Jardine: “Reinier has everything to mark an era”

first_imgAndré Jardine (Porto Alegre, 1979), Olympic coach, he played with Reinier (18 years) for the Pre-Olympic in which the U23 of Brazil has just won the ticket for Tokyo 2020. The coach included him on his list almost by surprise, being the youngest in the age of the call, and the bet has been beneficial for all parties. This is expressed by the coach himself, when talking about the Madrid signing and the Games, in AS. 19 Did you expect such a quick adaptation of Reinier?I was very impressed in the first week of training, for his behavior, his talent and how he manages to show all his qualities. He was the youngest and has not been noticed, has managed to help.While closing the signing for Madrid, did he see him calm, nervous, happy …?Very calm and very happy because at the same time he managed to be in the National Team and live an individually important moment, go to a team the size of Madrid. He is living a dream. I expect great moments from him in Spain as I expected with Brazil.How do you describe him?Little by little I got to know him. He has a great talent and at the same time a lot of ability to work in a team. Its qualities are out of the ordinary. It will do well.What have you worked with him?We have focused on finding more and more spaces and feeling more important. I have talked a lot with him. He told me that he likes that middle function on the left, approaching a lot to 9, working hard, going to contribute to the construction of the plays and also having the possibility of being a second attacker, as in Flamengo. It is important to understand how you like to play to get the best out of it.center_img Where do you play best for you?It’s a classic 10, it must be close to the goal because of that great definition potential. He makes goals, joins the attack with danger and last pass.Have you been treated more carefully than usual?Yes, especially in the physical part. His maturity in that was less than that of his companions due to an age issue.And how has your attitude been?That of a very good boy, simple, relates to everyone. He tuned in quickly with the group. It has ease to adapt.What rating do you make of your Pre-Olympic tournament?It has been important, he knew how to wait patiently for his opportunities and was very important in the decisive game, fulfilling a difficult defensive tactical function and giving creativity and personality in attack.What player does it look like?It is difficult to find the right comparison, its characteristics are very special. He has everything to mark an era and be a decisive player.When did you see him play for the first time?In a semifinal of the Brazilian Cup U17. I was in the technical commission of the first team of Sao Paulo and played our quarry with Flamengo. They won and Reinier stood out a lot. He gave a goal and an assist, and already showed the talent he had. I remember very clearly his performance, I was very impressed.Have you missed the Real Madrid players in the Pre-Olympic Championship?We knew that it was very difficult to have them for the policy that Madrid always made clear. We understand it because the greatness of the club ends up beating the teams.Count on them for the Games …True. It will depend on the moment they go through. Rodrygo, Vinicius and Militao, and now Reinier, are important if they can come.How many would you ‘settle for’ for Japan?Hard to say a figure. The four of them. There are also others who stayed outside the Pre-Olympic and must be taken into account: Neres, Gabriel Jesus, Richarlison …last_img

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