Finding Symmetry and Color in a Dystopian Future

first_imgSkewed Horizon LineImage via Wolfcrow.In most meticulously crafted auteur projects, you’ll find shots that make a point of keeping the horizon line. That is where you naturally tend to look. However, in Blade Runner 2049, Villeneuve and his team made the horizon line just a little off to force you to pay attention to specific parts of the composition — and each shot basically looks like a painting, so it’s worth the indulgence. This is but one of the few ways this film stands out. This approach is also a good way to add intrigue and dread to an established narrative world — a way to make it seem grim and sinister, and ever-so-slightly strange.Adding DepthImage via Warner Bros. Villeneuve also shows us how to create an expansive world. (Despite the film’s hefty budget, these tricks are all Film School 101.) In order to make the world seem lived-in and large, the characters often stand in front of hallways and open spaces that are out of focus — a trick that creates depth. The inclusion of CGI in Villeneuve’s compositions then creates a hyper-realistic backdrop with minimal effects that still serves the story. (Villeneuve used the same tricks in Sicario.)YellowImages via Warner Bros.Wolfcrow points out that Villeneuve uses yellow as a source of information and enlightenment for our hero, K. Anytime a major plot point gets revealed, or a new twist happens, yellow is in the composition somehow. Whether it’s a fire, a light in the background, or a simulated cake, the color acts as a subconscious cue for the audience — and our hero. Notably, the information bank and Las Vegas are bathed in yellow, representing their importance — and the importance of the characters that dwell therein.Color can be an incredibly powerful tool for telling subtle stories and conveying meaning. The beauty of Villeneuve’s color use is that he did this not as a stunt but to advance his story. Find your own style that reflects your personality and fill your projects with it. Have fun with the form, and don’t be afraid to use colors in different ways.GreenImage via Warner Bros.Villeneuve uses green almost every time Joi, K’s robotic companion, is on-screen — as well as anytime we see one of Wallace’s creations. Green typically connotes life and vibrance, which only plays to how the Blade Runner franchise explores the idea of “life.”WhiteImages via Warner Bros. White, representing truth and information, appears in any scene when K comes close to figuring out who he really is. The girl child and her home are bathed in white, representing a beacon for K. Toward the end of the film, K and Deckard approach the building where all the answers will come to light, and what do you know, it’s snowing outside, and the building is white.These are just some of the innovative ways the Blade Runner 2049 team changed the sci-fi game by creating an original, breathtaking sequel worthy of repeat viewings. If you’re interested in more on the franchise, check out our past coverage:How Roger Deakins Shot and Lit Blade Runner 2049The Secrets Behind the Sound Design of Blade Runner 2049Futuristic Sci-Fi Synth:Royalty Free Music for Ultramodern Noir ThrillersHow to Frame a Medium Shot Like a Master Cinematographer In this cinematography breakdown by Wolfcrow, we get an insightful look at the visual motifs that make Blade Runner 2049 so aesthetically stunning.Cover image via Wolfcrow. Casual friends and inspiring collaborators Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins have made something special with Blade Runner 2049. This film is so dense with visual and auditory delights that filmmakers will be picking it apart and replicating its tricks for years. Part of the reason the film has won so many awards and received such acclaim is the incredible attention to detail and plot development. Whether it’s the use of certain colors to evoke certain emotions or simply knowing how the audience’s eyes move, these filmmakers have definitely brought a new approach to dystopian science fiction.last_img read more

"Finding Symmetry and Color in a Dystopian Future"

Play the Game Anyway

first_imgLet’s say that you are afraid that you won’t be able to achieve some outcome. Maybe it is unlikely. Or maybe it seems like too a long a shot. You decide not to take action, and to let it go. You’ve lived this long without the outcome you want, and you can survive without it now.By failing to take action, you ensure that you don’t get the outcome you want, whatever it may be.You do, however, have the opportunity to try. You can take action towards that outcome, even though there is no guarantee that what you do will work. But there is at least a possibility that what you do will work.I know that Yoda says there is no “try.” I am telling you, there is.When doing nothing ensures that you don’t get what you want and taking action creates a possibility, it only makes sense to try.Now, to increase your odds.Massive action increases your odds of getting what you want. Much of the time, things that seem out of reach are only so because the amount of work it takes to achieve it exceeds what most people are willing to do. Taking what looks like excessive action moves your odds up.Persistent action isn’t a guarantee, but it’s the next best thing. You have to hit a stone in the same place over and over again before it cracks. It’s not the final blow that cracks it; it’s the accumulation of those blows that splits the stone. Many people don’t have what they really want because they were not determined.Sometimes what you want isn’t something that you know how to achieve. Persistence is good, but so is changing your approach. If what you are doing isn’t working, you are getting feedback. Change your approach and try again.When faced with the choice of losing without playing the game, or playing the game that you might win or lose, play the game. Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

"Play the Game Anyway"

Congress demands President’s rule in Haryana

first_imgHitting out at the Manohar Lal Khattar government in Haryana over the spate of rape and murder incidents, the Congress on Saturday demanded that President’s rule be enforced in the State. The party also asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the issue in his “Mann Ki Baat”. Mr. Modi needs to make it clear whether “Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao” is another “jumla,” said All India Mahila Congress president Sushmita Dev. “The law and order in Haryana is in a dismal state. It is indeed looking like the rape capital of the country. What is shocking is the attitude of Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and the Addl. DGP RC Misra. The Chief Minister is focussed on making political statements instead of acting against the crime,” Ms. Dev said. A delegation of the Congress party including Ms. Dev, Kumari Selja, MP, and Kiran Choudhary, legislator, met the Governor on January 17 demanding that other than one-time payment of compensation, a member of the victim’s family should also be given a permanent government job. “In the Kurushetra gang rape case, it was a bright young girl who had died. She was someone who had scored 95% in school. The parents were hoping that she would grow up to be a professional. Can one-time payment of ₹4 lakh as compensation suffice,” Ms. Dev asked. Demanding President’s rule, it said: “In the last three years, thrice DGPs have been changed. It reflects that the police administration is not in their control. We demand that the CM should resign with immediate effect and if he dithers he should be sacked and President’s rule should be implemented,” Ms. Selja said. The Congress said since “Mr. Khattar himself handles the Home department he can’t escape the responsibility”. “Tomorrow when the PM will hold Mann Ki Baat, I hope he will speak about the steps he has taken for women safety and clarify if beti padhao, beti bachao is just a jumla,” Ms Dev said.last_img read more

"Congress demands President’s rule in Haryana"

Police force to be modernised, says Haryana Home minister

first_imgHaryana Police will be modernised to effectively tackle the menace of drugs, trafficking and other criminal activities, state Home Minister Anil Vij said on Tuesday. While launching ‘Operation Prahar’ against drug abuse in the state, he said the results would be evident soon. He also presided over the first review meeting of the Police Department at Haryana Police Headquarters in Panchkula. The minister said after this meeting, the state people will certainly see a change in the working of the department. He said the police force and mobile forensic units will be equipped with modern equipment to improve law and order. A grievance redressal cell has been set up to handle such complaints at the headquarters level, Vij told reporters here. He said the Dial 100 service will go centralised and will be operated from Panchkula headquarters.last_img read more

"Police force to be modernised, says Haryana Home minister"

Metatarsus adductus

first_imgDefinitionMetatarsus adductus is a foot deformity. The bones in the front half of the foot bend or turn in toward the body.Alternative NamesMetatarsus varus; Forefoot varusCauses, incidence, and risk factorsMetatarsus adductus is thought to be caused by the infants position inside the womb. Risks may include:The babys bottom pointed down in the womb (breech position)The mother had a condition called oligohydramnios, in which she did not produce enough amniotic fluidThere may also be a family history of the condition.Metatarsus adductus is a fairly common problem. It is one of the reasons why people develop “in-toeing.”Newborns with metatarsus adductus may also have a problem called developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), in which the thigh bone slips out of the hip socket.SymptomsThe front of the foot is bent or angled in toward the middle of the foot. The back of the foot and the ankles are normal. About half of children with metatarsus adductus have the problem in both feet.(Club foot is a different deformity. The foot is pointed down and the ankle is turned in.)Signs and testsPhysical examination is all that is needed to diagnose metatarsus adductus.A careful exam of the hip should also be done to rule out other causes of metatarsal adductus.TreatmentTreatment depends on how rigid the foot is when the doctor tries to straighten it.If the foot is very flexible and easy to straighten or move in the other direction, no treatment may be needed. You child will be followed closely for a period of time.advertisementIn most children, the problem corrects itself as they use their feet normally. They dont need any further treatment.If the problem does not improve or your childs foot is not flexible enough, other treatments will be tried:Stretching exercises may be needed. These are done if the foot can be easily moved into a normal position. The family will be taught how to do these exercises at home.Your child may need to wear a splint or special shoes, called reverse-last shoes, for most of the day. These shoes hold the foot in the correct position.Rarely, your child will need to have a cast on the foot and leg. Casts work best if they are put on before your child is 8 months old. The casts will probably be changed every 1 – 2 weeks.Surgery may be needed, but this is rare. Most of the time, your doctor will delay surgery until your child is between 4 and 6 years old.A pediatric orthopaedic surgeon should be involved in treating more severe deformities.Expectations (prognosis)The outcome is almost always excellent. Nearly all patients eventually have a normal looking and working foot.ComplicationsA small number of infants with metatarsus adductus may have developmental dislocation of the hip.Calling your health care providerCall your health care provider if you are concerned about the appearance or flexibility of your infants feet.ReferencesHosalkar HS, Spiegel DA, Davidson RS. The foot and toes. In: Kliegman RM, Behrman RE, Jenson HB, Stanton BF, eds. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. 19th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier; 2011:chap 666.Review Date:8/11/2012Reviewed By:David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, A.D.A.M. Health Solutions, Ebix, Inc., and C. Benjamin Ma, MD, Assistant Professor, Chief, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.last_img read more

"Metatarsus adductus"

Rohit Sharma becomes second-most prolific six-hitter for India in ODIs

first_imgRohit Sharma brought up yet another milestone during his knock against the West Indies in the 4th ODI as he became the second highest six-hitter for India in the one-day format.Rohit overtook Sachin Tendulkar in the list with his second six in the match in the 40th over.India vs West Indies 4th ODI: Live ScoreThis is how he went past Tendulkar:39.5 overs: Paul to Rohit, SIX! Boom! Simply magical! Dishes this one full again but misses his yorker this time. Sharma swings through the line and gets this over the long off fence for a magnicficient six. RS nows has the maximum ODI sixes for an Indian going past The Master, Sachin Tendulkar to go onto th196 sixes.Dhawan-Rohit opening partnership now better than Tendulkar and SehwagRohit was sitting on 194 sixes before this match as opposed to Tendulkar’s 195. Former skipper and current India wicket-keeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, leads the list with an astounding 211 maximums.West Indian bowler Keemo Paul mimics Shikhar Dhawan in funny send-offRohit is currently ranked 7th on the overall list of batsmen with most sixes in the one-day format. Shahid Afridi leads the pack with 351 sixes followed by Chris Gayle (275) and Sanath Jayasuriya (270).MAN!What an innings this has been from the HITMAN!!@Paytm #INDvWI (@BCCI) October 29, 2018The six took Rohit to 128 off 122 balls, his 21st hundred in ODIs and the fifth in 2018 which is the second most in the format after Virat Kohli, who has hit six centuries so far.advertisementRohit was eventually dismissed for 162 off 137 balls, which was his seventh score of 150-plus in the format for India.Going strong and how150 up for the HITMAN. (@BCCI) October 29, 2018Earlier in the day, Rohit and Shikhar Dhawan became the second best opening pair in ODI history for India after the duo surpassed Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag.Tendulkar and Sehwag had first opened together in 2002. Over the next 10 years, the pair scored 3919 runs from 93 innings and were involved in 12 hundred-run partnerships.Rohit and Dhawan came together as India openers during the 2013 Champions Trophy in England and have not looked back since. Rohit went on score three double hundreds while Dhawan has been the epitome of consistency. They have stitched up 13 hundred-run partnerships over the last five years.During his innings, Rohit also equalled Tendulkar’s 195 sixes in one-day internationals. MS Dhoni happens to lead the pack for India with 211 sixes.last_img read more

"Rohit Sharma becomes second-most prolific six-hitter for India in ODIs"

Mou overjoyed with ‘cheap’ Alexis signing

first_imgTransfers ‘For that price he’s fantastic’ – Man United boss Mourinho overjoyed with ‘cheap’ Alexis signing Sacha Pisani 14:15 1/28/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(5) Alexis Sanchez Manchester United AFP Transfers Manchester United FA Cup Yeovil Town v Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United Premier League A. Sánchez José Mourinho The Portuguese boss heaped praise on his new signing following his arrival from Arsenal in a swap deal involving Henrikh Mkhitaryan Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho said Alexis Sanchez is a “cheap” signing after his man-of-the-match debut against Yeovil Town in the FA Cup.Mourinho’s side beat neighbours and Premier League leaders Manchester City to Sanchez, who arrived from Arsenal in a swap deal involving out-of-favour playmaker Henrikh Mkhitaryan.Chile international forward Sanchez showed why United were so desperate to sign him with two assists in Friday’s 4-0 rout of Yeovil. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player “He was cheap wasn’t he? Free transfer! He was free,” Mourinho said with a wry smile. “So for that price he’s fantastic.”I think everybody thinks the same in this country. Everyone has to agree that he is a fantastic player and the team that got him has a plus.”We have a good group of attacking players you could see today we played with three of them, [Jesse] Lingard was on the bench, [Romelu] Lukaku was on the bench, Zlatan [Ibrahimovic] at home, [Anthony] Martial at home. So we have a good group.”His [Sanchez] quality is a plus and his experience is another plus.”The Manchester United boss also insisted no one was at fault after Sanchez missed a drugs test Monday.Authorities were apparently not adequately informed of Sanchez’s whereabouts, though Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said the confusion was purely down to the “special” circumstances of completing his move to United.Mourinho said: “I think Arsenal were very honest in the way they approached the situation.”We all know we must tell the whereabouts of our players where they are 24 hours per day [clubs have to tell testers if players miss training and the players must give their location for one hour every day]. But I think everyone understands that no-one knew where he was going to be, where he was going to train, where he was going to sleep.”It was just a period of transfer so I think it is easily understandable and that was no-one’s mistake and just a consequence of the moment.”last_img read more

"Mou overjoyed with ‘cheap’ Alexis signing"

50plus Expo To Be Celebrated June 89

first_img reducing fees for ambulance trips for Nova Scotians living in licensed long-term care facilities or with reduced mobility and people with low incomes increasing funding for in-home nursing care and home improvements more than 500 nursing-home beds giving seniors a friendly, caring place to live lowering the cost of generic drugs, and investing more than $3 million so more than 100,000 seniors do not have to pay more for their Pharmacare premiums and co-payments returning the provincial income tax for 17,000 low-income seniors who receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement increasing the land tax rebate the provincial portion of the HST off home heating a poverty reduction credit the affordable living tax credit seniors housing repair grants seniors’ affordable housing throughout the province The province will celebrate positive aging at the 50-plus Expo at Exhibition Park in Halifax on Friday, June 8, and Saturday, June 9. “The 50-plus expo is a wonderful, two-day event for seniors and their families to learn about how to make aging a positive experience,” said Denise Peterson-Rafuse, Minister of Seniors. The 50-plus Expo offers more than 90 information and trade exhibits on services tailored to older Nova Scotians, and a full schedule of workshops and presentations. The opening ceremony will take place noon Friday. A dance with Sugartime and Musical Friends will be held Friday 8 p.m. to midnight and will cost $10. At noon Saturday, the Remarkable Seniors Awards will be presented to seven seniors who make their communities better through leadership, volunteer and community service work. This year’s feature entertainment is Rawlins Cross, one of Canada’s most accomplished Celtic bands. Returning favourites include Neville MacKay of My Mother’s Bloomers and Pete Luckett of Pete’s Frootique, and Linda Carvery, Bill Stevenson and spoken word Artist Shauntay Grant, a broadcast journalist, will entertain Friday and Saturday. Ms. Carvery is a founding member and president of the award-winning Nova Scotia Mass Choir. Mr. Stevenson has worked for 47 years as a musician, teacher, vocalist, composer, arranger and performer. “The government is pleased to sponsor this event and hope that visitors to our exhibit will take time to learn about government services for seniors in the province,” said Ms.Peterson-Rafuse. Along with supporting the 55-plus Expo, the province continues to make life better for seniors with initiatives such as: The 50-plus expo’s daily program runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Exhibition Park, 200 Prospect Rd., Halifax. Admission is $5 per day. For more information, call toll-free 1-800-670-0065 or visit .last_img read more

"50plus Expo To Be Celebrated June 89"

Ross Farm Open Only Weekends This Month

first_imgRoss Farm Museum will be open only on weekends during September. The Monday-to-Friday closing is so the new learning centre can be built. “The community of New Ross and our friends across the province are excited about the opportunities the learning centre will bring to Ross Farm,” said Stephen Workman, business development manager. “Public safety is our main priority while the construction takes place.” Ross Farm expects to increase its days of operation from Wednesday to Sunday starting Oct. 1, and will be open on Thanksgiving Day. The learning centre is expected to be completed in the summer of 2015. For more information about Ross Farm Museum, a part of the family of provincial museums, go to . Like Ross Farm Museum on Facebook at .last_img read more

"Ross Farm Open Only Weekends This Month"

TSX higher amid heavy slate of earnings economic data

The Toronto stock market climbed higher Thursday amid a full slate of quarterly earnings from a number of Canadian heavyweights and positive economic data from China and the U.S.The S&P/TSX composite index jumped ahead 57.14 points to 12,469.87, while the Canadian dollar climbed 0.54 of a cent to 96.48 cents US.The TSX was boosted by data that showed China’s exports and imports both increased in July, beating expectations and easing concerns over the slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy. Exports were up 5.1 per cent from a year earlier, while imports jumped 10.9 per cent.“It’s a combination of things. There’s some positive data out of China today that is likely supporting the commodities space, both on the materials and energy side,”said Gareth Watson, vice-president of investment management and research at Richardson GMP Ltd. “Overall, the earnings are definitely helping but there is definitely a macro story to it as well.”It was also lifted by strong gains in the metals and mining sector, as shares in Turquoise Hill Resources (TSX:TRQ) climbed nearly 13 per cent to $5.13 after it announced that Rio Tinto PLC was lending it US$600 million to help it fund its $6.2 billion Oyu Tolgoi copper mine in Mongolia.Shares in HudBay Minerals (TSX:HBM) also rose 5.98 per cent, or 36 cents, to $6.38, while Capstone Mining (TSX:CS) shares went up 6.77 per cent or 13 cents to $2.05.The majority of sectors on the TSX saw gains, except for industrials, energy, telecom and utilities.On the commodities front, December bullion gained $20.30 to US$1,305.60 an ounce. The September crude contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange moved down $1.80 to US$102.57 a barrel. Copper saw an uptick of nine cents to $3.27.Meanwhile, by midday, the U.S. indexes lost some of their early gains as the Dow Jones industrials dropped 36.48 points to 15,434.19, the S&P 500 dipped 0.28 of a point to 1,690.63, while the Nasdaq was ahead 4.36 points to 3,658.37.Watson said the fluctuations in the U.S. markets shouldn’t worry investors too much, considering the indexes are faring well overall year-to date.“Sometimes, in terms of that momentum we’ve been getting based off of economic data or earnings reports, it’s just tough sometimes to keep that momentum going,” he said. “We’ve had a really good stretch here since the beginning of July up until now. I think the market is just pacing itself, more than anything else.”In economic news, the latest figures showed that the number of Americans who applied for unemployment benefits over the past month has fallen to its lowest level in almost six years, signalling fewer layoffs and a strengthening U.S. economy. The U.S. Labor Department says the four-week average dropped 6,250 to 335,500 — the lowest level since November 2007, the month before the Great Recession began.For the past few months, concerns have been raised about when the U.S. Federal Reserve will begin pulling back on its monetary stimulus by tapering its current $85-billion bond-buying program. Signs that this will happen sooner rather than later have prompted markets to get nervous any time the Fed gives away clues on the timing of this pullback.There was also a flurry of financial reports from across various sectors released Thursday.Tim Hortons Inc. (TSX:THI) says it’s going to borrow up to an additional $900 million to fund the repurchase of its shares.  It says it has received regulatory approval to buy back up to 10 per cent of its publicly traded shares, raising a previous spending limit set at $250 million.The Canadian restaurant company reported a 14.5 per cent increase in its second-quarter net income, which rose to $123.7 million from $108.1 million in the previous year. Total revenue for the company was $800.1 million, up 1.9 per cent from $785.6 million. Its shares rose 51 cents, or 0.86 per cent, to $60.BCE Inc. (TSX:BCE) reported $571 million of net income attributable to common shareholders, or 74 cents per common share. That was down from $732 million or 94 cents per common share a year earlier.On an adjusted basis, the media and telecommunications giant earned $594 million or 77 cents per common share —  down from $747 million or 97 cents per share in the second quarter of 2012, when BCE’s profit was boosted by non-recurring items. Its shares fell 58 cents to $41.97.Meanwhile, shares in media giant Quebecor Inc. (TSX:QBR.B) dipped 14 cents to $46.71 after it reported a $45.1-million net loss attributable to shareholders and $52.9 million of adjusted income from continuing operations for its second quarter. The adjusted earnings equal 85 cents per basic share, up from 72 cents per share or $46.1 million in the second quarter of 2012. Its shares were up 25 cents to $47.10.Quebecor is the majority owner of Quebecor Media, which owns a variety of telecommunication, broadcasting and publishing businesses. The CRTC rejected its Sun News Network’s request to be carried on basic cable Thursday, saying that the upstart network does not meet the criteria for a mandatory distribution order.Sun News Network went on the air in April 2011. Three months ago, Sun News executives told the commission that anything short of mandatory carriage would spell the end of the channel. Last year, it lost $17 million, a situation Quebecor calls clearly unsustainable. read more

"TSX higher amid heavy slate of earnings economic data"

Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney reunite to record John Lennon song discovered on

Sir Ringo Starr has teamed up with Sir Paul McCartney to record a version of a lost demo written by John Lennon less than a year before his death. Lennon penned Grow Old With Me during the sessions for Double Fantasy, the final record he made before he was shot and killed outside his Manhattan apartment on December 8, 1980.The former Beatles drummer, 79, was introduced to the song by record producer Jack Douglas, who produced the Grammy-winning album, which is also credited to Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono.Sir Ringo enlisted the help of Sir Paul, 77, to play bass on the track, which he admitted had brought him to tears when he first heard it.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––He said: “Jack asked if I ever heard The Bermuda Tapes, John’s demos from that time. And I had never heard all this. “The idea that John was talking about me in that time before he died, well, I’m an emotional person.”And I just loved this song. I sang it the best that I could. I do well up when I think of John this deeply. And I’ve done my best. We’ve done our best.”He added: “The other good thing is that I really wanted Paul to play on it, and he said yes. Paul came over and he played bass and sings a little bit on this with me. So, John’s on it in a way. I’m on it and Paul’s on it. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “It’s not a publicity stunt. This is just what I wanted. And the strings that Jack arranged for this track, if you really listen, they do one line from Here Comes The Sun.”So in a way, it’s the four of us.”The track features on Sir Ringo’s 20th solo album, What’s My Name, out on October 25.Sir Ringo recorded the album in his home studio, known as Roccabella West, enlisting a number of regular contributors and members of his touring All-Starr Band.The record also features a cover of Barrett Strong’s Motown hit Money (That’s What I Want), famously covered by the Fab Four.The two surviving Beatles have collaborated on Sir Ringo’s last two albums – Give More Love in 2017 and Y Not in 2009. read more

"Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney reunite to record John Lennon song discovered on"

Who got the nod And who lost out Here are Varadkars new

first_img 50,192 Views Share51 Tweet Email4 Jun 20th 2017, 2:45 PM Tuesday 20 Jun 2017, 2:45 PM 62 Comments TAOISEACH LEO VARADKAR has today appointed his Ministers of State, with others losing junior ministries they had previously held.Varadkar had warned that there would be disappointments and there certainly were – with some losing jobs and expectant others not getting them.Varadkar promoted a number of TDs to junior ministries for the first time. Here is your full list of Ministers of State, including four Super Juniors who will be allowed to sit at Cabinet (but not have a formal say in its business):Super Junior MinistersChief Whip and Minister of State for Gaeilge, Gaeltacht and the IslandsJoe McHugh (Donegal) McHugh, second from right Source: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ieMinister of State for Higher EducationMary Mitchell O’Connor (Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown) Source: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ieMinister of State for DisabilityFinian McGrath (Dublin Bay North) Source: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ieMinister of State for DefencePaul Kehoe (Wexford) Source: Leah Farrell/RollingNews.ieJunior MinistersMinister of State for Local Government and Electoral ReformJohn Paul Phelan (Carlow/Kilkenny) Source: @JPPhelanMinister of State for Housing and Urban DevelopmentDamien English (Meath West) Source: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ieMinister of State for Financial Services and InsuranceMichael D’Arcy  (Wexford) Source: @michaeldarcyMinister of State for European AffairsHelen McEntee (Meath East) Source: Niall CarsonMinister of State for Food, Forestry and HorticultureAndrew Doyle (Wicklow) Source: Rollingnews.ieMinister of State for Public Procurement, Open Government and e-GovernmentPatrick O’Donovan (Limerick)Minister of State for Community, Natural Resources and Digital DevelopmentSeán Kyne (Galway West)Minister of State for Mental Health and Older PeopleJim Daly (West Cork) Source: TwitterMinister for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Single Market and Data ProtectionPat Breen (Clare)Minister of State for the National Drug Strategy and Health PromotionCatherine Byrne (Dublin South Central)Minister of State for the Diaspora and International DevelopmentCiarán Cannon (Galway East) Source: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ieMinister of State for Equality, Immigration and IntegrationDavid Stanton (Cork East)Minister of State for Training and SkillsJohn Halligan (Independent Alliance – Waterford) Source: RollingNews.ieMinister of State for the OPW and Flood ReliefKevin ‘Boxer’ Moran (Independent Alliance – Longford/Westmeath) Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran with Health Minister Simon Harris. Source: Sam BoalMinister of State for Tourism & SportBrendan Griffin (Kerry) Source: Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews.ieThe Demoted ListDara Murphy, a Coveney supporter from Cork, lost his position at the Department of Foreign Affairs where he served as the junior minister with responsibility for European Affairs.Marcella Corcoran Kennedy has also lost her junior ministry in Health.With reporting by Sinéad O’CarrollNew ministers in Finance, Justice, Housing: This is Leo Varadkar’s Cabinet Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Christina Finn Who got the nod? And who lost out? Here are Varadkar’s new junior ministers These are the backbenchers who just got a promotion today. Short URLlast_img read more

"Who got the nod And who lost out Here are Varadkars new"

Google disponible sous Windows Phone 7

first_imgGoogle disponible sous Windows Phone 7Google essaie de s’afficher le plus possible sur le marché des mobiles. Le moteur de recherche est désormais disponible sous Windows Phone 7.Leader aux Etats-Unis avec Android, Google ne néglige pas pour autant la concurrence sur le marché des téléphones portables. Ainsi, le géant américain a rendu disponible son moteur de recherche sur Windows Phone 7, le nouvel outil de Microsoft, l’un de ses plus sérieux rivaux avec Apple.Disponible gratuitement, l’application permet d’afficher les recherches en temps réel et de géolocaliser le smartphone pour affiner les résultats. Des mises à jours de l’outil devraient être disponibles dans les prochains mois.Le 11 novembre 2010 à 13:14 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Smart Forease concept covers up its top for Geneva

first_img reading • Smart Forease+ concept covers up its top for Geneva Concept Cars Electric Cars Convertibles 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better More about 2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Review • 2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive: High novelty, low value Mar 7 • The Ferrari F8 Tributo is the last of the nonhybrid V8s 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous • Tags Post a comment Apr 17 • The 2020 Jaguar XE gets its first major visual refresh Mar 8 • VW is still ‘100 percent’ investigating a pickup truck for the US 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value More From Roadshow 16 Photos Geneva Motor Show 2019 Smart 0 Share your voice See All Mar 7 • New Peugeot 208 debuts i-Cockpit with 3D HUD Combo dashboard Enlarge ImageEven though it doesn’t look like it would change much, I really prefer this concept with a roof. Smart At last year’s Paris Motor Show, Smart unveiled the Forease, a chopped-top concept that limited its usability to sunny climes. Now, Smart has built upon the Forease to create the Forease+, and yes, it has a roof.Smart on Friday unveiled the Forease+ concept ahead of its formal debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Adding that taut fabric roof to the concept gives it more of a fastback look than the Forease concept, and as Smart itself notes, it adds some all-weather versatility. The roof is made of a hard shell covered in fabric, and it’s removable.Otherwise, it’s largely the same design we saw in Paris. It sports some aggressive bumpers and the same three-element LED lights that we loved in the initial concept. There’s a set of crazy taillights out back, hanging out above a serious diffuser. Inside, the Forease+ concept still has the same chopped steering wheel as the Forease concept, looking closer to a plane’s yoke than a steering wheel. But, while the Forease lacked vents given its open-air nature, Smart added a couple HVAC vents to the Forease+ to make sure it can handle more weather than pure sunshine. The dashboard is wrapped in Nappa leather, as are the seats, and the door sills are covered in microfiber. As was the case with the Forease, the Forease+ is entirely electric. This mirrors Smart’s production-car shift, which will see the entire brand going battery-electric by 2020. Since it’s just a concept, I wouldn’t exactly expect many (or any) of these styling cues to pop up in the future, but life is full of surprises, and a crazier Smart could very well help it stand apart as it tries to appeal to a new generation of urbanites. Geneva Motor Show 2019 Smart Forease+ concept shows some modestylast_img read more

"Smart Forease concept covers up its top for Geneva"

Walker invites sharply divided legislative leaders to talk

first_imgAlaska Gov. Bill Walker speaks at a Juneau Chamber Business Roundtable Luncheon in February. Walker invited legislative leaders to his house on Wednesday to discuss a long-term budget plan. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North)Gov. Bill Walker wants to bring lawmakers together to resolve differences over a plan to balance the state government’s long-term budget.Listen nowWalker invited leaders from both chambers to meet at the governor’s house Wednesday. And he said he’ll meet with them as frequently as needed while the Legislature remains in session.“Me sitting back doing nothing is not an option,” Walker said. “Now that they have put pieces on the table – many of which were similar to what I proposed last year – I’m more than anxious to sit down and have that discussion.”The Senate passed a bill that would draw money from Permanent Fund earnings and set Permanent Fund dividends at $1,000. The Senate also is seeking a new, lower limit on state spending.The House also would draw money from Permanent Fund earnings and would reduce PFDs. But PFDs would be higher, at $1,250. The House also passed an income tax and changes to oil and gas taxes to close the long-term gap between what the state spends and what it raises.Walker supports some form of broad-based tax and expressed doubt the state can close the gap with larger spending cuts.“There’s been a lot of discussion about what government waste is,” Walker said. “And what wasteful spending is, but I believe that wasteful spending is not feeding hungry kids. Taking care of seniors is not waste. Funding state troopers is not waste.”Anchorage Democratic Rep. Chris Tuck said the Senate must move toward the House’s position.“The only compromise that I see right now is the Senate accepting a fair and balanced budget,” Tuck said.House leaders said an income tax is needed to spread the impact of balancing the budget. House Rules Committee Chairwoman Gabrielle LeDoux said it’s not enough to just draw money from the Permanent Fund — known as a percent of market value or POMV draw.“I want to make these perfectly clear – that if the Senate thinks that we are going to get out of here with just a POMV, they got another thing coming,” LeDoux said.Senate President Pete Kelly said the senators will meet with the House and Walker, but Walker won’t serve as a mediator.“The goal isn’t compromise,” Kelly said. “The goal is to do what’s in the best interest of the people this state. And to think that we’re going to do something that’s counter to the best interest of Alaska just to reach a compromise for the sake of compromise – that’s not on our list this year.”Senators said House members who insist on an income tax jeopardize any long-term plan.last_img read more

"Walker invites sharply divided legislative leaders to talk"

Will Salman Khan stay celibate his entire life Reason why Dabangg Khan

first_imgSalman Khan [L] and Katrina Kaif during an eventPUNIT PARANJPE/AFP/GettySalman Khan, at 53, is still living his life as a singleton even after being loved by millions of people across the globe. Though the Dabangg Khan has been in relationships in the past and many times he was very close to getting married but it just didn’t work out. There has never been a single event where Salman hadn’t been questioned about his marriage. Many people are still wondering why Salman is not getting married. And it looks like the million dollar question has finally been answered.”Salman bhai is known to go all out for his family. His love transcends into selfless loyalty. Multiple times he was close to getting married, but each time he was unable to give another person as much as importance as his family. Salman thought it would be unfair to commit to a partner and not be able to give his cent percent, that’s the real reason why he is single,” a source close to the Khan family was quoted as saying by Bombay Times.In the past, Salman had admitted that he was on the verge of getting married to his girlfriends Somy Ali and Sangeeta Bijlani and had even printed marriage cards but in the end, things didn’t fall in place. He was even serious about Katrina Kaif whom he dated for almost 7 years before they parted ways in 2015. Salman Khan, Sangeeta BijlaniVarinder Chawla”Family is of utmost importance to Salman. Salman was to get married to Somy Ali and Sangeeta Bijlani for which even cards were printed. In the early 2000’s he came close to marrying another actress, while more recently Katrina Kaif was on the verge of becoming a permanent member of the Khan household. It was the fear of his partner not understanding the intensity of Salman’s selfless love for family that discouraged him,” the source added.The source further said, “While his family wanted the actor to tie the knot on two occasions with the leading ladies he was romantically involved with, Salman put his personal interest aside and instead invested in building an empire for his family.”Well, going by the source’s claims, there could be a possibility that Salman Khan may want to stay celibate for the rest of his life until the right moment.last_img read more

"Will Salman Khan stay celibate his entire life Reason why Dabangg Khan"

Proposed budget worst one Ershad

first_imgHM ErshadJatiya Party chairman HM Ershad on Wednesday said people consider the budget for the next fiscal year as the worst one although the finance minister thinks it is the best, reports UNB. “This might be the best budget to him (Muhith), but this is the worst budget to people,” he said taking part in a budget discussion in parliament.Ershad, the former autocratic ruler, said businessmen, FBCCI, BGMEA, BKMEA, and all research organisations have described the budget as ‘intolerable’.”Rickshaw-pullers, wheelbarrow-pullers, day-labourers and small traders are in great anxiety following the placing of the budget. To them, this is the budget of darkness… they are not getting any ray of light,” he said.Talking about Muhith’s claim of 7.4 per cent GDP growth, he said Tk 66,000 crore will be needed as private investment while Tk 50,000 crore in the public sector to achieve the target. “But the budget didn’t elaborate on the investment,” he said.Ershad said the GDP growth is not the only scale to measure the economic development. “Share market and money market are the main sources of economy. But both are in very shaky condition,” he said.Claiming that the banking sector is affected by cancer, he said, “Looting is going in all the banks… thousands of crores of Tk are being embezzled from the banks in the name of loan while money is being siphoned out of the country. But, he (finance minister) didn’t say anything in this regard.”Describing the heist of Bangladesh Bank money from the US Federal Bank as a rare incident, the JaPa chairman said although the names of many surfaced during investigation, those were not disclosed. “We couldn’t even know their names although they’re living in this society. They’re out of touch. There’s nothing regretful than this,” He questioned the good governance in the country, saying, “Or else, this type of incident would not have happened. Disclose the names, identify the culprits.” Mentioning that the share market shows the vibrancy of the economy, Ershad said, “Unfortunately, it has become a centre of looting. The government can’t take any effective steps to make the market vibrant after its debacle in 2010,” he said.He said the government did not take any punitive measures against the culprits behind the share market debacle. “We say justice delayed, justice denied. But I’ll say here justice was betrayed.”The JaPa chief also talked about the education and health care sectors, saying both are in a very much deplorable condition. “We can’t trust doctors. They give unnecessary pathological tests just for taking commission,” he said.last_img read more

"Proposed budget worst one Ershad"

Cardinals Set to Host Spring Match with Xavier

first_imgThe two teams played each other as part of the tournament at Purdue last fall. Melanie McHenry had 15 kills, two aces and four digs to lead the UofL to a 25-18, 25-15, 25-14 sweep of Xavier at the Stacey Clark Classic  Louisville hit .321 as a team with eight blocks, nine aces and 40 kills.  The Cards got eight kills from freshman Claire Chaussee and six kills apiece from Jasmine Bennett and Emily Scott.  Xavier was led by Audrey Adams’ four kills and four blocks.   Story Links  The Cardinals made their 27th appearance in the NCAA Tournament this season led by ACC Setter of the Year Wilma Rivera and 2017 Defensive Player of the Year.  Louisville will be led by returning AVCA All-East Region and First Team All ACC Melanie McHenry along with returning starters Piper Roe, Emily Scott, Marijke Van Dyke and Mia Stander.  Redshirt freshman Aiko Jones and transfer setter Tori Dilfer will help fill gaps left by departing seniors as the Cards await the arrival of their recruiting class this summer.   Xavier volleyball ended its season with a three-set loss (20-25, 18-25, 21-25) at Villanova just short of making the 4-team Big East Tournament. The Musketeers finished the year with a 10-19 (8-10 Big East) record.  In conference only matches, Xavier ranked second in the conference in digs (16.29) and blocks (2.50) and fifth in opponent hitting percentage (.195).center_img The University of Louisville will face Xavier tonight at 6 p.m. in Cardinal Arena in the Cardinals’ first spring match. The match is open to the public and admission is free. Still on the slate, Louisville will face rival Kentucky on March 29 at 6 p.m. in Cardinal Arena. The Cards will compete in a multi-team tournament at KIVA April 6 beginning at 8 a.m.  The final date on the slate is also the only away competition as the Cardinals head to play at Morehead State on April 20.Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

"Cardinals Set to Host Spring Match with Xavier"

Scientists Successfully Grow Neanderthal Minibrains in Petri Dish

first_img Watch: ‘Fighting’ Male Pythons Spotted By Australian Snake CatcherHubble Space Telescope Captures Star’s Eerie Gaseous Glow Stay on target Researchers have long been looking for clues about one of our closest evolutionary relatives — Neanderthals. Our now-extinct kin has shifted from a presumed earlier form, to a close cousin, to… well still a close cousin, but one that we got a little too close to. Still, even though a good portion of scientists who study the topic now consider neanderthals and humans sister subspecies, there’s still a lot of differences between the two. The brain, in particular, is of prime concern as it… y’know, is kind of the whole thing with us apes. So, to learn more about the development of the Neanderthal brain, as well as what it was actually capable of, scientists have done the truly unbelievable — grown miniature brains of our ancient family.As Science Mag reports in an exclusive, the unity of three bleeding-edge fields — including CRISPR, organs built from stem cells, and the fully sequenced Neanderthal genome — has allowed Alysson Muotri and her lab to pull off an exceptional feat. The work has yet to be published, but it was presented earlier this work at a conference for the University of California, San Diego, where Muotri is a geneticist. In essence, the team used stem cells created with neanderthal into small, pea-sized organs that resemble the cortex, or outermost layer of the brain. The hope is that the team will understand how different regions of the Neanderthal brain fit together, and how they would affect its cognition. This is done by comparing the structures to similar mini-brains made with human DNA to understand where and how they differ.“We’re trying to recreate Neanderthal minds,” Muotri says.To be clear, this is quite far from a full brain. We aren’t (probably) making conscious minds in Petri dishes. These organoids represent a very early stage of brain development, far from anything that could be expected to actually produce thought. Others, including Svante Paabo, director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig and one of the researchers that first sequenced the Neanderthal genome, noted that even the genetics of the project has plenty of hurdles to overcome. “Organoids are far from being able to tell us how adult brains function,” Paabo said, noting that there could be plenty of unintended mutations. “There are lots of control experiments to do, and then I’m quite hopeful we’ll overcome those doubts.”On a much creepier note, though, Muotri, in time, hopes to jack mini human brains into crab-like robots and pit them against robots run by Neanderthal organoids. So… that’s a sentence.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

"Scientists Successfully Grow Neanderthal Minibrains in Petri Dish"