Jingdong mall suspected to pick up a Tao Tao Amoy Amoy cheap tools

a Amoy announcement

sina science and technology news on August 27th morning news, a scouring network today announced that Jingdong mall in the site to join the code led to its parity tool can not be used in Amoy Jingdong mall. In the industry view, this seems to be the mall in Jingdong after the price of a scouring to take defensive measures.


technology to iPad 2 and Lenovo U310 were found after the test, at present in dangdang.com, wishful Amoy Shop No. 1 and suning.com still can be used normally, the comparison results cannot be displayed in the Jingdong store page. One Amoy, said Jingdong mall on the morning of August 24th to join the site for the Amoy Amoy code, which led to the user can not use the amoy. Currently, a Amoy is being repaired the service". read more

"Jingdong mall suspected to pick up a Tao Tao Amoy Amoy cheap tools"

Shanghai webmaster Association third party

third Shanghai webmaster Association party, registration time as of June 29th, the quota is limited, please Shanghai webmaster friends and Internet counterparts to register. At this meeting, we will announce the official establishment of the Shanghai Association of friends, at this important moment, please join us to witness!

Shanghai webmaster Association third party

we will meet again in a pack!

please see the eyes of the Internet industry owners and individuals to invest in Shanghai. June 30th, Shanghai webmaster Association will usher in the third phase of the party. The meeting with the help of many webmaster, with a new look to meet you. At the party we will announce the establishment of the Shanghai webmaster association! read more

"Shanghai webmaster Association third party"

January CN domain name registration up to 11 million 770 thousand within 31 days up to 680 thousand

renamed China (eName.cn) February 28th news, recently, CNNIC announced the CN domain statistics of China in January, the total number of CN domain name registration has reached 11768460. Compared to last month’s 11089231 registration, more than 679229, showing an upward trend.


: CN domain data statistics chart

as shown in figure.CN, domain name registration is the highest proportion, registered a total of 9338864, accounting for 79.4% of the proportion of the overall chart; although.COM.CN domain name registration in the proportion ranked second, but accounted for only 12.2% of the proportion of registration, registered a total of 1432010, and the.CN domain name registration number vary greatly. read more

"January CN domain name registration up to 11 million 770 thousand within 31 days up to 680 thousand"

Baidu search engine features

Baidu search engine features    

1.  word combination based information processing. To solve the problem of understanding Chinese information skillfully, greatly improve the accuracy of search and recall.    

2.  support mainstream Chinese coding standard. Including GBK (Chinese characters, internal code specification) GB2312 (Simplified), BIG5 (traditional), and can switch between encoding.  

3.  intelligent correlation algorithm. The correlation evaluation based on the content and hyperlink analysis method is adopted to analyze the information contained in the web page, so as to ensure the relevance of search results.   read more

"Baidu search engine features"

The number of public float titles WeChat fans

After WeChat

titles, we are most worried about is that we reduce the amount of the number of fans, some people may even letter a week, but his fans will not decrease but increase the corresponding will. What is the reason? But is worthy of recognition, we only see my title, cancel the concern is a lot of fans.

said fans before the cancellation of the amount of attention, we must understand is why our fans will cancel attention.

first: content is not updated

first of all, let me take a look at how many of our fans have been reduced by one week, one of which is read more

"The number of public float titles WeChat fans"

Thanks to some experience and promotion programs to support the mouse


mouse is very depressed, the company had recruited me. Is the site planning, but now responsible for this piece of only two people, I am a person, one is technical, but things very much, came from company now 6 months (four months probation period, and this four months to 600 yuan per month living allowance, not wages), then want to call more because I just graduated, to ensure the monthly living expenses, see this post with a prospect of it (at the time the boss says to this project done), so to do, come in a total of three sites, planning, one is to do a tax SMS website, is a talent website (www.hrc360.com), there is a family business (I don’t want to do this now, is the supply and demand information, really, do this type of , there is no need for suppliers to do business is not enough, the investment is also large, there is a university through the site (this site is for the school’s internal, we can not say that there is no way to access, ha ha). Do it now called a "school messenger www.eshequ.org, is not yet fully ready, there is the project business plan let me write, like cooperation units and business planning book, even two times to submit to China Mobile and China Unicom China SMS business application business planning let me write this time really tired, and I have so many things, but I still have to adhere to, have to do, because I got the salary of 1000 yuan. But last week the meeting completely disappointed me, because the project manager does not want to online marketing investment funds (no line, are relying on some free promotion methods I), I have submitted a marketing planning the next three line to him, but the amount of time needed to invest more than 3000 yuan of funds. Then from the side that is invested too much, to the project manager to deny this, third is below this scheme, this scheme I feel really don’t need a lot of money, but the effect may be relatively good, but the program is not through. Three meeting when the exchange said us out of the name card, printed above is the introduction of the site, there is some A4 to print their own advertising single out stick, I think that no one, no effect. So, that I can do, I have a printer, you can print a lot of hula, they go on. AI, don’t say it. That’s all。 When it comes to these. The following third plans to send out, we help to see if there is a suitable, or give advice. (yes, a little bit of experience, so plan on the last) read more

"Thanks to some experience and promotion programs to support the mouse"

Discussion on the methods of website promotion and management

in twenty-first Century, using a website to make money is a kind of trend, but the real understanding of the site is not how to make money, it is said that through the website of thousand people accounted for 1% of all Chinese website, through the website to have a steady income, there are about 20% to 30% can maintain the family’s life, website income but not too much can not rely on the website of the income to maintain the life of the people accounted for 50% of the number of sites to about 60%, that is to say, most of the websites can be long or through business website to earn money, only profits problems, through the following tutorial and commentary, we will teach you how to operate a web site. read more

"Discussion on the methods of website promotion and management"

nside the new media integrated marketing Tesla nine key points

with the Internet and the development of mobile Internet, the traditional enterprise to reduce traditional media advertising, new media marketing shift, the father of modern marketing marketing Kotler pointed out that in the new media era, enterprises in the future will turn to new media marketing, Tesla electric cars become a dazzling star in the future, it is to rely on Internet new media fully integrated marketing, where Wang Chong associated with the New Media Marketing Institute Yang Tao revealed nine key points for everyone. read more

"nside the new media integrated marketing Tesla nine key points"

Website promotion can not be used in five ways

is now home to the site has long exceeded the three million mark, so naturally, the diversion of a considerable amount of traffic, network optimization promotion is more important. Conventional methods tend to be slow, so many people are looking for some alternative, easy to produce results of the practice. But some crooked ways still best not to do, otherwise I regret.

first: mass information

want to launch the website, so naturally to let more people know your site, so we must publish information, to impress others. But obviously this method is abused, many owners in order to save, began to use some software tools for large group, and even a lot of scraper, but it is useful. What is the difference between the small ads on the poles and those on the ground?. And this is not to say that the method is always available, the forum is also constantly upgrading the site, shielding these methods. read more

"Website promotion can not be used in five ways"

The revelation of 989 dead companies the average survival time of less than 32 months

introduction: as of December 31, 2015, IT company Orange curry a total of 989 companies in the "off" state, accounted for 4.5% of the total.

venture capital, entrepreneurial fire, is a fact that we can generally feel in recent years, especially in large cities, does not seem to talk about entrepreneurship, the Internet thing, as if there is no sense of the same. With this entrepreneurial boom, IT orange 2015 China Internet business model inventory share this part of you. We will from the company’s growth trend, the region, the development stage, the distribution of the industry and the company closed down from the point of view, a simple analysis of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in 2015, hoping to give you some warning and learn from. read more

"The revelation of 989 dead companies the average survival time of less than 32 months"

Grasp the psychology of the user to make the effect of the construction of a better marketing websit

herd mentality is the normal psychology of everyone, in the normal business activities, herd mentality is the most important. The year before last and last year, electric paper books in the market selling, is the use of herd mentality to implement the successful marketing planning case. But in fact, an e-book reader can only use a notebook, MP4, electronic dictionaries and mobile phones, etc.. And at that time, more powerful than e-books, such as iPad mobile handheld terminals have been available, the paper is only a very loose version of the iPad or laptop only. Of course, this is not to say that the paper is Nothing is right. throughout the product, marketing and planning, electronic paper book brand leader Hanvon has been well versed in marketing channel, the success of the grasp of the herd mentality of the people. The needless to say, from the year Hanvon invested in the Central People’s radio advertising you can know. read more

"Grasp the psychology of the user to make the effect of the construction of a better marketing websit"

An activity province 2 million promotion fee

a few days ago, attention to a called "Princess" app extended to the circle in the circle of friends, my friends rarely push advertising information, since all please move her, have recommended places so obediently to download.

entered the home came to the attention of a princess is "to chowhound" activities, in this sector saw a "delicacy foundation" the sharing activities. Pay attention to when this activity is 26, the end of the event, see above shows the number of participants more than 7 thousand people attended, the highest reached more than and 200 people who had been invited! Estimated invite the average person to the 15 person, and know about the extension of a app registration has been as high as 20 yuan! According to the average, such a recommended activities can save nearly 2 million of the cost of marketing! This is just less than a week, the promotion effect of read more

"An activity province 2 million promotion fee"

Website construction and website promotion GG ranking and SEO

      now a lot of people are not very clear website promotion and website construction what is the difference, the same is in the promotion of their own company.

      website construction tongsudeshuo is website, is your company, products made the website display for everyone to see. Website promotion is to let people who do not know your web site to know your site, know your company, know your product.

      so what is the difference between Google and SEO? read more

"Website construction and website promotion GG ranking and SEO"

The decline of community products but demonstrated its strong vitality

QQ and in the update, keep pace with the times, even a lot of copycat technology is The students surpass the teacher. master.

The concept of

DZ products, has been placed in limbo, will follow the example of PW. Since 3, the product function does not see updates, each upgrade is limited to the safety of tinkering. Since the upgrade, full of hidden water stickers, landing safety reminders, Xiaoheiwu "fancy stuff like this. I had to prove the idea: "two horses" acquisition of DZ and PW is not in order to develop products, but for a common goal: to eliminate local competitors!! read more

"The decline of community products but demonstrated its strong vitality"

WeChat public account operators Durex or The climate does not suit one rejoice

see him from Zhu Lou, see him feast guests, see his building collapsed.

almost WeChat public platform every month can have some similar aphrodisiac general case, let the weakening operator of public accounts and a masculine 12 seconds. Every time I see a similar rhetorical case, are anxious to immediately burst the balloon, to restore the real WeChat public account now and ever. This paper lists a few before the media and the official WeChat touted star case, from the current situation of these martyrs frustrated enterprise WeChat public account operation predicament. read more

"WeChat public account operators Durex or The climate does not suit one rejoice"

Loneliness is not only the mode of enterprise network marketing

in the Internet era, network marketing to do for the enterprise in the cost control, an important factor to improve the efficiency, and has attracted more and more attention to small and medium-sized enterprises, and now the network marketing achievements can benefit the network marketing, new competitiveness network marketing management consultant (http://s.www.jingzhengli.com) according to the analysis of thousands of case data, and its results is not optimistic, now it is a form of network marketing, another Internet marketing environment. read more

"Loneliness is not only the mode of enterprise network marketing"

Behind the battle on cross border electricity supplier baotuan


in the development of the Internet to maturity, more and more business transformation began to actively seek industry mode, towards the direction of diversification, the largest electricity supplier group Alibaba in cooperation with China Vanke, some Internet business more and more companies began to form up trend, the recent Baidu and Wanda Tencent as well as a strategic cooperation, announced the establishment of their own electricity supplier market investment is 5 billion, the smoke of the electricity market "gunpowder" more concentrated, thus, sharp transformation in the Internet market era, the cross-border integration of the electricity supplier will make the electricity market more competitive. read more

"Behind the battle on cross border electricity supplier baotuan"

Products and fans in the end who is who


/ Lu Ling Village

I do not know since when, marketing circles began to have such a argument: fans who have the world. So, whether it is a party to raise demand, or Party B strategy, want to make a goal: to train a group of loyal fans.

an obvious benchmark – millet. The official data show that in 2014 Rice noodles Festival, which lasted 12 hours, the official website of millet received a total of 2 million 260 thousand orders, 1 million 300 thousand mobile phone sold more than 1 billion 500 million yuan in sales, accessories sales of over 100 million yuan, the day of delivery 200 thousand orders, a total of 15 million people participated in Rice noodles festival. read more

"Products and fans in the end who is who"

Masateru some views on network promotion

network promotion is now a permanent topic webmaster, whether it is new or old station need to do promotion. But the real good is also very few. Like a lot of experts, can be regarded as a real network push expert. They are experienced, and those experiences are accumulated in the attempt to fail many times.

also heard many of their speech on the promotion of the topic, they generally say that roughly: SEO, soft, interactive, Baidu know, Post Bar forum, 360, Sogou quiz quiz, ask, YAHOO answers, manual build blog, classified information website, website promotion, help each other with their own resources, large website promotions advertising etc.. We can use these, but we can do only a few projects. The last thing to really stick to is less and less. I personally feel that network promotion and communication is the most important. read more

"Masateru some views on network promotion"

Five sites commonly used to promote the analysis of Web site promotion framework

, a website structure optimization: that is from the website of the official release before the start of the extension of the preparation, from the website structure, content and other aspects in the process of building a website on Google, Baidu and other search engine optimization design.

two, clear promotion goal: we must complete the website within a month, the full and website main function test, with some optimization methods (SEO search engine optimization); in second months, reached the daily flow of about three thousand, and stable, then use these data to expand our user groups, to reach a certain then the promotion stage, don’t step. read more

"Five sites commonly used to promote the analysis of Web site promotion framework"