon in January 26, 2015, a customer service call asked me 6 questions, mainly around the punishment and complaints of the process of investigation, the webmaster 28 gave them the 8 suggestions;

1, be punished after the reminder: in addition to the mail should notify the mobile phone messages have popups, if want, artificial phone call for the best, I just want you to humanity.

2, a rectification period: the punishment of warning before, let the rectification within the period specified in the notice, such as not to do the rectification point penalty is not late. read more

"On the 8 penalties for violations and complaints Taobao customer adjustment proposal"

Local portal website ten years of sword can carry O2O beam

oriental culture is unique, each Chinese people, have a heart of love home. No matter where we are, always want to return to, no matter how far we have to go home to see. Everyone’s hometown, always with others is not the same, but still happy and beautiful and serene.

and the Internet industry in China, there is such a large number of special groups: personal webmaster. But it has been neglected, the talent shows itself is not much, is the Internet tide annihilation. This group seems to remain in the last century, for example: most websites are still doing portal, there is a BBS, even, still the old information classification, lock, dredge sewer, looking for work, the sale of second-hand, can from these sites to find. read more

"Local portal website ten years of sword can carry O2O beam"

The Putian Department of ancestral Luong arena in 80s on a monthly income of tens of thousands of re

Abstract: his position as the American movie "the godfather" in vito · Tang; · Corleone, a respected authority. Today, Putian folk medical industry collective rise, the source also began from Chandyan.

lead: on a recipe, Chandyan became a person who guides Putian. He’s gone.

is the highest in Dong Zhuang Zhen Ma Han Cun, Putian City, Fujian Province, there is a temple of Chen Jinggu.

At the local

, Chen Jinggu with "sea goddess Matsu famous, known as the" sea goddess ", is also considered all the local people surnamed fathers. This temple manager called Chen Deliang, he also has a special status of Putian folk medicine "originator". read more

"The Putian Department of ancestral Luong arena in 80s on a monthly income of tens of thousands of re"

Game media network Top30 domain names have a domain name god horse domain name

online is nowadays the most extensive coverage of the leisure age, major domestic online game platform website domain name diversification, blossom everywhere, recently Chinese Association of game Committee Organization of the 2011 Annual Chinese online game industry survey "China ten game game player selection" (the end of selection time until December 11, 2011), here is a look at these 211 finalists. China ten game media sites which have

domain name?

figure: TOP30 list

digital domain name won the title read more

"Game media network Top30 domain names have a domain name god horse domain name"

UUcall responsible person explained for the first time we won’t stop taking money run away

UUCall, known as the first brand of telephone network, at the beginning of the October accident shut down

October 12th morning news, UUCall official said Mr. Wang yesterday accepted an exclusive interview with the Tencent of science and technology, resulting in UUCall to stop taking the real cause is not domain name dispute, but due to a conflict with state policies. This is also the first person on behalf of the UUCall large-scale outage event statement.

UUCall is one of the most well-known domestic telephone network, through the software, users can dial global mobile phone, computer any landline, lowest rates of only 0.06 yuan / minute, and zero monthly, no global roaming. October 7th, UUCall suddenly announced the suspension, resulting in its 30 million registered users affected. After several days, a large number of UUCall users in the Baidu skyline, Post Bar posted protest sites such as brush, UUCall operator of Hangzhou Heng excellent explanation. Tencent technology linked to the person in charge of Mr. Wang UUCall, this sudden large-scale stop service event also opened a mysterious veil. read more

"UUcall responsible person explained for the first time we won’t stop taking money run away"

Ali double eleven into the amount of billions of dollars to interpret the electricity supplier behin


/ IT Fang Kun


latest news:

at this moment, Alibaba eleven shopping carnival is in progress, and the data is being refreshed over and over again.

0 when the total turnover of 3 yuan, a total of more than $1 billion, accounting for the proportion of the turnover of the wireless terminal, the same period last year, this time is 6 minutes and 7 seconds (58% seconds). Millet ranked first mobile phone category.

0 when the score of 3 billion, reaching $8; 0:14, more than 5 billion yuan. read more

"Ali double eleven into the amount of billions of dollars to interpret the electricity supplier behin"

2008 Taobao combined with Ali mother the promotion of new methods

Ali mother for a long time, but in the personal website to understand the level of contact, perhaps with the mom pre promotion strategy, mainly for promotion in the scope of individual owners, but with ALI internal business integration, mutual penetration of Ali mother and, makes the bird concern the development of the network operators are beginning to find, Ali mother has gradually become a propaganda network.

for a long time, open shop in network, promotional channels over a single Taobao community promotional article (writing skills required, the ads also may be titles), do the train advertising (the price is high, not suitable for novice sellers), with silver community buy advertising (advertising location is not good with silver it is very difficult to get), then word-of-mouth marketing. read more

"2008 Taobao combined with Ali mother the promotion of new methods"

All use marketing mom no longer have to worry about you not sales

, refers to the idea, strategy, application of fraud. Especially in modern society, the total love heart machine to describe some bitch, more derogatory. However, we are going to talk about today, scheming, when used in marketing efforts, perhaps answered an unexpected harvest.

In fact,

marketing scheming everywhere, just some you may not pay attention to. Unlike other marketing and marketing efforts, there are so many restrictions and fetters, this kind of marketing only Eq.

just before a network drama "Princess promotion", "$two hundred million" Mi months pass by and neither have Tucao too horrible to look at, star IP, there is no pre hype, a thankless task in this era of marketing, the hardcore through the drama is fire, but unusually hot. read more

"All use marketing mom no longer have to worry about you not sales"

On the optimization and promotion of tea website

with more and more people online selling tea, tea related keyword search is becoming more and more popular, the competition was fierce, undoubtedly, online selling tea more profitable than the general business website, more suitable for individual entrepreneurs. Here, I would like to talk about the optimization of tea website.

, a search engine optimization: focus on the title of the site, such as "Tieguanyin" website, now very popular Tieguanyin, visitors will first search "Tieguanyin", but the search results a lot of advertising, turned a few pages may be of no interest, it will turn to the search for "Tieguanyin knowledge", if still did not find satisfactory results. It will search "Tieguanyin tasting technology"…… this suggests that the title of the site is very important, for example, you can write "Anxi Tieguanyin Tea tea processing technology knowledge and cultural exchange.." such a simple title, and search keywords may be" Anxi Tieguanyin Tea, oolong tea, Tieguanyin tea cultivation, tea processing, tea culture, tea knowledge, knowledge of Tieguanyin tea processing technology,.." this configuration is more suitable for home. And on page such as "column" and "channel", is to have the corresponding title and keywords, even a single page, such as channel, "tea culture", the title should focus on the tea culture and tea ", the list also have tea tea culture content, related titles such as:" the Anxi Tieguanyin Tea tea tea culture and tea ceremony ", the title of Miss performances including" tea culture, tea culture, Anxi tea culture, tea, tea lady, tea ceremony and other commonly used search keywords. Your list of articles will be enclosed with these words. A single page, such as: the title "Anxi tea culture historical exploration", including "keywords tea culture, Anxi tea culture, tea history, tea history of Anxi", your content should be these keywords. Finally, attention must be paid to the design of "good" and the entire station site map page "html" static treatment. read more

"On the optimization and promotion of tea website"

New station within two hours to search engine included

is my personal a little experience. Well if I use this station on the.. test results, I do stand in May 1st. Now I stand every day for 240IP/ days.

your site to do a good job to improve the site, and then spent 1 hours of publicity to seduce the spider, to seduce GG, seduce SOSO, now say how I quickly included experience to tell you.

1 go to the Sina blog to reply to a few new out of the article. Take the link with their own Sina blog, with a name don’t reply, do not know when the content of said top, oh what add link back to leave, 5 is enough, and I go back to a after one or two hours, check the reverse link check to a standing reverse link. read more

"New station within two hours to search engine included"

Whether the network marketing should focus on your things

this article writing inspiration: "yesterday at noon, at the time of the network marketing college in the vicinity of the lucky time dining room, listen to the table 2 business ladies to discuss, a dialogue of cooperation".

conversation time less than half of my personal dinner time, the final two people work together. Maybe this is a brief conversation between them cooperation negotiations! So less than half of incense to time to talk about a deal, the business also seems too good to do? Could it be, the lady bargaining ability is very strong but don’t look like?. read more

"Whether the network marketing should focus on your things"

He Tao several ideas of personal brand promotion

in the Internet to mix some days, also began to come into contact with a lot of friends on the network, had thought that if one day you also can "fame" one day someone mention he Tao can think of me, can bring to me, then at least I can prove that no white mix on the Internet and because there are so many friends in my attention.

since 2010-06-01 formally established Ningbo SEO this blog, slowly let me feel for your personal blog ranking is not so important, the reason why the construction of blog is because you want to record your thoughts, you want your work to let more people see your concern, share your ideas with others, I think this is what we do the real purpose of the blog, if a long time, but also increased a lot of visitors, your personal brand is slowly built up. read more

"He Tao several ideas of personal brand promotion"

WeChat electricity supplier model how you choose

many companies are very concerned about how to do e-commerce on WeChat WeChat as a channel, rather than an e-commerce platform, so on the top of the e-commerce model can have many kinds. Most people don’t know. I hope this article can help you today.

currently on WeChat e-commerce: WeChat shop, pat micro shop, Jingdong micro shop, micro life, micro shopping, micro mall, micro businesses, micro payments, micro buy, two domain name grafting WeChat, micro shop.

WeChat store

to talk about WeChat shop, Tencent launched a public platform based on WeChat to create the original ecological electricity supplier model. If you say that before the WeChat public platform is blank room, and now micro shop out, which is equivalent to the water and electricity, but still blank room. Micro shop is the most basic commodity management and presentation capabilities, businesses are not required to complete the transaction closed loop. If you want to send coupons, management related data, and third party ERP synchronization, these industries and the close combination of things still need to do the work of the third party service providers. read more

"WeChat electricity supplier model how you choose"

n the nternet age how to better support their reading

in the past, how do people earn money to feed themselves?

often uses the indirect method of making money".

study, and then test, get a diploma, to find a job through the diploma, in this system, then make money. It turned out that reading is to upgrade their own diploma, or just as a hobby.

but now it’s different. The development of the Internet has broken the limit.

time said: "this" net "will be more people and information together: content exposure more quickly, exposure to a wider, lower cost, and the relationship among people more convenient, people get all kinds of information channels more widely, faster." read more

"n the nternet age how to better support their reading"