With love for Shanghai Medical Statistics website

above place is that we should pay attention to where we want to test what page is to enter the path into it, and then test, there will be two results after the test, a Netcom speed, a telecommunications network. The two speed as long as more than 85 points, your website speed has been quite good, of course, this website is through some optimization, so the speed is good. Netcom and Telecom are two independent data, this depends on our customers in one place. In general the southern Telecom more north with Netcom more, so if your customers in the south, so your site Netcom test speed must be very fast, but the speed of telecommunications, as long as it is not too bad, but also can. But I am the website speed more stringent requirements, requirements of Netcom and Telecom will open soon, mainly because of our special Hubei Chengli Automobile Co. Ltd. customers throughout the country, in order to ensure that customers around the country are able to open soon, we use the double air, so the speed is quite fast. The speed of the site is the most basic user experience, if you open the space is too slow, will direct loss of many users, so the website speed of diagnosis is that we do the statistics of the first to test the content of. If your space or server speed suck, you do other Shanghai Dragon Well, your ranking is also the clouds, please replace it. read more

"With love for Shanghai Medical Statistics website"

Zhu Zerong how effectively the development of an unprecedented scale in Shanghai dragon market

The day before the

Zhu said: three.

three is the development of norms to guide the Shanghai dragon, and build the integration of a new stage. We will be initiated by Shanghai Longfeng Zhuo Zhuo school, department management rating system project management rating system, Shanghai Longfeng Zhuo school Shanghai Longfeng Posts level certification training system model, help enterprises to quickly organize personnel of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng department and Shanghai Longfeng team, recruiting suitable, issued by the "Shanghai dragon occupation Outlook Handbook" and Shanghai Longfeng market monitoring data and report by starting small, "Zhuo global Shanghai dragon history" entries included work, to speed up the development process of Shanghai dragon occupation, Zhuo Zhuo school classroom and telecommunications will also undertake Shanghai Longfeng training, Shanghai Phoenix News reports two functions, from the aspects of media training activities, management system, project bidding, industry guidance, full network, integrated, creating a Shanghai Dragon The new world of the Phoenix, give new opportunities to Shanghai dragon in the future, to create a new way of life in Shanghai dragon." (author: Li Yunlu) read more

"Zhu Zerong how effectively the development of an unprecedented scale in Shanghai dragon market"

Analysis of Shanghai dragon secret Zac blog ranking can not be copied

asked if all Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel is a problem, a love Shanghai index as high as 6355 popular keywords, ranked in the top of the Shanghai love home site is what the size of the site, I think all the staff will optimize the Shanghai Dragon said that in addition to love their products, Shanghai hundred outside must be included and counter the chain of large website million level. The answer is wrong, in fact, in addition to love their own products and Shanghai an odd Zac blog, this hot key Shanghai dragon, Zac blog in the years before a few love Shanghai home. This love has simple blog and Shanghai station is a miracle, but to see the surface of the Zac blog is black and white, but with the Shanghai dragon ranking secret, now Yang Lianggao and everyone to study Shanghai dragon secret, see the Zac blog success can copy. Below we through the webmaster tools Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query and analysis about Zac blog: read more

"Analysis of Shanghai dragon secret Zac blog ranking can not be copied"

A few tips love Shanghai snapshot optimization

love Shanghai snapshot, what is love Shanghai? Don’t know careful readers have found that, when you use the time to fall in love with the sea search engine, each page will have a "love Shanghai", accompanied by a date, yes, this is the love of Shanghai as fast, "every is a collection of web pages, in the fall in love with the sea is saved to a text in the form of backup" — this is the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love Shanghai snapshot description, in simple terms, if the weight of your site, a spider climb to high frequency, so a snapshot of your site’s date is on and your site more friendly to search engines. read more

"A few tips love Shanghai snapshot optimization"

Many sites have been K you do rescue work

in addition to use some tools to detect, we also observe the recent Web log certified health status, to see whether the spider crawling is normal, and the site if there are some abnormal state of

? ?

may cause our site is down right, is the cause of the K there are many factors, but whatever the cause, we need to do is to organize their own first certification website content, whether it is needed by the users, and their related website subject? I believe most of the sites are in the reason for this, so we have to put these undesirable content delete, delete and submit the reasons to love Shanghai. To delete after the authentication in writing and site theme related content, be able to truly meet the needs of users, is not blind to remedy the hair of the chain, this is certainly not. read more

"Many sites have been K you do rescue work"

How to market the enterprise keywords ranking stability

companies choose Shanghai dragon optimization to improve your website. "

third step: to choose a reasonable way of marketing. A lot of enterprise network marketing mode, in the use of Shanghai dragon to optimize keywords ranking, and can choose other ways of marketing, so that customers have a better site viscosity. Marketing a variety of ways, for example, price promotions, shopping gift, free door-to-door service, free church you use, free replacement products etc.. Or is the use of email marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, forum marketing and other marketing methods, make the website to get more traffic, and then through the second steps of the quality of services, improve the conversion rate of flow, so as to achieve the purpose of sales. read more

"How to market the enterprise keywords ranking stability"

Five misunderstandings in the optimization to the user experience in

] ?

"optimization", has become a hot word after the search engine in the era. Love Shanghai as the search engine giant, in the head on the network more and more optimization. Of course, in order to avoid the optimization of commercial transition, bring adverse effect to the network users, the start of the Shanghai love network rectification. Therefore, the "user experience" has become a "father love Shanghai algorithm".

The following figure

proficient in many website promotion Shanghai dragon friends all know: love Shanghai in pursuit of "user experience", refers to the number of website popularity and website article reading by clicking. Some of the site’s webmaster to your web page through the optimization to love Shanghai keywords. Enter the keywords in love in Shanghai, and then click on the page, but this approach for some keywords more fierce competition, optimization to page two or three is a difficulty. Because a single IP approach to "click, click on the little effect is not obvious, click on the IP can not eat too much of a single top. Besides some small web pages by keywords can not be found (friendship. read more

"Five misunderstandings in the optimization to the user experience in"

A5 marketing the two level domain optimization caused by improper right down on education industry w

currently belongs to the type of site real estate industry violence, talent and education, these types of sites are the most violent and the most popular industry website at present, many owners are also targeting this. Today is to talk about the education and training industry website, do not know if you have not noticed, who began to engage in training through the line and then combined with the line on the website to recruit students, especially some personal webmaster website has become the third party and training institutions recruiting, training institutions is also do their own training site to recruit students. In fact, the webmaster can be found, the education industry has become a huge industry, it is also because the Internet makes the strong users through the network to participate in training. read more

"A5 marketing the two level domain optimization caused by improper right down on education industry w"

How do the website was hacked

is now more and more sites, although the country has done some restrictions and requirements, but there are more and more sites set up. With the increasing number of websites, the website security has become a big problem, for example, before there is a small website was hacked, the program was deleted, but made a backup, or before hard in vain. Now Xiaobian and simple to say how to do after the site was black. This is when the small website was hacked…

Because the

1. to modify the user name and password, because the website was hacked, the hacker is sure to change the permissions you have, so the website background, virtual host login, database, and FTP login username and password change > read more

"How do the website was hacked"

Eleven teach you select the domain name

2. domain name must be written, that no one has doubts. Once a senior Sina said with more than ten years to let users remember the word sina". But like 163贵族宝贝QQ, baidu贵族宝贝, taobao贵族宝贝, xiaonei贵族宝贝, renren贵族宝贝 are easy to remember domain name. If your website content is very good, but the domain name cannot be remembered by people, this is a very embarrassing thing.

7. do not use a hyphen, we all know that the domain name is can use hyphens, try not to use a hyphen. For example, you want to build a website called love online, then you must not because baidu贵族宝贝 is registered, you can use bai-du贵族宝贝 read more

"Eleven teach you select the domain name"

How do you understand your competitors

three, its short board where

second, excluding the inside pages, because the inside pages of the rankings are not very stable, and not our home page weight compared to

locked competitors, next is the analysis: first analysis of the website why ranking, see the following elements by

when the core keywords, then all include the word "will be your opponent, but most of the pages are not competitive, like just born tigers do not believe they were rivals, there is no need to see themselves too. Find the strongest competitors to grow faster. read more

"How do you understand your competitors"

Five is the analysis of how to make your customers really love you

I think the "affinity" webmaster can affect the working relationship with the success of the project to a great extent. Many webmaster will argue, optimization depends on the execution, focusing on the results is not important, and the relationship between the client, so let me tell you, if you have this attitude, then you can only work in situ rolling without any improvement.

2, pre transfer and cooperation


your customers really love you? They are sincere love you? As a Shanghai dragon, you might say the webmaster, regardless of the customer or not love me, as long as the final project can achieve their desired results, the other does not matter. Is it really? Our webmaster is not an emotion, not even without thinking of the optimization of machine communication read more

"Five is the analysis of how to make your customers really love you"

From the train collision tragedy of Shanghai Dragon

together is because of two things have the same problem, Shanghai dragon industry is now very fire, so many people join in this industry, and there are a lot of people as experts, but the real understanding of Shanghai dragon is not much, just a little is known even when some experts, published in opinions are stealing the experience of others, and does not understand, so the situation will lead to a serious consequences, it is misleading to join them later.

train collision event is a tragedy, a lot of people are very indignant, because they just die life, many people are looking for the truth, in fact as long as calmly will find a lot of problems, such as: why when in front of the car can not be the normal operation of the platform in a timely manner to report according to the official explanation is that? The signal sent out, so we did not receive. Well, this is a reason, why not think of other ways, many people iede method can prevent the tragedy, but finally did not avoid. This means that before the lack of good protective measures. This is my analysis of the train collision events, then to talk about the problem of Shanghai dragon. read more

"From the train collision tragedy of Shanghai Dragon"

How about from Shanghai dragon in this industry talent shows itself

if you have not done the website, you should look at this article, because the choice of a domain name that is very simple, say complex that is very complex, because some good domain name now have been registered, so at this time to find a good the domain name really is not an easy thing. So, first go online to check your choice whether the domain name has been registered, then to check whether the domain name has previously been registered, whether it is love Shanghai search engine punishment, if the punishment, so it is necessary to decisively change the domain name. If you can’t find what the good domain name, you can also go online to Amoy a good domain name, domain name, do not money, if the domain name is the wrong choice, then will take many detours, so the choice of the domain name is the priority among priorities. read more

"How about from Shanghai dragon in this industry talent shows itself"

An example analysis of influence of pressure on Web site grab included

ha IT Xiaobian the experience of a normal website whether it is business or industry portal station station is can reach the second, the amount collected should also be steadily, if you >

grab the pressure is too low, that your site spider is not active enough, the search engine to access the site your time interval is longer, even if your site has more high quality articles will not be included under this kind of situation, because there is no spider to visit your website, your website information is not included in the opportunity, so you the focus should be placed on the station "spider", the station only need to regularly update the original article can be small, not empty handed again when the search engine to your site and return, so as to gradually increase in spider heart status, increase the favorability of the search engine on your web site, so as to enhance the site grab the pressure to increase search speed and the amount collected. read more

"An example analysis of influence of pressure on Web site grab included"

How much is an e commerce platform SEM Shanghai dragon and stand outside promotion ratio

a lot of people around the world and Shanghai dragon network marketing industry personnel do not know an e-commerce marketing platform which in the end is the key, or is that this platform station promotion, SEM (bidding or search engine marketing) and Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization) the proportion of about or how much is. Some industry insiders say the Shanghai dragon station is the key, while others are said to be SEM. In fact, in my view, this station promotion, Shanghai dragon and the proportion of SEM should be 7:2:1. This ratio is not necessarily the case here, there is an exception. Then these three aspects which are important important?. See you do what the platform. Different platforms would be different. Below I will talk about this problem with. read more

"How much is an e commerce platform SEM Shanghai dragon and stand outside promotion ratio"

Through the discussion on how to increase website traffic chain layout

third: the chain layout should have "diversity"

Use of

second: the chain layout should have "aggregation"

is hierarchical, as the construction site, there must be a physical structure, the construction of the chain also need to have a logical level, low level page not only have contact with the upper page or home page, must have the mutual relationship between them, also in the chain is called to as a network, all levels of the page are interrelated and exist independently of each other, the low level transmit page weight for the high level and high level page page, and these weights are assigned to these pages, so that they have enough weight to get better ranking, so as to achieve the purpose of improving site traffic. read more

"Through the discussion on how to increase website traffic chain layout"

The optimization is actually very simple you don’t have to use a

program and optimization is the perfect combination of

! One can also optimize

An enterprise

usually do online official website optimization will arrange editing, chain promotion, planning, et al., even more there is a competent program or the like, there may be a picture station professional design and drawing. It looks perfect a system optimization arrangement, but the cost is not worthwhile, the number of add up to at least tens of thousands a month, but to bring high profit is the tens of thousands, the benefit is not good, online this one has to do kuibenmaimai. read more

"The optimization is actually very simple you don’t have to use a"

90 after the start of business a life of work a little sci fi dreamAs product concept or Xu Zhaoju


mobile Internet business, we must first cut

mobile Internet products should first "interesting", rather than "useful"

said back to the topic, why the topic will be "pops product concept OR Xu Zhaojun theentrepreneurship"

by the time I was a senior, I was a member of Jiaotong University. The special point was that it was the highest rate of employment in the country. So when I was a senior, my team members left, because it was easy to find high paying jobs. I am elementary, the world is paying very scary, so every day we are discussing the topic is: "ah? Your salary is 48? Never mind! My salary is 64." That was a very uncomfortable stage for me. Plus big 4, big 4 are like breaking up, that time is particularly low. read more

"90 after the start of business a life of work a little sci fi dreamAs product concept or Xu Zhaoju"

Black website black the integrity of e commerceHow do entrepreneurs take advantage of the resources

As the founder of

, a way of adhering to lean entrepreneurial ideas, founding executive team is versatile, as CEO, I was born in various positions, due to market, so to promote the more advance planning.

emergency departments issued a consumer warning: "consumers should go to a regular shopping site to buy, check whether the web page can click on the Red Shield logo, such as website with a business license, you can go to HTTP? / / www.mingsuo / the website of the enterprise is registered, the sale of goods whether have business qualifications, in order to avoid deceived." read more

"Black website black the integrity of e commerceHow do entrepreneurs take advantage of the resources"