Services of 5,178 teachers regularised in Punjab

first_imgThe Punjab Cabinet on Wednesday approved regularisation of services of 5,178 contractual teachers with full pay scales to be implemented from October 1, 2019.The Cabinet also regularised 650 nurses of the health department as per the department’s probation rules, said an official statement. The Cabinet meeting was held here under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Amarinder Singh.The statement said of the 5,178 teachers, 5,078 were recruited in the master’s cadre and 100 as classical and vernacular teachers by the Education Department in 2014, 2015 and 2016.These teachers are currently paid ₹7,500 per month and their salary would be now fixed at minimum of grade pay, which is ₹15,300 per month, till the time they are given full scale, the release said. Reacting to the decision of regularising the jobs of teachers, SAD senior leader and former Minister Bikram Singh Majithia described it as an “election ploy” of the Congress.“The government does not have money in the budget. They cannot give Dearness Allowance of employees and winter uniform of students. It is a just a ploy to fool the teachers’ union so as to try to get them on board for the elections. But teachers are sensible people and they will not fall for this election gimmick of the Congress,” said Mr.Majithia. The teachers, protesting under the banner of Adhyapak Sangharsh Committee, said they were upset that the Cabinet approved giving full pay scale to 5,178 teachers from October instead of February.“We were promised that the full pay scale will be given with effect from February this year. But the government is now saying that the full pay scale will be given from October,” Bikramjit Singh Kaddon, a member of the committee, said.Committee formed The teachers said that during their meeting with four Ministers – Education Minister O.P. Soni, Finance Minister Manpreet Badal, Health Minister Brahm Mohindra and Cooperation and Jails Minister Sukhjinder Randhawa – they were assured that the issue of pay protection of 8,886 teachers of Adarsh schools, SSA and RMSA would also be addressed in the Cabinet meeting. “But this issue will now be looked into by a committee, along with other issues,” said Mr. Kaddon.(With PTI inputs)last_img read more

"Services of 5,178 teachers regularised in Punjab"

Two Of A Kind

first_imgTo speak in haste, and then repent at leisure is a trait that has characterized mankind ever since Adam propositioned Eve. Oops! Better make that “humankind,” to be politically correct, and lest I go the way of Messrs Dean Jones and Natwar Singh.What in the world do these two gentlemen have in common? Until last month, almost nothing other than the biological fact of gender. The first is a middle-aged cricketer-turned-television commentator from Australia, the other a senior citizen in the world of Indian politics and diplomacy. The two, I reckon, have never met. But on Aug. 8, their astrological stars found a common nemesis when both uttered words on live television, which, despite subsequent apologies, effectively pulled the plug on their respective careers. Jones, during a live telecast of the second cricket test between South Africa and Sri Lanka in Colombo, saw bushy-bearded South African Hashim Amla take a catch to dismiss Sri Lankan batsman Kumara Sangakkara, and remarked: “The terrorist has got another wicket.” Six words that reverberated ominously through the corridors of world cricket. Deano, as Jones is affably called by colleagues and fans, had – perhaps unwittingly – hit racial amity for a huge symbolic six!Embroiled in the Iraqi oil-for-food scam after a fact-finding report from Justice R.S. Pathak, Natwar Singh sought support from his Congress party colleagues and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. None was forthcoming. Much like a drowning man flapping his arms in manic desperation, Natwar went first for the prime minister, calling him “weak and indecisive” and threatening to highlight Manmohan’s name in the Guinness Book for being the first and only one of 11 Indian prime ministers who had to be nominated for the job as he “hasn’t even won a municipality election.” Pointing out haughtily that Manmohan came into public life “knowing nothing of foreign policy,” he insinuated that the prime minister had learnt international politics chela-like from Ustad Natwar. He then trained his guns on the federal cabinet. Without naming names, he said it contained “rapists and murderers.” Finally, it was Justice Pathak’s turn. “This man hung around me when I was in Rajiv Gandhi’s cabinet, wanting an appointment at the World Court,” said Natwar, his legendary scowl intact, adding, “head bowed and hands folded in abject gratitude. And this is how he would greet me after he got the appointment.”In the span of four searing television minutes, Natwar Singh had savagely attacked the two main constitutional pillars of India – its Executive (the prime minister and his cabinet) and its Judiciary (a retired Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) with words and gestures of utter ridicule, disdain and contempt.A deeper look at the two outbursts reveals some interesting subtexts.Those familiar with the 75-year-old veteran’s public life and career would remember Natwar Singh as a part of India’s political elite. Natwar Singh himself, I believe, would be quite offended if he were not described as an upper-crust member of the country’s ruling fraternity. His lifestyle, his haughty nose-in-the-air demeanour and his self-congratulatory biodata on the government’s website would convince the reader that when an ass gets a public lashing it evokes pity, but when it happens to a pompous ass the reactions are far less sympathetic.What do you think Natwar calls himself? His New Delhi residence name-plate proclaims “Kunwar Natwar Singh” – a title smelling unmistakably of a feudal aristocracy that went out of vogue when princely titles were abolished. His “royal” connections include the fact that he married into the Patiala Maharaja’s family.His biodata on the Ministry of External Affairs website flaunts his academic and literary pedigree. He has authored nine books and several dozen articles in reputed journals. By that yardstick, he deserves to be called “a man of letters” – and never mind that the phrase now has more to do with the three “letters of introduction” Natwar Singh wrote on behalf of his son Jagat’s cousin and assorted friends to Iraqi officials, on the basis of which the Iraqis sold them crude oil at a depleted price compared to the then international rates. This oil was then resold through an intermediary Swiss firm called Masefield AG, and the Natwar-backed boy brigade made a tidy killing. What makes this crummy tale of kickbacks intriguing is that it occurred in 2001 when the Congress Party was not in power at the Center! Apparently, Natwar through his long-standing affiliation with the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty (Indira Gandhi awarded him a Padma Bhushan in 1984) had enough residual goodwill with Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party to swing deals even from the sidelines.Another website entry lists “Good conversation followed by prolonged periods of reflective silence” as one of Natwar’s special interests. His television outburst effectively wiped out whatever “good conversation” Natwar might have participated in during his lifetime. Though one must concede that he now has ample time for “prolonged periods of reflective silence” as he rides into the political sunset.When the dust finally settles on the Natwar Singh episode, it will have left behind at least one political corpse and two conclusions. These have wider implications for the entire Indian polity and for the new dynamic of national governance through the medium of live television.CONCLUSION ONE: The episode sounds the death-knell of a certain kind of old-world style of Indian politics.  It was a world of noblesse oblige where benevolent favors were tossed out by persons of high birth or rank, and the groveling beneficiaries were expected to remain perennially indebted. It was also a world of lifelong feudal protection for the loyal and faithful among the underlings.We know Justice Pathak as a legal luminary in his own right, but don’t we also know that top posts in international organizations are lobbied for through government functionaries? And so “Thakur” (so much more macho than the effete-sounding “Kunwar”) Natwar Singh probably thought nothing of demanding back his pound of flesh in the form of a clean chit from Pathak when the latter sat in judgment over Singh’s political future. The judge however was extremely judicious. He gave a clean chit to the Congress Party and blamed Natwar Singh for misusing his party position. But in what has served as an escape clause for Natwar, Pathak admitted he did not have enough evidence to indict Natwar or his son for financial wrongdoing. Poor Natwar has become a laughing stock as he parades this as proof of a clean chit, not knowing – or pretending not to know – that absence of conclusive evidence can never be truly construed as conclusive evidence of absence.Conversely, Natwar Singh – self-proclaimed Congress Party servant and loyal courtier of the Nehru-Gandhi durbar – thought he was within his rights to seek protection in his hour of strife from party leader Sonia Gandhi. Hadn’t Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru openly expressed shock when his own son-in-law Feroze Gandhi had exposed the Mundhra scandal in the late 1950s by indicting a Nehru loyalist in the cabinet?True, but this is another century and another generation. Sonia, her English still far better than her Hindi, clearly thinks “kickback” is a four-letter word. It would be politically suicidal for her to intervene in another kickback scandal, having seen her husband lose a national election on the Bofors taint. Little wonder then that she refused to stir while the yuppies in Congress – said to be cosy with the U.S.-World Bank-IMF lobby – masterminded the downfall of a family loyalist who claims he’s being targeted by the U.S.-backed Volcker Report for his opposition to the Indo-US nuclear deal.CONCLUSION TWO: The episode highlights the sea-change that television has wrought on Indian politics. In the old days when print was king, my hunch is Natwar would have gotten away. After all, even if he lost his mind temporarily and mis-spoke, the late-night deadline would ensure there was enough time to sober up and make a few key calls to newspaper biggies. But live television is ruthless. Be it a parliamentary session or a press conference, it governs the way we are governed. Natwar’s outburst came straight and raw into millions of homes, and its repeated telecasts must sound to him like nails pounding into an already sealed coffin.Dean Jones is another victim of the live wire. Imagine the scenario of a newspaper report, and you can bet Deano’s copy would have been screened by several “gate-keepers” – from sports editor to proof reader – and the offending word blue-pencilled out.But the Dean Jones episode has stirred up the pot with many ladles. First comes an inside story. Yes, he did say it, but only after he thought that both the audio and video were switched off during the commercial break between overs. That’s partially right. The audio and video for all transmissions were switched off,  except one, and that one happened to be the transmission to South Africa. The country Hashim Amla represents, and whose listeners first yelled wolf to the Jones remark.Would all be well had Jones’s remark not gone on air? In other words, is it okay to call Amla a “terrorist” in situations that aren’t public? And here comes another inside story – that Amla’s South African team-mates have been known to call him precisely that, if only in jest. On the record, several team-mates denied this vehemently, saying they’d never use the word even as a jibe. Their word was accepted by the authorities, but the cricketing world at large knows better. In the South African team itself, why, one may ask, do “colored” players still eat at a table separate from the whites? It’s tempting to speculate on some other what-ifs.What if the Jones remark had been completely off-air, but if one or more of his fellow-commentators had complained about it to ICC or Cricket South Africa or the management of Ten Sports, which aired it? Would Jones be sent back home on the next available flight?What if Ten Sports – belonging to a United Arab Emirates-registered conglomerate – was owned by a non-Muslim? Would Jones have suffered a penalty as severe and swift? Curiously, the only commentator to have jumped to Jones’s defence (or close to it) is the former Indian wicket-keeper Saba Karim – a Muslim. He told a Mumbai newspaper: “We must always see in what context he has said it. Dean Jones is popular with so many cricketers, maybe it came out inadvertently. He must be given a chance to explain his stand.”What if Jones had uttered the T-word in less combustible times? Would the reaction to Jones have been any less knee-jerk had Marco Materazzi not taunted Zinedine Zidane with the same word during the World Cup soccer final? Or any less racially-edged had the world not seen so many Islamic terrorist-detonated blasts since 9/11?The debate is endless. It’s a matter of the psychological, ideological and socio-cultural baggage the sayer is carrying as much as the mental baggage the listener is filtering it through. Sportsmen are not the only ones to slip up. In June, U.S. President George W.Bush had a characteristically insensitive exchange with blind reporter Peter Wallsten of Los Angeles Times. Bollywood actress Rimi Sen told a website Rohit Shetty is such an “amazing” director that “he can make even a black African look pretty.” Feroz Khan was black-listed by the Pakistani Government for returning their hospitality with a bald statement about Pakistani Muslims killing each other in the name of Islam. And our otherwise tolerant South Indian friends protested vehemently against the Mehmood character in Padosan when the film was first released in India.Hollywood star Mel Gibson abused “f…..g” Jews when pulled over for drunk driving. “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,” he told a Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy who Gibson thought to be Jewish. Former sex symbol Bridgette Bardot was found guilty by a Paris court for commenting disparagingly on the growing number of Muslim immigrants in her native France and for hitting out at their religious practice of killing sheep during festivals.Even comic-book characters aren’t spared the scrutiny. Students of international politics find in their reference list a 1971 publication by two Chilean Marxist scholars. Title? “How to Read Donald Duck: Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic.” Contrast that with a more recent study from the University of Mississippi which concludes that the Scrooge McDuck stories are “essentially anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist.” Long live academic freedom! Related Itemslast_img read more

"Two Of A Kind"

Asiad: Kalmadi suggests standby flagbearer, snubbed

first_imgThe chef-de-mission of the Indian contingent has dismissed Indian Olympic Association (IOA) chief Suresh Kalmadi’s statement that badminton star Saina Nehwal would be the standby flagbearer for Friday’s Asian Games opening ceremony in Guangzhou.  Chef-de-mission Abhay Singh Chautala on Thursday said there was no standby and shooter Gagan Narang was the first and only choice for flagbearer.  Kalmadi had told Headlines Today that Saina would be the standby flagbearer.  The dismissal of Kalmadi’s statement by Chautala points to his diminishing clout.  Kalmadi has already been snubbed by his political party, which removed him from the post of Congress Parliamentary Party secretary over allegations of corruption during the Commonwealth Games.   The flagbearer controversy erupted because Narang wanted to be excused from the Asian Games opening ceremony so that he could focus on a shooting event the next morning.last_img read more

"Asiad: Kalmadi suggests standby flagbearer, snubbed"

Ind vs Eng: Fit-again Bresnan in England squad for the Lord’s Test

first_imgThe England selectors included fit-again seamer Tim Bresnan in the squad of 12 for the first Test against India starting at the Lord’s from July 21.Tim Bresnan, who was suffering from calf-muscle injury, is all set make a comeback. APThe squad that will be led by Test captain Andrew Strauss has only one change in the form of Bresnan in place of Middlesex fast bowler Steven Finn. Finn was a part of the victorious England squad that beat Sri Lanka 1-0 in their last Test series.Bresnan who was suffering from calf-muscle injury thus makes a comeback to the Test squad for the first time since the fifth Ashes Test in Sydney last January.”This is clearly a highly-anticipated series between two of the world’s top Test-playing nations and I know the England team is certainly looking forward to the challenge of taking on the number one ranked team in Test cricket,” national selector Geoff Miller was quoted as saying in an ECB press release.He further added, “Following the successful Test and ODI series against Sri Lanka we’re pleased to be able to include Tim Bresnan in the Test squad after his excellent return from a calf muscle injury.”Miller stated that Bresnan’s inclusion will add further depth to the attack. “Tim adds further bite to our pace attack along with James Anderson, Chris Tremlett and Stuart Broad, who has greatly benefitted from getting overs and wickets under his belt for Nottinghamshire during the week.””Steven Finn has also benefitted from his time at county level in recent weeks and continues to press hard for Test selection. It’s very pleasing to see the depth of quality around our bowling attack particularly with a challenging four-match Test series on the horizon,” Miller added.advertisement- With inputs from PTIThe squad: Andrew Strauss (captain), Alastair Cook, Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell, Eoin Morgan, Matt Prior, James Anderson, Graeme Swann, Chris Tremlett, Stuart Broad, Tim Bresnan.last_img read more

"Ind vs Eng: Fit-again Bresnan in England squad for the Lord’s Test"

Celtics, Rockets and Bucks eye 2-0 1st-round series leads

first_imgDA eyes importing ‘galunggong’ anew Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. PRESSURE IS ON: The Pacers’ starting lineup. Bojan Bogdanovic was the lone Indiana starter to reach double figures in Game 1. Part of that was Boston’s pressure, but a lot of it was the Pacers missing open shots. If that trend continues, they’ll be headed home down 2-0.PISTONS AT BUCKSMilwaukee leads 1-0. Game 2, 8 p.m. EDT, NBA TVNEED TO KNOW: Detroit’s 35-point loss in Game 1 was more lopsided then the Pistons’ entire four-game series the last time they were in the playoffs. In 2016, they lost four straight games to Cleveland by a combined 34 points.KEEP AN EYE ON: Milwaukee had a 22-11 advantage in fast-break points in Game 1 and outrebounded the Pistons 54-46. If Detroit is going to keep this game closer, turning those two categories around may be the best path.INJURY WATCH: Detroit star Blake Griffin has been having knee problems and missed Game 1. The Pistons have described him as day to day, and coach Dwane Casey said Tuesday there was no change in his outlook.PRESSURE IS ON: Andre Drummond is Detroit’s other star frontcourt player, and with Griffin out, he wasn’t able to hold off the Bucks’ onslaught in the series opener. He had 12 points before being ejected in the third quarter for a flagrant foul on Milwaukee star Giannis Antetokounmpo.JAZZ AT ROCKETSRockets lead 1-0. Game 2, 9:30 p.m. EDT, TNTNEED TO KNOW: After their 32-point win in Game 1, the Rockets talked about the need to maintain focus, after they won the opener of their second-round series against the Jazz last season only to lose Game 2 at home. The Rockets went on to win that series in five games but don’t like the fact that they lost that game in Houston and are determined not to let it happen again. #KicksStalker: Basketball kicks get Avengers treatment Ethel Booba twits Mocha over 2 toilets in one cubicle at SEA Games venue Philippine Arena Interchange inaugurated LATEST STORIES Panelo: Duterte ‘angry’ with SEA Games hosting hassles Celtics coach Brad Stevens acknowledged Smart’s absence forced them to play differently and will continue to require adjustments.Without Smart to help with ball handling duties, it mostly falls on Kyrie Irving.“That limits you a little bit,” Stevens said. “We’ll play Terry (Rozier) and Gordon (Hayward) more with Kyrie than we have. But I think ultimately there’s going to be moments where Kyrie will be it. We’ll have one point guard on the floor.”Will that mean changes to the starting lineup?“We re-evaluate everything every day,” Stevens said.ADVERTISEMENT Hontiveros presses for security audit of national power grid Pacers forward Thaddeus Young said the film just highlighted shortcomings they knew about.“Free throws. And just upping our intensity on the defensive end. They upped their defensive pressure. I think we backed up a little bit,” Young said.Scoring wasn’t a problem for James Harden in Houston’s 122-90 win. The star had a game-high 29. Utah star Donovan Mitchell had 19, but was just 7 of 18 from the field.“Their defense was really designed to keep me out of the paint and we’ve got to find ways around that,” Mitchell said. “As a team we’re not going to miss the amount of shots we missed last time.”A look at Wednesday’s games:PACERS AT CELTICSBoston leads 1-0. Game 2, 7 p.m. EDT, TNTNEED TO KNOW: The 74 points scored by the Pacers in Game 1 marked the lowest total by a Celtics playoff opponent since Orlando scored 71 points on May 22, 2010. Indiana also shot a brutal 57% (12 for 21) from the free throw line. Those are two things the Pacers aren’t expecting to do two games in a row.KEEP AN EYE ON: Boston’s rotations. Jaylen Brown started in place of Smart in Game 1, but Stevens has lots of options to give the Pacers different looks.INJURY WATCH: Smart said he is remaining optimistic he can make an early return to action like he did last postseason following thumb surgery. But he said Tuesday was the first day he was able to walk without pain and that his focus for now is treatment.center_img SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles02:29Giannis Antetokounmpo powers Bucks in bounce back win over Celtics00:50Trending Articles02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss MOST READ Boston limited Indiana to eight points in the third quarter of its 84-74 Game 1 win. It was the Celtics’ lowest point total of the season and the first time they won a game in 2018-19 in which they didn’t reach 100 points.Change is on the minds of both teams.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logisticsFor the Celtics that could mean tweaks to the starting lineup as they continue to adjust to the absence of Marcus Smart, who is recovering from a torn left oblique.“It’s frustrating, but you have to take it day-by-day and one day at a time,” Smart said Tuesday. KEEP AN EYE ON: Harden. The Jazz used a defense focused on making the left-handed superstar go to his right in Game 1. The tactic kept him from using his step-back 3-pointer as effectively as he normally does. If they use the same tactic in Game 2 look for Harden to continue driving to the paint and dishing off to teammates such as Eric Gordon and P.J. Tucker for corner 3s.INJURY WATCH: Jazz forward Thabo Sefolosha is questionable with soreness in his left hip and Kyle Korver is probable because of a sore right knee. The Rockets don’t have injuries but hope center Clint Capela will feel better after struggling during Game 1 while recovering from an upper respiratory infection.PRESSURE IS ON: Mitchell. He will need to play better if the Jazz hope to even this series after he had five turnovers and no assists in the opener.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting Boston Celtics’ Al Horford (42) pumps his fist after being fouled while making a basket by Indiana Pacers’ Bojan Bogdanovic, rear, during the second quarter in Game 1 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series, Sunday, April 14, 2019, in Boston. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)BOSTON — The Celtics are preparing for their Game 2 matchup with the Pacers aware their series-opening win was notable more for its ugliness more than the outcome.Meanwhile, the Rockets and Bucks are heading into their respective Game 2s with the Jazz and Pistons expecting more competitive games after dominating victories.ADVERTISEMENT View commentslast_img read more

"Celtics, Rockets and Bucks eye 2-0 1st-round series leads"

ISL: Bengaluru FC beat NorthEast United FC to return to winning ways

first_imgBengaluru FC regained their position at the top of the Indian Super League table with a closely fought 2-1 win against NorthEast United FC at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru, on Wednesday.A Mislav Komorski own-goal in the 14th minute gave Bengaluru the lead before Federico Gallego struck in the 60th minute to equalise. The hosts clinched a match-winner in the 71st minute through Chencho Gyeltshen.The win helped the Blues climb to the top of the table with 30 points after 13 games. NorthEast United remain third with 23 points from 14 matches.The hosts pressed for an early breakthrough and worked a brilliant set-piece routine in the 14th minute to force an own goal and take the lead. Dimas Delgado sent a low free-kick towards the edge of the box where Sunil Chhetri lobbed a ball over the defence and into the box for Udanta Singh. The Blues winger squared it across the face of the goal and the ball ricocheted off Komorski’s legs and went in..@GurpreetGK with a late save as important as a goal for @bengalurufc!#HeroISL #ISLMoments #LetsFootball #BENNEU #FanBannaPadega Super League (@IndSuperLeague) January 30, 2019NorthEast looked to mount a response and switched gears after going behind. Reagan Singh found joy on the right flank and posed a threat with two excellent crosses. A 26th-minute cross found Komosrki inside the box who headed the ball inches wide of the target. Two minutes later, top scorer Bartholomew Ogbeche rose above Albert Serran to send his header over the bar.advertisementThe visitors started the second half on the front-foot. Within minutes after the change of ends, Robert Lalthlamuana’s cross from the left fell perfectly for Komorski inside the box after Harmanjot Khabra failed to clear but the defender’s left-footer flew over the bar.Tempers boil over in the second half at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium!Watch it LIVE on @hotstartweets: users can watch it LIVE on the app. #HeroISL #ISLMoments #LetsFootball #BENNEU #FanBannaPadega Super League (@IndSuperLeague) January 30, 2019NorthEast’s efforts bore fruit at the hour-mark. Lalthlamuana split the Bengaluru defence to release Federico Gallego into the box and the Uruguayan forward placed a neat finish in between the goalkeeper’s legs and into the net.A long punt up the field by Reagan in the 64th minute almost put NorthEast in the lead. Ogbeche raced past Serran, got inside the box and forced Gurpreet into a fine save with his legs..@GurpreetGK stands tall to Panagiotis Triadis before stopping Bartholomew Ogbeche on the rebound!Watch it LIVE on @hotstartweets: users can watch it LIVE on the app. #HeroISL #ISLMoments #LetsFootball #BENNEU #FanBannaPadega Super League (@IndSuperLeague) January 30, 2019Substitute Panagiotis Triadis found himself one-on-one with Gurpreet in the 69th minute after latching onto an excellent lofted ball by Lalthathanga Khawlhring, but the new signing failed to beat the India international.Bengaluru regained their lead from a Rahul Bheke throw-in in the 71st minute. Juanan flicked the throw-in across the goal and Chencho turned up unmarked to slot home.NorthEast did threaten on a few occasions in the closing stages however, Gurpreet made the difference in between the sticks to deny the visitors and help his team clinch three points on home soil.Also Watch:last_img read more

"ISL: Bengaluru FC beat NorthEast United FC to return to winning ways"

Jim Harbaugh Provides Update On Michigan’s Investigation Into Potential NCAA Violations

first_imgJim Harbaugh head coach of the Michigan Wolverines runs onto the field prior to the game against the Penn State Nittany Lions.STATE COLLEGE, PA – NOVEMBER 21: Jim Harbaugh head coach of the Michigan Wolverines run onto the field prior to the game against the Penn State Nittany Lions at Beaver Stadium on November 21, 2015 in State College, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Evan Habeeb/Getty Images)Michigan is one of three schools currently investigating whether some of its student-athletes sold team-issued shoes to a retailer. The school confirmed the investigation on Friday night.Last week, North Carolina football suspended 13 players for re-selling team shoes. However, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh isn’t expecting his program to suffer the same fate.Speaking with media tonight, Harbaugh gave an update into the shoe investigation, saying that he doesn’t expect nay UM players to be suspended.Harbaugh said he doesn’t anticipate any players missing games regarding shoe investigation— angelique (@chengelis) August 14, 2018According to the original ESPN report from last week, Michigan, Cal and Marquette were all conducting probes to see if student-athletes had sold shoes.Michigan spokesman David Ablauf told ESPN that all Wolverine players “sign a form that acknowledges that selling the shoes would jeopardize their eligibility. The shoes are also marked by the equipment staff with the player’s name or uniform number, making it more difficult to sell them anonymously.”Harbaugh said tonight that all of the player’s shoes were present in the inventory.Harbaugh says he doesn’t anticipate anyone missing time for selling shoes. All current players had to go through a shoe inventory, all shoes were present he says.— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) August 14, 2018Of course, there hasn’t been an official announcement from Michigan regarding the results of the investigation. We’ll have to see if one is forthcoming.At the same time, Harbaugh is notoriously closely-guarded with information regarding his team, so it is doubtful he would say this to the media if he wasn’t feeling good about all of his players being cleared of any wrongdoing.last_img read more

"Jim Harbaugh Provides Update On Michigan’s Investigation Into Potential NCAA Violations"

Construction of LNG Terminal at Gothenburg Port Moves Ahead

first_imgzoom At the Port of Gothenburg, construction of the terminal for liquid natural gas, LNG, has moved into the next phase.The City of Gothenburg has approved the detailed plans and demolition activities has now commenced to make way for the LNG terminal. A new company that will run the terminal has also been established.The aim is to be able to offer LNG by 2015 when shipping will need to switch to more eco-friendly fuels when operating in Swedish waters. Industry will also require LNG as it makes the change from oil and coal.The Swedish gas infrastructure company Swedegas and the Dutch company Vopak have set up a joint company to construct and operate the terminal. The project is being run in collaboration with the Port of Gothenburg, which will invest in the necessary port infrastructure. With effect from 2015, the Port Authority will reward vessels that use LNG in the form of reduced port charges.The terminal will be built at Skarvik, which is located at the Port of Gothenburg Energy Port. Tankers carrying LNG will discharge at the quayside and the gas will be stored temporarily at the terminal. It can be used to load LNG bunker vessels and it can be transferred to road tankers or rail trucks for onward distribution throughout the country. The location also provides for the potential future connection to the Swedish gas grid.The terminal is part of a collaborative venture between Rotterdam and Gothenburg, where the aim is to build up an LNG infrastructure. The EU Commission considers this to be one of the most prioritised infrastructure initiatives in Europe and is supporting the project financially with a grant of EUR 34 million.There are considerable environmental benefits to be gained from using LNG in shipping and industry, as, in comparison with traditional oil-based fuels, nitrogen oxide emissions and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced significantly (85-90% and 25% respectively), while sulphur and particle emissions are reduced to almost zero, without creating any undesired by-products.Port of Gothenburg, April 30, 2014last_img read more

"Construction of LNG Terminal at Gothenburg Port Moves Ahead"

To spread awareness on side effects of alcohol drugs police launch antialcoholism

first_imgNew Delhi: Delhi Police has launched an anti-alcoholism campaign in Dwarka to spread awareness among residents of JJ clusters about the side effects of consuming drugs and liquor.According to police, Dwarka district has been taking various initiatives to control crime by nabbing the criminals, increasing police vigil during day & night, cordoned off the borders in the night hours, manual and motorcycle patrolling in the area. Dwarka police are also trying to strike the illegal supply and consumption of liquor/drugs, one of the reasons behind the commission of the crime, by taking strict action against both, the supplier of illegal liquor, drugs as well the public offender found indulged in drinking/smoking at a public place. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderPolice further said that in addition to the said crime curbing measures, Dwarka Police has been organizing various awareness programmes to spread awareness about the side effects of consumption of drugs and liquor. Now, Dwarka District Police has launched one-week De-addiction campaign of Nukkad Natak on the theme of “Anti-Alcoholism” in JJ Cluster areas, in association with Prajapita Brahm Kumaris Sisters from July 24, to July 30. “During this campaign, J J Clusters in nine different locations comes under the jurisdiction of PSs Dwarka North, Dwarka South, Dabri, Bindapur and Uttam Nagar will be covered,” said DCP Dwarka. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsIn the programme, a joint team of Delhi Police and Brahm Kumaris visits JJ cluster area and interact with the public. The public is also responding overwhelmingly and comes in huge numbers to see the Nukkad Natak performed by the artists. After the performance of Nukkad Natak, the public including men, women, youngster and children go through the exhibition which shows bad effects and consequences of consuming drugs/liquor. Police further said that during the year 2019 till July 28 Dwarka Police have arrested 346 bootleggers and recovered more than 1 lacs quarters of illicit liquor and 50 vehicles being used for transportation. 23 criminals arrested under NDPS Act found involved in the supply of drugs. Moreover, action has been taken under against the 5,562 offenders found involved in drinking/consuming liquor at the public place by arresting them under the Excise Act. Similarly, more than 3,500 offenders have been challaned under COTPA Act for smoking in public place.last_img read more

"To spread awareness on side effects of alcohol drugs police launch antialcoholism"

Migiro holds talks with leaders of three troubled African countries

During her meeting with Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo, Ms. Migiro stressed how important it was that the West African nation’s electoral process takes place as planned so that its democratic institutions – buffeted by five years of divide between the Government-controlled south and the rebel-held north – can rebuild.Mr. Gbagbo assured Ms. Migiro that he is doing everything possible to meet United Nations’ expectations on the electoral process, UN spokesperson Marie Okabe told reporters today.He called for enhanced support for both the electoral process and the wider implementation of the Ouagadougou peace accord, the March agreement for ending the prolonged political stand-off between the Government and the rebels.The accord outlines a series of measures, including: the creation of a new transitional government; organizing free and fair presidential elections; the merging of the rebel Forces Nouvelles and the national defence and security forces through an integrated command centre; the dismantling of militias and disarming of ex-combatants; and the replacement of the so-called zone of confidence separating north and south with a green line to be monitored by the UN peacekeeping mission, known as UNOCI.Speaking with President João Bernardo Vieira of Guinea-Bissau, Ms. Migiro voiced concern about his country’s growing role as a transit point for international drug trafficking.Last week Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also called for the mandate of the UN Peacebuilding Support Office to the country (UNOGBIS) to be extended by a year, in part so that it can continue to assist the Government to combat illegal drug trafficking.Appealing for greater regional cooperation and national Government intervention, Ms. Migiro assured Mr. Vieira that the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) will maintain its support.The Deputy Secretary-General also called on the President of Guinea-Bissau to ensure that elections due next year are held as planned so that a constitutional crisis is averted.Mr. Vieira noted that the electoral commission’s greatest challenge is a lack of resources to update the voter register in Guinea-Bissau.Meanwhile, Ms. Migiro also held a bilateral meeting with the new Somali Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein. 10 December 2007Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro has held talks with the leaders of three African countries facing enormous political, economic and social challenges – Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau and Somalia – during her visit to Lisbon, Portugal, this weekend to attend the African Union-European Union summit. read more

"Migiro holds talks with leaders of three troubled African countries"

Quebec rules out more Bombardier aid amid reports company looking for investors

MONTREAL — The Quebec government sent a signal to Bombardier that it likely won’t give the struggling aerospace giant another bailout if reports are true the company is once again looking for cash.“I think we’ve done enough for the aerospace industry,” Quebec Economy Minister Dominique Anglade told reporters Monday in reaction to a report by Bloomberg over the weekend that said Bombardier is looking for investors and considering selling aerospace assets.The article, citing anonymous sources, said the company is in discussion to sell its Q400 turboprop and CRJ regional-jet units, which are assembled in Toronto and Mirabel, Que., respectively.Airbus SE is among the potential buyers, Bloomberg said.Quebec invested US$1 billion in 2016 for a 49.5 per cent stake in Bombardier’s CSeries commercial jet program.Anglade, who is also now deputy premier, said the government will not get involved in Bombardier’s Q400 turboprop or CRJ regional jet programs.“When there was investment made by the Quebec government initially in the CSeries, we said we were looking for another partner. We’ve always said that,” she said.“In any proposal we would be looking at, we would look at employment. Number 1 is the number of jobs we have in Quebec. If you look at the numbers in the aerospace industry right now, they’re pretty good. There are a lot of things happening in the aerospace industry in Quebec and we want to maintain it that way.”Alongside Anglade was Federal Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains, whose government gave Bombardier (TSX:BBD.B) a $372.5-million loan earlier this year.“I think the fundamental issue from our point of view is that we have demonstrated a long-standing commitment to the aerospace sector,” he told reporters. “This is really an important sector to the Canadian economy — Quebec here in particular. It’s really about production and jobs here.”David Chartrand, Quebec co-ordinator for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, didn’t want to comment on the report, saying he didn’t have enough information.Bombardier’s reported interest in selling assets is tied to the recent decision by the U.S. Department of Commerce to propose a hefty 300 per cent duty on its CSeries jets in response to a complaint by rival Boeing.The department’s preliminary countervailing duty findings agreed with Boeing that Bombardier benefited from improper government subsidies, giving it an unfair advantage when selling its CSeries 100-to-150-seat jets south of the border.Aerospace industry experts expressed some doubt about the possibility Bombardier would sell off its regional jets or turboprop units.“That seems improbable for the moment,” said Seth Seifman, analyst with J.P. Morgan, in an email.He said Comac, a Chinese state-owned company, had already considered investing in the CSeries, and could be interested in certain divisions of Bombardier’s aerospace sector.Seifman said the Chinese firm would be tempted to buy intellectual property assets as well as establish business relations with existing clients.Mehran Ebrahimi, with the aeronautics research group at Universite de Quebec a Montreal’s School of Management, said he didn’t know why Bombardier would sell off the Q400 turboprop or CRJ regional jet programs.“These are both cash cows,” he said. “Why get rid of them when the order books are in good shape?” read more

"Quebec rules out more Bombardier aid amid reports company looking for investors"

Secret relationship between Virgin Queen Elizabeth and French ambassador revealed

She is known as the Virgin Queen, a monarch who took a vow of chastity upon her ascension to the throne, insisting she was “married” to her country.But the love life of Queen Elizabeth I has long been the subject of great speculation amid  rumours of various secret liaisons.Now, Dr Estelle Paranque, a historian and Tudor expert, claims to have discovered evidence of an intimate relationship between the monarch and a French ambassador, to whom she grew close when he moved to the UK.Bertrand Salignac de la Mothe Fénélon, a French nobleman and experienced diplomat, was sent to England in November 1568, where he was to remain for seven years.According to letters he sent back to the French court, uncovered by Dr Paranque, he quickly fell into the Queen’s favour, and she gave him the unusual and somewhat scandalous privilege of access to her private chambers. He was, claims the historian, soon to be found constantly by her side.La Mothe Fénélon wrote that Queen Elizabeth often had “a very jovial and happy face” when she was around him, whether they were hunting, dining or discussing politics together.Her admiration appeared to have been reciprocated. He wrote to King Charles IX of France of her hunting prowess, describing his awe when he saw her hunting “fallow deer with a crossbow.” Dr Estelle Paranque is a Queen Elizabeth specialist Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. More is revealed in Dr Paranque’s new book La Mothe Fénélon also, unusually, wrote of her good looks, telling French court in a letter, writing one day that she greeted him, “having decorated her court, being herself well dressed and looking as a wonder.He remarked on the fact that she was “better dressed than usual”  Dr Paranque said: “I think what’s happened is that he admired her and I think that we can be a bit suspicious about the fact that maybe he had a crush on her. He liked spending time with her.”It’s very clear that he enjoyed having after dinner conversations with her, she spoke to him for a long time.”She also blamed him for having forgotten her when he hadn’t seen her for a long time.”It was not really the sort of ambassadorial rhetoric. They definitely had a friendship. Crossbows were viewed as powerful weapons, often used by soldiers and nobles, and required significant upper-body strength; they were not usually used by women. Dr Estelle Paranque is a Queen Elizabeth specialistCredit:Eddie Mulholland More is revealed in Dr Paranque's new book On 18th January 1572, a the French ambassador wrote to Catherine de Medici that “she ordered me to bring a stool, and led me to sit next to her in a corner of her private chamber.”Dr Paranque said: “These secret locations where no one else was invited further demonstrate that Elizabeth and La Mothe Fénélon did not want their friendship to be discovered. Maybe she was confessing something personal? We cannot be sure, but La Mothe Fénélon’s tone indicates these interactions were not considered entirely proper behaviour.”During these conversations, they discussed a potential marriage to Henri, Duke of Anjou, older brother of François, Duke of Alençon.Dr Paranque added: “In many ways, by being the intermediate between Henri and Elizabeth, the French ambassador ended up being the one wooing the Queen.”Her book, Elizabeth I of England through Valois Eyes, Power, Representation, and Diplomacy in the Reign of the Queen, 1558–1588, is available to order online now. “Also in my book it’s striking the ways in which he described her to his masters, to the French rulers, he said she was a rock which is a very strong word and said she looked a wonder, and that she’s magnificent.”After enjoying his company at dinner, the Queen frequently took him to her private chamber  to seek his advice on political matters, such as her concerns about her rival for the throne, Mary, Queen of Scots. Their meetings were secretive; he writes: “the next day I was going to find the said Lady, who drew me off in a corridor aside.”As well as having the usual official diplomatic discussions, the two discussed private matters while hunting, during snatched conversations in corridors and in the corner of her private chamber. read more

"Secret relationship between Virgin Queen Elizabeth and French ambassador revealed"

BBC chef sues interior designer after chairs she fitted broke when customers

At Central London County Court, she claimed that the allegations of shoddy work were merely an attempt to delay or wriggle out of paying.Giving evidence, father-of-five Mr Clifford, 45, told Judge Nicholas Parfitt that he had trusted Mrs Dawes and put his livelihood in her hands.”I expected Jo to deliver me a perfect restaurant,” he told the court.He added: “The furniture was too big for the room and that was part of the problem.” Jo Dawes has made a claim against the pub for over £100,000 in unpaid invoices Jo Dawes has made a claim against the pub for over £100,000 in unpaid invoicesCredit:Champion News A Michelin-starred chef is suing an interior designer he hired to enhance his village gastropub after almost £23,000 was spent on chairs which broke when customers sat on them, a court heard.Daniel Clifford, 45, said he wanted Joanne Dawes to deliver him a “perfect restaurant” but complained the furniture she fitted was “too big” and was purchased from a “cheap homeware supplier”.Mr Clifford, a  judge on the BBC’s Great British Menu, claimed chairs in the dining room “broke simply by somebody sitting on them”.The two Michelin-star chef said he had to tear apart Mrs Dawes’ design and start again within months, and is suing her company for £190,000.But Mrs Dawes, 49, through her company Jo Frances Ltd, is herself suing the pub, owned by Mr Clifford, for over £100,000 in unpaid invoices. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. His barrister, James Stuart, claimed that the designer had been commissioned to create a 60-cover bar-restaurant, but failed to do so.Nearly £23,000 worth of seating and £12,000 worth of tables were not fit for purpose or so bulky that they did not fit properly into the space intended, he said.But James Petts, representing the designer, denied the work was unsatisfactory and claimed it had been done during a “chaotic” re-fit.”Many of the problems attributed to her were in fact caused by the disorganisation and/or excessive haste with which the works were carried out,” he said.Judge Parfitt will give a ruling on the case at a later date. read more

"BBC chef sues interior designer after chairs she fitted broke when customers"


first_img TCI begins loan re-financing talks Government surplus $60M, slammed by PDM Party Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Cabinet launches consultation drives Related Items:cabinet meeting, first quarter, Public Finance Management Ordinance, surplus Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 11 Nov 2014 – From the Turks and Caicos Islands Cabinet Meeting, November 6, 2014“Noted the positive financial performance of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government for the second quarter of the financial year 2014-2015 for the period July to September 2014. Year to date results showed an operating surplus of $43.9 million, this result is a positive variance of $27.9 million over the budgeted surplus of $16.0 million and $32.6 million over the last year’s surplus of $11.3 million. Year to date recurrent revenue outturn was $122.4 million, which was $18.4 million or 18% above the budgeted outturn of $93.7 and $28.7 million or 31% above the results of the same quarter last year. Year to date recurrent expenditure outturn totalled $76.8 million, which resulted in a favourable variance of $8.6 million or 10% when compared to budgeted outturn of $85.4 million and $2.8 million or 4% above the results of the same quarter last year. Cabinet also approved the publication of the said financial report as required by Section 46 of the Public Finance Management Ordinance 2012.”last_img read more


Bahamas Elite Athlete Subvention Panel Announced

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, October 31, 2017 – Nassau – Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Michael Pintard in a press conference, Monday, October 30, 2017 thanked those who have helped to develop the Elite Athlete Subvention Programme on behalf of the Ministry.  He also saluted those who have benefited from it over the years.   The Minister especially thanked those who are now a part of the newly-formed panel that is tasked with revising the programme.Minister Pintard stated, at the Kendal G. L. Isaacs Gymnasium: “during the various courtesy calls with various federations and associations, the Ministry promised to work with them in revamping the subvention programme which has been a source of concern for many federations and athletes throughout the country.“Today we are here to announce the committee that has been assembled, who are already engaged in the work of revamping the subvention system.”This process is expected to take approximately six weeks.Panel members include Director of Sports Tim Munnings, National Sports Authority (NSA) Chairman Vaughn Roberts, Senator Jennie Isaacs-Dotson, Consultant Grafton Ifill, Jr., Gold medalist Tonique Williams, Businessman and former elite athlete David Morley, Attorney Koschina Marshall, and the Bahamas Olympic Committee Chairman (once elected).Director of Sports Tim Munnings pointed out that the Elite Athlete Subvention Scheme was created in 1996, primarily to assist with athletes returning to The Bahamas to compete.  At that time, he said, only about six athletes benefited.“Today, over 60 athletes are currently enrolled in the programme, benefiting from direct government financial assistance toward their competition and training expenses,” Mr. Munnings said.   “The Government of The Bahamas is pleased that the programme has contributed to the podium success of many of the participating athletes; and we feel that through the improved management of the programme, we are confident that we will celebrate even more success of our athletes.”Mr. Munnings noted that the panel assembled to review the programme was made up of former athletes and professional administrators capable of providing an objective analysis and recommendations for the future. The work of the committee will be done in consultation with federations, athletes and other stakeholders.“I want to make it perfectly clear: The Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas – having seen the exponential growth in sports in the country and the successes we have been experiencing across various sporting disciplines – is not in a position to provide what ideally we would love to provide by way of funding for all of the elite athletes in the country, however we are committed to doing our part,” Minister Pintard stated.“Furthermore, let me say that the purpose of sports in The Bahamas – and certainly under this Administration – is to not only develop elite athletes,” he added.   “We have other objectives, as well.”Minister Pintard said that one of those objectives is to use sports as a “national development tool” to promote healthy living among Bahamians.   An active lifestyle helps us in the fight against obesity and other non-communicable diseases.Secondly, Minister Pintard noted that the Government believes that education is “absolutely” important and sports play a key role in assisting many Bahamians who would have otherwise not been able to afford tertiary education by way of scholarships.“In addition, sports help persons develop various characteristics that are essential for wholesome development.”He added that the Government believes that sports can generate employment and be a source of revenue for many Bahamian professionals.“We ask all of our elite athletes to continue to do well in your respective disciplines; and demonstrate your commitment to The Bahamas.”He noted that it is not uncommon for many larger countries around the globe seek to lure elite athletes from other countries by offering forms of inducements.“In our case, we encourage you to remain focused, loyal, and nationalistic with respect to your country and we will do our part, within our financial capacity, to assist in your continued development,” Minister Pintard said.By: Eric Rose (BIS)Photo Caption:   Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Michael Pintard (second left) and Director of Sports Tim Munnings (left) are pictured on October 30, 2017, with Consultant Grafton Ifill, Jr. (second right) and Businessman and former elite athlete David Morley, two members of the newly-announced Elite Athlete Subvention Panel, during a press conference at the Kendal G. L. Isaacs Gymnasium.(BIS Photo/Kristaan Ingraham) Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

"Bahamas Elite Athlete Subvention Panel Announced"

New Jersey Panel Recommends Lowering Limit for PFCs

first_imgThe safe levels of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), chemicals that may have seeped into the groundwater at dozens of active and closed military installations, may be lower than previously believed, according to a recommendation from a research panel of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The department’s Drinking Water Quality Institute last week recommended a limit of 14 parts per trillion of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), significantly lower than the limit — 70 parts per trillion — recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in May.Questions about the safe levels of PFCs have emerged since the Defense Department revealed it has expanded its investigation of sites across the nation that potentially have elevated levels of PFCs in their drinking water to at least 2,000, most of them on Air Force bases. The groundwater contamination is believed to have been caused by decades of use of firefighting foam at military installations.Following the New Jersey institute’s recommendation, the EPA said it is standing by its health advisory, reported the Intelligencer.“EPA’s health advisories serve as guidance to assist federal, state, tribal and local authorities, and managers of public or community drinking water systems,” according to a written statement the agency sent the paper. “States may issue different values based on their own analyses, including more stringent values that may reflect more conservative assumptions.”If New Jersey formally adopts the institute’s 14-parts-per-trillion recommendation for PFOA, it would be the lowest limit of any regulatory body. The Navy previously identified Naval Weapons Station Earle in New Jersey as one of four sites where it has discovered contamination by PFCs in the groundwater.Contaminants in the drinking water supplies also have been found outside of Philadelphia at the former Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove and the former Naval Air Warfare Center. The affected towns of Horsham, Warminster and Warrington have initiated plans to remove PFCs from their water systems entirely, primarily by deactivating wells and purchasing replacement water.A researcher at Boston University told more than 100 residents at a public meeting at the former Naval Air Warfare Center in Westminster that the safe level of PFCs in drinking water is 1 part per trillion. “They may have to revisit that,” Richard Clapp, an epidemiologist and professor emeritus of environmental health, said of EPA’s guidelines, reported the Bucks County Courier Times.In reference to the recent 14-parts-per-trillion recommendation from the New Jersey panel, Clapp said, “I think that’s getting closer to what we need. That would be the lowest drinking water level of any state in the United States.” Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

"New Jersey Panel Recommends Lowering Limit for PFCs"

SCAM ALERT The 12 Scams Of The Holidays

first_imgMARLBOROUGH, MA — Another holiday season is upon us. While it should be merry and bright, there are some “Grinches” trying to take your personal information and money. Better Business Bureau encourages everyone to be informed about these 12 scams that are common during the holiday season:1. Free Gift Cards: Budgets can become tight when finding gifts for your loved ones, so any financial relief is welcomed. You may, however, come across emails or pop-up ads offering free gift cards. Be wary of these tempting opportunities. They are often a ploy to collect your personal information that can be later used to steal your identity.2. Social Media Gift Exchange: You’re invited via social media to join a gift exchange, which sounds harmless and fun. Why wouldn’t it be? If you buy one $10 gift for a stranger, you will receive as many as 36 gifts back! It’s actually a hoax with the same premise as a pyramid scheme where it relies on constantly recruiting new participants. In the United States, pyramid schemes are illegal, so it’s best to just respectfully decline any invitations to participate.3. Holiday Jobs: It’s not uncommon for people to want to make some extra money with a seasonal job. You just have to be careful of employment scams, especially when retailers and delivery services often need extra help during the holidays. Be cautious of solicitations requiring you to share personal information online or pay for a job lead. Rather than apply online, go to a retailer location and apply in person.4. Puppy Scams: Pets make great gifts, but there’s a lot you should first consider. Should you decide it’s the right decision, be careful about adopting a pet online. You could end up with a puppy mill pooch, or nothing at all. Fake pet sellers can lure you into thinking you’re getting a four legged friend, only to take your money and not deliver. Educate yourself with BBB’s investigative study on pet scams.5. Romance Scams: If that special someone you met online quickly gets cozy or asks for money, keep your guard up. Scammers can come across as a romantic interest, with the intention of taking advantage of your heightened emotions. Protect your heart and wallet by learning about BBB’s Romance Scam study.6. Travel Scams: Whether you are traveling to celebrate the holidays with loved ones or seeking warmer weather, holiday travel can be expensive. Online bargains for better deals can be tempting, so make sure the offers are legitimate with these travel tips.7. Bogus Websites: Online shopping is convenient especially when trying to avoid the holiday shopping rush. When you do shop online, make sure to only use legitimate websites. Scammers use URLs that look very similar to those of legitimate sites. Always double check the URL before making a purchase and be wary of sites where the brand name is included with longer URLs. Learn about five ways to avoid fake websites.8. Santa Scammers: The joy on children’s faces when they get a letter from Santa is priceless. There are several trusted companies offer charming and personalized letters from Santa, but scammers mimic them to get personal information from unsuspecting parents. Use to find out which ones are legitimate.9. Pickpockets: While most scammers tend to focus their efforts online these days, pickpocketing still happens. Remember to safeguard your personal belongings while shopping, especially in crowded areas. Despite how flustered you may get, never leave your stuff unattended.10. Counterfeit Gifts: When luxury goods and other high-priced items are offered at a steal, chances are it’s counterfeit merchandise. Rarely are you getting the same quality as an original, and in some cases, the money finances illegal activities like drug trafficking and child labor. You’re best option is to look for the warning flagsand instead purchase from a trusted retailer.11. Malware Email: Don’t be quick to click! Clicking on the wrong link, or downloading a scammer’s attachment can result in malware spreading to your computer. This computer virus or “bug” can steal personal information or even hold your device hostage unless you pay a price. Links and attachments can come in the form of email or pop-up advertisements. Learn more about malware scams.12. Emergency Scam: No one wants to hear a family member or friend is dealing with an emergency, like a serious accident or incarceration. We quickly want to help, which is an admirable trait, but scammers take advantage of it. They target people claiming to be a family member or friend where the circumstance requires money to be resolved. Before sending any money, verify their story with other family and friends, but call directly. You can also ask questions that would be hard for an impostor to answer correctly. Familiarize yourself with other ways to identify an emergency scam.Help protect yourself and others this holiday season by learning more about scams and reporting any you come across to BBB Scam Tracker.(NOTE: The above press release is from the Better Business Bureau.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email You To Our Sponsor:Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSCAM ALERT: BBB Warns The Community Of Holiday Scams To Avoid This SeasonIn “Business”SCAM ALERT: Phone Scam Involving Jury Duty Fines Is Going AroundIn “Government”SENIOR CENTER SPOTLIGHT: Wilmington Senior Center Issues Scam AlertsIn “Community”last_img read more

"SCAM ALERT The 12 Scams Of The Holidays"

Some Homer City Coucil members weigh recall case appeal

first_img(Shahla Farzan / KBBI)An Anchorage Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday against three Homer City Council members seeking to halt a recall election next month. Council members Donna Aderhold, David Lewis and Catriona Reynolds are subjects of a recall election sparked over two resolutions they crafted and sponsored. The American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska represented the council members and is still weighing the possibility of an appeal.Listen nowSuperior Court Judge Erin Marston’s ruling found that recall petitioners seeking to oust the three council members correctly followed the process. Elected officials in Alaska are able to be recalled for misconduct in office, incompetence or failure to perform their duties.Attorney Tom Amodio has defended targets of recall efforts, including former state Senator Scott Ogan. Amodio explained that courts, much like Marston’s ruling, typically don’t dive into the facts of the stated grounds for a recall.“They alleged that I did something I didn’t do. The court said ‘No, we don’t really look at the facts. We don’t really dig into it. That’s not our job. That’s the voter’s job.’ They have to determine who to believe,” Amodio said. “Both sides are given a chance in the electoral process to give a statement.”The ACLU sued the city over City Clerk Jo Johnson’s certification of the three petitions – arguing it infringed on the council members right to freedom of speech. Petitioners claim that by crafting and sponsoring separate resolutions on the Dakota Access Pipeline and inclusivity, council members engaged in political activity and violated their oath of office. They also say irreparable economic harm was inflicted on the city after a draft of the inclusivity resolution was shared on social media.Judge Marston said Johnson was correct to certify the petitions and let voters weigh the merits of the claims. He said Johnson’s only role was to decide if the claims would be grounds for recall if found true.All three council members had one word for Marston’s ruling, “disappointing.”“He has now opened it up so that anyone can basically do a recall for any reason,” council member Lewis said.Lewis’ term is up in October and he said he’s not running for election if he survives the recall.“I had never planned. After more than nine years, it’s more than enough,” Lewis added.Council member Reynolds’ term is also up in October and she said the recall effort has been exhausting. She said it has convinced her to take a year off, before running for office again.Aderhold’s term is up next year and she said it’s too early to know if this will affect her decision to run. But, she said the recall process should be cause for concern.“It gives me concern about the integrity of our election process when a recall can be brought forth when elected officials are doing their jobs,” Aderhold asserted.The ACLU is still deciding whether to appeal the case. Lewis and Aderhold are weighing that option. Reynolds said she will not take part in an appeal.“Time and energy right now is better devoted to just pushing back against the recall itself and devoting the next little bit of time working towards that election,” Reynolds said.Pro-recall group and political action committee Heartbeat of Homer intervened in the case. Spokeswoman Sarah Vance said the group will stay active leading up to the special election.The recall election is scheduled for June 13. If all three members are recalled, the council would be one member shy of a quorum. It would have to appoint someone to one vacant seat within seven days of the election’s certification. Community members would be able to apply for remaining spots on the panel. Those seats would need to be filled by July 19.last_img read more

"Some Homer City Coucil members weigh recall case appeal"

Swedens MTG Secures 112 Million Credit Facility

first_img Popular on Variety MTG, meanwhile, will bring together the company’s non-TV related operations, such as e-sports (ESL, DreamHack, ESEA) and digital video content (Zoomin.TV, Engage Digital Partners).Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, the president and CEO of MTG, said that the “new credit facility will provide [the company] with additional flexibility to continue to invest organically and via M&A, in order to develop our global digital entertainment verticals after the listing of NENT Group.” The executive added that the sale of its stake in Nova was “also part of this strategy.”The deal with Nordea will allow MTG to access a three-year revolving credit in part or full after the listing of NENT Group. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15center_img Sweden’s media group MTG has secured a credit facility of SEK1 billion ($112 million) from the Stockholm-based bank Nordea.MTG is also still looking to sell its 95% stake in Bulgarian commercial media group Nova and is currently in talks with several buyers. MTG had previously made an agreement to sell Nova to PPF Group, but the deal was not approved by Bulgaria’s anti-trust board.MTG will be splitting off its TV operations, including MTG Studios and Splay Networks, into a separate entity, NENT Group (Nordic Entertainment Group), in March. NENT Group will also be listed on the stock market. The banner encompasses the TV channel TV3, the satellite TV platform Viasat and the streaming service Viaplay, as well as the production outfit Nice Entertainment and the distribution banner DRG. The banner’s original drama credits include “Veni Vidi Vici,” “Black Lake,” “Swedish Dicks” and, most recently, the fantasy thriller “Hidden.”last_img read more

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More Families Get Discounted Lyft to the Grocery Store

first_img Arizona Medicaid Patients Can Now Get a Lyft to the DoctorUber, Lyft Test PIN-Based Pickups at Portland Airport Stay on target Following successful pilots in Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, the Lyft Grocery Access Program will provide affordable rides to the supermarket for families in a dozen more cities.For folks living in a food desert—like the nation’s sprawling capital—finding affordable and nutritious ingredients often requires a car or multiple forms of public transit.So, in December, ride-sharing service Lyft partnered with charity Martha’s Table to launch the Grocery Access Program.AdChoices广告Families with a child enrolled at a participating elementary school can register to receive 50 $2.50 flat fare rides to and/or from three available grocery stores, as well as the market at Martha’s Table.The six-month trial ends in June, but, according to Geek sister site Mashable, D.C.’s program will continue running.“Realizing the positive impact the program can have in just one community, and how pervasive of an issue this is—affecting approximately 23.5 million people in the US—we’re launching the program in more than a dozen cities across the country, and soon rolling out to more markets throughout North America,” a Lyft blog post said.Individual cities’ grocery programs will be shaped by a local non-profit partner, Mashable reported.So while Martha’s Table dictated D.C.’s $125 in rides over six months based on school enrollment, the same may not be true for Atlantic City, Miami, or Phoenix, where Community FoodBank, Health in the Hood, and United Way will help determine the best way to distribute subsidized rides, respectively.Mike Masserman, Lyft’s head of social impact, told Mashable that the company’s discounted rides provided some families with their first taste of healthy food.The program has “given me peace of mind knowing that I can get to the grocery store and home safely,” a D.C. participant said. “It has helped me … on days I don’t want to be physically burdened with grocery bags on the bus or train.”Cities included in the national program launch:Atlantic City, N.J.Baltimore, Md.Chicago, Ill.Columbus, OhioDetroit, Mich.Indianapolis, Ind.Los Angeles, Calif.Miami, Fla.Ottawa, CanadaPhiladelphia, Pa.Phoenix, Ariz.Portland, Ore.Richmond, Va.Toronto, CanadaMore locations will be available later this year.More on Americans Use Ride-Hailing Apps for Travel, Research SaysTaco Bell and Lyft Join Forces to Satisfy Your Late-Night Chalupa CravingsNew Uber Initiative Boosts Rider Safety on College Campuseslast_img read more

"More Families Get Discounted Lyft to the Grocery Store"