Dozens of potential anti-cancer drugs netted in screening study

first_imgA variety of existing drugs for treating conditions such as diabetes, inflammation, alcohol abuse, and arthritis in dogs can also kill cancer cells in the lab, according to a study by scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Some of the compounds might in due course be tested in clinical trials, while others could help jump-start drug development.Scientists reported their findings in the new journal Nature Cancer, saying they found an “unexpectedly high rate of anti-cancer activity” among 4,518 drugs that were tested against 578 laboratory cancer cell lines spanning 24 tumor types. Most of the drugs tested were not originally developed or used in oncology (cancer treatment).Using a massive search strategy designed to identify drugs that could be repurposed as cancer treatments or as candidates for cancer drug development, the scientists identified 49 non-cancer drugs that selectively killed cancer cells and whose activity against cancer could be predicted using molecular biomarkers. They reported that another 103 compounds with less selectivity against the cancer cell lines were also identified.“It is conceivable that some non-oncology drugs could be brought directly to clinical trials for testing in cancer patients,” said the authors, led by Steven Corsello, of Dana-Farber, the study’s first author and the founder of the Broad’s Drug Repurposing Hub. However, it is likely that the potential drug candidates will require further study and modification before being introduced into clinical studies.“We thought we’d be lucky if we found even a single compound with anti-cancer properties, but we were surprised to find so many,” said Todd Golub, chief scientific officer and director of the Cancer Program at the Broad, Charles A. Dana Investigator in Human Cancer Genetics at Dana-Farber, and professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.The new work is the largest study yet to employ the Broad’s Drug Repurposing Hub, a collection that currently comprises more than 6,000 existing drugs and compounds that are either FDA-approved or have been proven safe in clinical trials (at the time of the study, the Hub contained 4,518 drugs). The study also marks the first-time researchers screened the entire collection of mostly non-cancer drugs for their anti-cancer capabilities.Some of the compounds killed cancer cells in unexpected ways. “Most existing cancer drugs work by blocking proteins, but we’re finding that compounds can act through other mechanisms,” said Corsello. Some of the four-dozen drugs he and his colleagues identified appear to act not by inhibiting a protein but by activating a protein or stabilizing a protein-protein interaction. For example, the team found that nearly a dozen non-oncology drugs killed cancer cells that express a protein called PDE3A by stabilizing the interaction between PDE3A and another protein called SLFN12 — a previously unknown mechanism for some of these drugs.Most of the non-oncology drugs that killed cancer cells in the study did so by interacting with a previously unrecognized molecular target. For example, the anti-inflammatory drug tepoxalin, originally developed for use in people but approved for treating osteoarthritis in dogs, killed cancer cells by hitting an unknown target in cells that overexpress the protein MDR1, which commonly drives resistance to chemotherapy drugs.The researchers were also able to predict whether certain drugs could kill each cell line by looking at the cell line’s genomic features, such as mutations and methylation levels, which were included in the CCLE database. This suggests that these features could one day be used as biomarkers to identify patients who will most likely benefit from certain drugs. For example, the alcohol dependence drug disulfiram (Antabuse) killed cell lines carrying mutations that cause depletion of metallothionein proteins. Compounds containing vanadium, originally developed to treat diabetes, killed cancer cells that expressed the sulfate transporter SLC26A2.The observations in the study may represent starting points for new drug development. “The genomic features gave us some initial hypotheses about how the drugs could be acting, which we can then take back to study in the lab,” said Corsello. “Our understanding of how these drugs kill cancer cells gives us a starting point for developing new therapies.” Read Full Storylast_img read more

"Dozens of potential anti-cancer drugs netted in screening study"

Announcing VCE’s Vblog

first_imgBusinesses everywhere are increasingly relying on mission-critical E-commerce, CRM, ERP and collaboration applications to drive revenue, efficiency and business goals – often requiring IT departments to do more with less.VCE, our customers, and our partners have been on the frontlines, leading the IT evolution with VCE’s converged infrastructure offering – Vblock™ Systems. As data center veterans, VCE’s thought leaders have built a breadth of knowledge and experience in helping enterprises lower costs, gain agility and reduce risk in their mission-critical applications environments. As we kick off 2014, we’d like to share that knowledge with you.To that end, I’m pleased to announce the introduction of VCE’s new corporate blog – the Vblog.Focusing on the converged infrastructure space, the Vblog will provide analysis, education and announcements from industry experts in and outside of VCE. With videos, presentations and graphics to enhance your experience, we’ll discuss IT infrastructure best practices, case studies, trends and events that are shaping our industry.Make sure you continue to visit to hear from our thought leaders and join the conversation!last_img read more

"Announcing VCE’s Vblog"

Strategic foresight for the future of tomorrow

first_imgWe’ve all been disrupted, our daily routines, our hobbies, our home life, our work life, and so on, and so on.  The only thing certain is that things are uncertain.  However, uncertainty breeds creativity, new perspectives, and the opportunity to truly innovate.For many, the initial reaction to COVID was to survive.  Emotions ran high; scared, confused, anxious, mad, sad, indifferent, hopeful, helpful and even inspired.  Since then it’s been an ongoing pivot of emotions and predictions for the unforeseeable future of tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.We’ve challenged ourselves to think harder, faster and different. We can no longer categorize ourselves simply as someone who “fights” or “flights”. We are many things – fighters, hiders, innovators, failures, survivors, helpers, motivators, leaders, etc.Each new idea – good, bad, and off the wall – has merit in the way that we understand the inspiration and the problems they attempted to solve. Learning is a continuing activity and from every failure, we should be able to learn something new about the way we operate and the way we think.Regardless of how much content we can digest, we’re still humans and we can’t predict the future. And, as humans we all struggle with the unknown. You can’t hit a target you can’t see.  So, the goal is to create traction rather than stress by directing our energy towards something positive.Typically, strategic foresight helps us strategize for the future. However, under our current circumstances, next week is just as uncertain as twenty years from now.So, how can we take principles from strategic foresight and strategic planning to help us navigate these uncertain waters? How do we lead our business through the uncertain now and all possible futures?Here are a few tips: Keep it simple (KISS Method)During this time, we can fall into an analysis paralysis trap very easily. Don’t get wrapped up in every chart and detail; don’t over analyze. Be nimble and keep it simple. The KISS principle is that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore, simplicity should be a key goal in design, and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.Try different ideas, measure, and move. Fail fast! Now is not the time to over plan, the future is fragile. Focus on the fundamentals, strip away the fluff, and make sure your “platform” is prepared and flexible to support many different futures.Be intentional It all starts with intention. For example, at Think|Stack our 2020 goals included a tremendous amount of growth. This event has caused us to change our 2020 mantra. As a leadership team we decided that the “new” primary focus of 2020 is to ensure every customer is served and every employee stays employed. This doesn’t mean that we won’t grow, we are hopeful that growth can still occur, but it provides great clarity for us and our team about decisions we will make, risks we will take and what we need to trim to focus solely on that outcome. What is your new or rejuvenated intention? How are you communicating that? Stay focused, but be openLooking for new opportunities or getting wrapped up in non-critical functions can be an outcome of all the turmoil. We must remind ourselves to stay focused on the mission and intention. But we must not be so focused that we miss a great opportunity or navigate ourselves out of business, we need to be able to pivot. Depending on your business, everything may have fundamentally changed and that might require a significant pivot. Don’t be afraid to look for those signs and have your organization prepared to pivot if needed or desired. Do the basics wellIf you have ever played a sport, you know how important the fundamentals are. If you do the fundamentals well, and you work together as a team, you will win most of the time, even without the superstar athletes. The last few years we’ve been living in a thriving economy; we were the winning team. And then, we were thrown an unexpected curveball and our growth mode was quickly disrupted. Think back to when the Baltimore Ravens were the winning team, and then lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Recognize that you need to take a step back, collect yourself and go back to the basics.Think about the foundation your company was built on. Strip away all the glitter and make sure you, your team, and your budget are focused on those same basics that made you successful in the first place. Remind yourself to strengthen those skills and rebuild upon your original foundation.It’s like in basketball, if you can’t make the fade away three in the corner, you might want to return back to the free throw line and strengthen your basic shooting skills. Talk to your clients No matter the industry, needs are changing. How you interact with and serve your clients is going to change. Heck, your clients might change. Get in touch with your clients, now more than ever.  Do it often and in different manners. Pick up the phone vs. sending an email. If you do nothing else on this list, do this because nothing is more important than hearing from them directly and understanding their needs. Be empathetic, be authentic. You will win a client for life and you will understand the strategy that needs put in place to properly serve their needs. Exercise, practice makes perfectDo some exercises to check your strategy and direction. Use this energy to innovate and change. Take time with your team to connect via virtual exercises and stay connected to stay aligned.Now that you’ve read through our tips, we encourage you to download our simple one-page Strategic Worksheet to help identify your new 2020 Mantra!This can be a great way for you to redirect your organization’s energy and focus towards positive innovation, now and in the future.Reuse the worksheet as often as you like!  It’s always good to keep ideating to remain current so that you and your organization aren’t caught off guard.We encourage you to use this worksheet collectively as a team. Your leadership team can also create sub-strategies within their departments.  Just remember to come back together as a whole to make sure you’re all working towards the same common goal.Encourage the conversations and direct the stress and fear into positive change! 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Chris Sachse Chris found his entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. He used that vision and drive to found Think|Stack.  Demonstrating the path, while relentlessly moving forward, Chris is passionate about … Web: Detailslast_img read more

"Strategic foresight for the future of tomorrow"

Wyandanch Armed Home Invasion Leaves Victim Hurt

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Suffolk County police are investigating a home invasion in Wyandanch over the weekend during which the victim was wounded by two suspects armed with a knife and a screwdriver, authorities said.The armed duo came into the victim’s Levey Boulevard home, demanded money and hit the victim before rifling through his belongings at 11 a.m. Friday, police said.It is unclear what, if anything, the assailants stole before they fled the scene.The victim was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip for treatment of his injuries.No suspects have been arrested and no description of the attackers was available, police said.First Squad detectives are continuing the investigation.last_img read more

"Wyandanch Armed Home Invasion Leaves Victim Hurt"

Do This: Long Island Concerts & Events June 23–29

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York BridgesAn opening reception will be held for an impressive exhibition of paintings, drawings, prints and photographs of complex and simple structures created by designers and engineers. Each of the 35 local and regional artists included in this show has created a personal point of view. Exhibit runs through July 8. Gallery North 90 N. Country Rd., Setauket. Free. 5-7 p.m. June  23.George AndersonRenowned psychic medium George Anderson will be speaking and signing copies of his new book, Life Between Heaven and Earth: What You Didn’t Know About the World Hereafter and How It Can Help You. Maybe it won’t help you win Lotto, but you’re sure to be amazed and astounded. Book Revue, 313 New York Ave., Huntington. Free with purchase of book. 7 p.m. June 23.Packed in a Trunk: The Lost Art of Edith Lake WilkinsonEdith Lake Wilkinson was a prolific lesbian artist who painted in Provincetown, Mass., from 1914 to 1923. Then in 1924 she was committed to an asylum, all of her works were packed into trunks, and she was never heard from again. Years later her family tracked them down to an attic in West Virginia and brought them back into the public eye. Her niece, filmmaker Jane Anderson, recounts the search in this documentary movie that flows like a fast-paced detective mystery. Reception to follow. Presented by the Long Island Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Cinema Arts Centre, 423 Park Ave., Huntington. $10 members, $15 public. 7:30 p.m. June 23.Tommy EmmanuelGive a listen to “Old Photographs,” the closing track on Tommy Emmanuel’s It’s Never Too Late, and you’ll hear the distinctive squeak of finger noise as he runs his hands across the frets of his Maton Signature TE guitar. Many musicians would edit those imperfections out, but to Emmanuel’s ear, those imperfections are perfect. We think he’s right on the mark. Landmark on Main Street, 232 Main St., Port Washington. $42-$67. 7:30 p.m. June 23.Bobby Sexton Trio and Mind OpenThe Bobby Sexton Trio first formed out of a gig at a New York club in 2012. The group eventually got tired of playing their usual tunes and decided to branch out and experiment with jazz. Released in 2014, their album Mind Open features jazz tracks with rock, funk, psychedelic and Brazilian influences. Yes, there’s a lot of energy in every groove. This tremendous trio is on the forefront of contemporary jazz. The Space at Westbury, 250 Post Ave., Westbury. $10. 8 p.m. June 23.Laced Up – Long Island Sneaker MeetSneakerheads unite! There’ll be networking, raffles, and even an essay competition to win a pair of OVO 10s! Bring as many kicks as you want! First 30 people in the building get a FREE raffle ticket. Come in and tie one on! Try a pair. Get knotty if you dare. Music by Lex Effects. Cradle of Aviation Museum, Charles Lindbergh Blvd., Garden City. $15, $20 DOS. 6-9 p.m. June 24.Fire Island Lighthouse just east of Robert Moses State Park Field 5.Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society Art ShowOpening Reception: Thursday, June 23, 2016 – 6:00 to 9:00 pmThis Fire Island-themed art show is set up throughout the Keepers Quarters Museum and features original artwork in acrylic, pastels, oils and mixed media in a wide variety of sizes, styles and prices. Will there be beach scenes and seascapes? There’s only one way to find out. You have to see for yourself. Exhibit runs through July 17. Fire Island Lighthouse, east of Robert Moses State Park Field 5, Robert Moses Causeway, Fire Island. 6-9 p.m. June 24.Sting / Peter GabrielThis noble pair of the English New Wave rock royalty, Sting and Peter Gabriel, are taking their “Rock Paper Scissors” tour to Jones Beach. Sting, the former frontman of The Police, and Gabriel, who led Genesis, both went solo years ago, but they still play the ’80s hits that rocketed their bands to stardom. And they continue to explore other genres in their musical evolution. Peter Gabriel’s lyrical melodies and Sting’s trademark high-pitched raspy voice will be on display. Imagine: two Englishmen on Long Island! Nikon at Jones Beach, Jones Beach State Park, Wantagh. $45-$250. 8 p.m. June 24.The Temptations & The Four TopsThe hit songs by these Motown legends became part of who we are, providing the Sixties soundtrack to our American souls. The Temptations and the Four Tops have always been a classy act, from their choreographed moves to their stirring harmonies. The Four Tops are sure to perform their mega-hits like “Reach Out and I’ll Be There” and “Ain’t No Woman (Like the One I Got),” and The Temptations will no doubt roll out “My Girl” and “Papa Was a Rolling Stone,” just to name a few of the Top 40 wonders that came out of Detroit and put the Motor City on the map of our musical consciousness forever after. These tunes are part of the cultural foundation upon which modern pop music rests. You will sing out loud, dance in the aisles, and make lasting friends with the strangers who sit near you. NYCB Theatre at Westbury, 960 Brush Hollow Rd., Westbury. $49.50. 8 p.m. June 24.The Next Level BandThe Next Level Band is a group of 10 musicians from the Caribbean, the US and Europe. This reggae band, created by married duo Tyrone and La Dawn Parris, have taken their sound around the world. A scintillating combination of guitar, steel pan drums and soulful vocals, The Next Level Band sets a high standard for traditional Caribbean music that few can master. But they don’t stop there. No, they take it higher. The group also covers traditional Calypso hits, like “Wild World” by Cat Stevens, and “Jamming” by Bob Marley. La Dawn has worked closely with Grammy award-winner Anita Baker and Oleta Adams. They’ve been performing for more than 25 years, and we hope they never stop! Treme Blues and Jazz Club, 553 Main St., Islip. $10. 8 p.m. June 24.Mike DelGuidice & Big ShotThis is the only Billy Joel tribute band featuring musicians, namely Mike DelGuidice, who have actually shared a stage with the most famous Long Island pop star, The Piano Man himself. Big Shot schedules tour dates around Billy Joel’s monthly Madison Square Garden concerts. A true fan, DelGuidice guarantees a proper homage to his idol—and the performances are absolutely stellar! The Paramount, 370 New York Ave., Huntington. $20-$40. 8 p.m. June 24.Ziggy MarleyBob Marley’s son is keeping the reggae revolution alive, mon! A multi-Grammy Award-winning musician with deep roots in rock and reggae, he’s taken the music he inherited and blended it with his unique style of rhythm, spirit and soul that will have all those in attendance basking in the transcendental grace of those sunny beach jams at the peak of this summer. You don’t have to go to Kingston to catch that fire. You can enjoy it right here on our Island! Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center, 76 Main St., Westhampton Beach. 8 p.m. June 24.Albert Lee & Peter AsherPeter Asher is a singer, guitarist and Grammy-winning producer. He has worked with rock legends like Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Cher and many more great artists. Asher has played a huge part on a number of multi-platinum-selling albums. Albert Lee is a stellar guitarist and songwriter who comes with an impressive track record in music. Not only does Lee have 14 solo albums, he also has appeared on tour with artists like Jon Lord, Steve Morse and Steve Lukather. Lee and Asher have teamed up to showcase their legendary musical talent and share their rock and roll wisdom. A great night of music to be sure. YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts, 37 West Main Street, Bay Shore. $40-$45. 8 p.m. June 24.Steel PulseRoots reggae fans, rejoice! Steel Pulse will bring their special throbbing Afro-Caribbean sound to Westbury, where fans of this legendary group from Birmingham, England, can revel in their soulful rockin’ riddims. Steel Pulse, the first non-Jamaican reggae band to ever win a coveted Grammy award, blends a taste of traditional punk with their Jamaica-spiced music, creating an awesome experience that will get your blood flowing and your heart pounding. The Stephen Talkhouse, 161 Main St., Amagansett. $110. 8 p.m. June 24.The Tribal GamesBigger, faster, stronger! The third installment of The Tribal Games, the newest fitness competition, brings you the best of the best as former champions take on one another with some of the toughest workouts ever imagined–all for your entertainment! Athletes are pitted against one another in head-to-head match-ups, live on stage, with work outs designed not only to test the athletes, but to entertain audiences of both fitness enthusiasts and casual sports fans alike with an amazing exercise in human performance. Suffolk Theater, 118 E Main St., Riverhead. $30-$45. 8 p.m. June 24. 60 Years 60 BeersWith performances by four local bands (JD Leonard Band, 45RPM, Oogee Wawa and Whiskey Road), plus food trucks, games, contests and, of course, 60 beers (and counting), this craft beer festival is the ultimate summer party. Hosted by Richie Minervini, one of Long Island’s most beloved comedians, this event combines all of the ingredients of a great time: food, music, comedy, games and brew. So hop to it! The festival also celebrates the NYCB Theatre at Westbury’s 60th anniversary. What goes around comes around. NYCB Theatre at Westbury, 960 Brush Hollow Rd., Westbury. $20. 12 p.m. June 25.Snap!! Cherry Grove — One of a KindAn opening reception will be held for an exhibit of recent photographs by well-known Fire Island and New York photographer Koitz, curated by Ned Davies, which captures the exceptional character of the special community that is Cherry Grove. SNAP!! puts together unforgettable portraits of some of Cherry Grove’s most beloved residents, including Panzi, Porsche, Sybil Bruncheon and Logan Hardcore, as well as views of several Cherry Grove landmarks, current and past, such as the Belvedere and the former Grove Hotel. There will be scenes from their unique celebrations, including the annual House Blessings and Invasion of the Pines, as well as photographs, backstage and under the bright lights, of some of Cherry Grove’s most iconic visitors, including pop-music idol Lady Gaga, downtown performance luminary Justin Vivian Bond and drag superstar Bianca del Rio. The show runs through July 2. Cherry Grove Community House, 180 Bayview Walk, Cherry Gove, Fire Island. Free. 12-2 p.m. June 25.Irish NightThe Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division 15 of Nassau County and Massapequa, presents an evening of live traditional Irish music and sing-alongs provided by the renowned Irish entertainers, The Shannon Breeze Band, and featuring Champion Irish step dancers of the Inishfree School of Dance with an additional performance by the famed Tara Pipes and Drums of Massapequa. Homemade Irish soda bread, gifts and refreshments will also be available. Brady Park, Front Street, Massapequa. Free. 6 p.m. June 25.Haley ReinhartHaley Reinhart’s raspy, bluesy voice will teleport you back in time as she transforms modern songs to sound like they’re from other eras. Reinhart first rose to fame in 2011 when she placed third on American Idol. Should she have won? We’ll save that discussion for another time. Since then, she has collaborated with famous artists like Tony Bennett, Slash and David Foster. Last fall, she toured North America with the viral jazz-pop group, Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox. Recently she covered Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” for an Extra Gum advertisement, which has reached over 19 million views on YouTube. Now, she is on tour promoting her new EP, Better, and is doing shows on the East Coast before heading off to Europe. She’s got the chops, no doubt about it. Better boasts a more retro-pop sound than Reinhart’s usual traditional style. The album includes empowering music like the title track, “Better,” and heartbreaking love songs like “Free.” YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts, 37 West Main Street, Bay Shore. $35-$75. 7 p.m. June 25.Robert KellyFor more than a decade, this Boston native has been taking his hysterical stand-up routine around the country. You might know him from seeing Kelly play Louie CK’s brother in Louie the TV show, or from his hilarious appearance on Inside Amy Schumer. He’s even directed his own comedy special. Yes, he’s a funny man. We guarantee you will not forget this memorable gig. No doubt you will be laughing about it for a long time after he’s delivered his jokes and you’ve gone back to your normal lives. McGuires Comedy Club, 1627 Smithtown Ave., Bohemia. $25. 8 p.m. June 24, 7, 9:30 p.m. June 25.Revolutionary War EncampmentTaking us back to that momentous time in 1775, the Huntington Militia will set up their camp beside the historic 18th century home of Martin Schenck. We bet they’ll make sure their cannons are aimed safely away from his windows. Nor would they want to harm the shrubbery. But the revolutionary spirit is sure to catch on everywhere. Visitors can experience traditional Yankee military drills including the Marching and Manual of Arms, Musket Firing and Flintlock Forearms, and camp life demonstrations. Old Bethpage Village Restoration, 1303 Round Swamp Rd., Old Bethpage. $10 adults, $7 kids ages 5 – 12, seniors and volunteer firefighters. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. June 26.Huntington Militia Revolutionary War EncampmentCreedence Clearwater RevisitedAfter their years of success in the 1960s and early ’70s with the legendary classic rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers bassist Stu Cook and drummer Doug “Cosmo” Clifford regrouped as Creedence Clearwater Revisited 21 years ago. Their current world tour will take them to Long Island, where they’ll play original CCR hits such as “Born on the Bayou,” “Bad Moon Rising” and “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” Ahead of the show, Cook sat down with the Press to talk about his inspiration and his favorite album in a recent interview. The Paramount, 370 New York Ave., Huntington. $40-$79.50. 8 p.m. June 26.Israeli American NightSongs! Dances! Food! Part of the Nassau County International Music Nights Concert Series dedicated to music and culture, this free night of mesmerizing Israeli American music is bound to satisfy the soul and inspire those dancin’ feet! Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre, Eisenhower Park, East Meadow. Free. 8 p.m. June 26.JourneySan Francisco-based Journey, one of the best-selling bands of all time and possibly one of the greatest rock bands in history, is touring with fellow Californians, The Doobie Brothers, winners of four Grammy awards. Also performing will be Brit rocker Dave Mason, a key figure in the band Traffic. Nikon at Jones Beach, Jones Beach State Park, Wantagh. $39.50-$155. 7 p.m. June 27.The ToastersThese New York City-based ska pioneers headline a mega-ska-surf-rock-punk-reggae fest guaranteed to get you up and a-skankin’!  Warming up the crowd are Crisis Crayons, Wings Of The Whale and Short Notice. Revolution Bar and Music Hall, 140 Merrick Rd., Amityville. $12, $15 DOS. 7:30 p.m. June 28.Soul Asylum & The English BeatOriginating from Minneapolis, this Grammy-winning alternative rock band is bringing their “The Fly Over Tour” to Long Island. Soul Asylum has been topping the charts since 1990 with their hits “Runaway Train,” “Somebody to Shove,” “Black Gold,” “Misery” and many more. Will they play fan favorites “Without A Trace,” “99%” and “The Sun Maid”? Why not? Opening the show is The English Beat, the British band that burst on the scene in 1979, is traveling from across the pond and bringing the British Two Tone Ska movement with them. The Paramount, 370 New York Ave., Huntington. $20-$45. 8 p.m. June 28.LeAnn RimesA country star by the mere age of 9, LeAnn Rimes is a melodic human masterpiece. She’s been highly influenced by country superstar, Patsy Cline. Aside from being the winner of two Grammy’s and holding the Academy of Country Music’s Humanitarian award, Rimes has worked with various credited country artists, including Bon Jovi and Reba McEntire. Rimes has toured with artists like Luke Bryan, Keith Urban and Sammy Hagar. Rimes has released over 15 albums since her debut in 1991. Her 1996 album, Blue, reached Number One on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. If that isn’t enough of an incentive to come hear her live, Rimes also hosted the national television show, Colgate Country Showdown, similar to that of American Idol, and she has been awarded three AMAs and one American Music award. And to think that this Nashville star is going to shine in Huntington–but just for one night! The Paramount, 370 New York Ave., Huntington. $30-$65. 8 p.m. June 29.–-Compiled by Kate Nalepinski, Leo Capobianco, Ana Borruto, Michael Harris, Ellie Schoeffel, Spencer Rumsey and Timothy Bolgerlast_img read more

"Do This: Long Island Concerts & Events June 23–29"

Funds allocated for co-financing additional medical assistance teams in tourist destinations

first_imgRELATED NEWS: The Ministry of Tourism has made a decision on the allocation of incentives to strengthen the tourism market and human resources in tourism for 2020. SIX SPEED VESSELS EQUIPPED FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE IN THE ADRIATIC THIS IS HOW CYCLOTURISM DEVELOPS: FLYER FOR ROAD CYCLING SAFETY PRESENTED IN ISTRIA Source: Mint The decision granted incentives to increase the safety of tourists in the total amount of 1,5 million kuna for co-financing additional medical care teams which are organized by counties in their area due to the increased number of tourists during the tourist season. Thus, the highest amount of HRK 450.000 was given to the County of Istria, and the lowest amount of HRK 51.000 was given to the County of Lika-Senj. These are funds intended for co-financing the costs of salaries of doctors, nurses / technicians and the costs of medical supplies in the period from June to September. “POLICE – SECURITY AND TRUST” – MUP MOBILE APPLICATION FOR A SAFER AND PLEASANT STAY OF TOURISTS IN CROATIA The criterion for selecting counties was according to the counties with the largest share of the number of tourists in the total number of tourists during the four peak months, while the criterion for the amount of funding was the total share of the number of overnight stays by counties.last_img read more

"Funds allocated for co-financing additional medical assistance teams in tourist destinations"

Christian Pulisic provides fitness update and hails ‘incredible’ Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ahead of FA Cup final

first_img Metro Sport ReporterFriday 31 Jul 2020 8:19 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.1kShares Advertisement Christian Pulisic has been in devastating form for Chelsea ahead of the FA Cup final (Picture: Getty)Christian Pulisic says he’s feeling ‘100 per cent’ fit and confident ahead of the FA Cup final but has issued a word of caution to his Chelsea team-mates about ‘incredible’ Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who he knows well from their time at Borussia Dortmund. The 21-year-old initially struggled to make a significant impact after arriving from Dortmund last summer but has been one of the in-form attacking players in Premier League football since the season’s restart. Arsenal will no doubt have a specific plan to minimise Pulisic’s influence at Wembley but opposition defenders have largely come off second best in recent weeks, with the winger registering four goals and two assists in his last eight games. Aubameyang and Pulisic were team-mates for three years at Dortmund (Picture: Getty)Pulisic shared a dressing room with Aubameyang for three seasons at Dortmund and the American knows just how ‘dangerous’ Arsenal’s talisman can be in front of goal.‘He is incredible, the way he gets in good areas,’ he said.‘He’s always dangerous so we are definitely going to have to be cautious of that and they have some other good players, but he is definitely one guy that you have to look out for.‘We’ll always be good friends. I played together with him for a long time. Right now we are definitely focused and want to win. ‘It is going to be a good battle and not so much on the pitch but we will always be friends off the pitch.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing ArsenalPulisic added: ‘The final comes down to us against them, who is more ready to play on the day. ‘Obviously it gives us confidence that we’ve been in good form, we’ve been playing well and we’re going to try and bring that into the game.‘In the end, it is one game and in a final, anything can happen.’Who will come out on top in the FA Cup final?Chelsea0%Arsenal0%Share your resultsShare your resultsTweet your resultsFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more stories like this, check our sport page.MORE: Charlie Nicholas makes FA Cup final prediction and identifies ‘big problem’ for Arsenal against ChelseaMORE: Cesc Fabregas explains why his Chelsea team were winners and Arsenal were not FA Cup final: Arsenal preview press conferenceTo view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video Play VideoLoaded: 0%0:00Progress: 0%PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration Time 21:18FullscreenFA Cup final: Arsenal preview press conference is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.And worryingly for the Gunners, the United States international claims he’s feeling fitter than ever after making a full recovery from a minor thigh problem.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTPulisic was selected among the substitutes for Chelsea’s recent clashes with Manchester United and Liverpool but the youngster is expected to be one of the first names of Frank Lampard’s team sheet on Saturday evening.‘I never had a real issue. I’m 100% fit,’ Pulisic told ESPN FC.center_img Advertisement Christian Pulisic provides fitness update and hails ‘incredible’ Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ahead of FA Cup final Commentlast_img read more

"Christian Pulisic provides fitness update and hails ‘incredible’ Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ahead of FA Cup final"

U.S. weekly offshore rig count flat at 12

first_imgThe number of active offshore rigs in the U.S. is down to 12 units, according to the latest weekly rig count report by Baker Hughes, a GE company. Baker Hughes Rig Count: U.S. +10 to 1,003 rigsU.S. Rig Count is up 10 rigs from last week to 1,003, with oil rigs up 11 to 808, gas rigs unchanged at 194, and miscellaneous rigs down 1 to 1.U.S. Rig Count is up 164 rigs from last year’s count of 839, with oil rigs up 136, gas rigs up 29, and miscellaneous rigs down 1 to 1.The U.S. Offshore Rig Count is unchanged at 12 rigs and down 10 rigs from last year’s count of 22.Baker Hughes Rig Count: Canada -23 to 111 rigsCanada Rig Count is down 23 rigs from last week to 111, with oil rigs down 23 rigs to 48 and gas rigs unchanged at 63.Canada Rig Count is down 21 rigs from last year’s count of 132, with oil rigs up 6 and gas rigs down 27.last_img read more

"U.S. weekly offshore rig count flat at 12"

Pope Says It’s OK to Spank Kids, if Their Dignity Is Kept

first_imgNew York Times 5 February 2015Pope Francis says it’s OK to spank your children to discipline them – as long as their dignity is maintained.Francis made the remarks this week during his weekly general audience, which was devoted to the role of fathers in the family.Francis outlined the traits of a good father: one who forgives but is able to “correct with firmness” while not discouraging the child.“One time, I heard a father in a meeting with married couples say ‘I sometimes have to smack my children a bit, but never in the face so as to not humiliate them,’” Francis said.“How beautiful!” Francis remarked. “He knows the sense of dignity! He has to punish them but does it justly and moves on.”The Rev. Thomas Rosica, who collaborates with the Vatican press office, said the pope was obviously not speaking about committing violence or cruelty against a child but rather about “helping someone to grow and mature.”“Who has not disciplined their child or been disciplined by parents when we are growing up?” Rosica said in an email. “Simply watch Pope Francis when he is with children and let the images and gestures speak for themselves! To infer or distort anything else … reveals a greater problem for those who don’t seem to understand a pope who has ushered in a revolution of normalcy of simple speech and plain gesture.”The Catholic Church’s position on corporal punishment came under sharp criticism last year during a grilling by members of a U.N. human rights committee monitoring implementation of the U.N. treaty on the rights of the child.In its final report, the committee members reminded the Holy See that the treaty explicitly requires signatories to take all measures, including legislative and educational, to protect children from all forms of physical or mental violence – including while in the care of parents. read more

"Pope Says It’s OK to Spank Kids, if Their Dignity Is Kept"

Break the Silence: PM’s chief science adviser releases report on youth suicide

first_imgNZ Herald 28 July 2017Family First Comment: Lots of important debate on youth suicide at the moment – but here’s a key point from science advisor Sir Peter Gluckman “The way young people live has changed significantly over recent decades, Gluckman said, which has created a “range of poorly understood but probably critical pressures that affect their psyche and behaviour”. He attributed these pressures to a change in family structure and child-rearing practices, and how technology has changed the nature of communication and increased bullying.A change in family structure and child-rearing practices. Yep.The Prime Minister’s chief science adviser today released a report on youth suicide.The evidence-based discussion paper analyses the multiple factors involved in youth suicide and includes potential approaches to reduce New Zealand’s rates – which are among the highest in the developed world.“What’s different about this report I guess is the topic,” chief science adviser Sir Peter Gluckman told the Herald.“It’s a topic that is an important one and it’s a bloody complicated situation. There are multiple factors and there are people who think they may know the answer, but the whole situation is much more complex,” he said.Gluckman’s report was released during the middle of a major New Zealand Herald series that questions why we have the highest rates of youth suicide in the developed world and asks if we are doing enough to help our vulnerable children.The series has included 45 stories over the past four weeks with four major investigations. They uncovered an unprecedented and unreported youth suicide cluster in 2012; how New Zealand schools have been gagged from discussing suicide in classrooms; the rising numbers of suicidal children being turned down from our mental health services; and how almost half of our teenagers are self-harming before they leave school.Also today, Health Minister Dr Jonathan Coleman announced he would extend funding for the Suicide Mortality Review Committee.“Our suicide rate is too high, particularly the rates for youth and specifically Maori and Pacific young people,” Coleman said.“Although wider interventions and support have been made available, there is always more we can do.”The committee will provide vital knowledge about patterns of suicide that will help guide new suicide prevention activities, Coleman said.The evidence-based discussion paper released today was prepared by Gluckman, together with departmental science advisers from the health, education, social development and justice sectors. The paper was sent to ministers this week and it can be read here.Gluckman told the Herald he first started working on a mental health report last year, but he was asked to target his research towards youth suicide in a request from Education Minister Nikki Kaye in May.The real problem with youth suicide, Gluckman said, was “you can’t predict it at the individual level”.“There are an awful lot of arguments and an awful lot of failed approaches in youth suicide,” he said.“That’s why we’re emphasising we need to be very careful with any intervention we do.”The research paper states youth suicide is “more than simply a mental health issue and that, with what we know at present, the focus must also include an emphasis on primary prevention starting from very early in life”.This means promoting resilience to emotional stress and building self-control skills in early childhood and primary school years. It also means raising mental health awareness and “ensuring that there are competent and adequate adult and peer support systems in secondary schools”, he said.New Zealand’s rate for teen (aged 15-19) suicide was the highest in the developed world in 2010, said the paper.It said in the two years between July 2014 and June 2016, there were a total of 238 suicides by those aged 12-24 years.However, the rates of hospital admission for self-harm are about 50-100-fold greater. Today the Herald published an investigation uncovering how almost half of our teenagers will self-harm before they leave high school.The way young people live has changed significantly over recent decades, Gluckman said, which has created a “range of poorly understood but probably critical pressures that affect their psyche and behaviour”.He attributed these pressures to a change in family structure and child-rearing practices, and how technology has changed the nature of communication and increased bullying.“Compared to previous generations, youth face many more choices at an earlier age, but at the same time may have less clarity as to their path ahead,” Gluckman said.“The pace of these sociological and technological changes is unprecedented and it is not surprising that for many young people, particularly those with less psychological resilience, it can leave them with a growing sense of dislocation.”There is no “definitive solution” to this issue, Gluckman said.However, he pointed towards developing resilience to the stressors of growing up, reducing access to alcohol and enhancing the skills of young people for living in a digital world.READ MORE: read more

"Break the Silence: PM’s chief science adviser releases report on youth suicide"