Pretty Lights Reveals New Band Lineup, Mini-Festival Tour Dates In Cryptic Video

first_imgPretty Lights has just shared an intriguing video, outlining what appears to be a major multi-city tour with a live band. While nothing has been formally announced, it looks as though there will be ten dates, and that an ensemble of Alvin Ford Jr., Brian Coogan, Chris Karns, and Borahm Lee will be joining him for what has been dubbed the PL Festival.The video shows a number of dates, including 8/5-6 in the Northeast, 8/12-13 and 8/26-27 in the Midwest/Colorado area, 9/23-24 in the Illinois area, and 10/7-8 near the Southeast. It also shows the words “PL Festival Routing” in the first few frames, with a spreadsheet that has columns like “Venue” and “Special Guests,” suggesting that the famed DJ has some major plans in store for this summer.You can check out the new video from Pretty Lights below.last_img read more

"Pretty Lights Reveals New Band Lineup, Mini-Festival Tour Dates In Cryptic Video"

PREMIERE: Watch STS9’s Psychedelic Improv Set With Richard Devine At Wave Spell Live [Full Set Video]

first_imgFrom August 16th through 19th, Wave Spell Live took over Belden Town, California, with festival host STS9 performing nine sets of music including three all-improvisational sets across the weekend. The festival was highly anticipated from the start, with the unique location of the event generating a huge amount of buzz—for the festival, all nine residents of Belden Town evacuated, letting the festival do its thing without any curfews or potential for violation of noise ordinances—in addition to its stacked lineup featuring a huge range of artists from the electronic and jamtronica worlds.With the location and atmosphere set, STS9 consistently wowed audiences, with performances that offered more traditional fare. However, the pinnacle of the festival was STS9’s improvisational Wave Spell sets, with the sets drawing their name the band’s atmospheric, throwback album released in April of 2018. On Friday night, August 17th, the jamtronica pioneers played their second of three improvisational Wave Spell sets, welcoming a suprise special guest to join them throughout the course of the performance: Richard Devine, the Atlanta-based experimental glitch producer.Given that Devine was performing “in the round” sets before and after STS9’s first two sets on Friday, STS9 confirmed the rumors that had been circulating around the festival that Devine would be joining the group during a performance. During Richard Devine’s third set of the night, all the members of STS9 came out and joined the producer, transitioning smoothly into their collaborative, improvisational effort.With STS9 and Richard Devine on tap, the set started off slow, with an extended spacey intro. After 20-some minutes, the augmented group locked in, slowly accelerating into a propulsive groove and not letting up for the rest of the show. Deeply psychedelic throughout, the set showed STS9 at their finest, recalling the group’s deep-rooted history in captivating, extended minimalist jams.Live For Live Music is proud to premiere a full video of STS9’s Wave Spell set with Richard Devine below, which was brought to us by music writer Vera Lee Mandić. Enjoy!STS9 w/ Richard Devine – Wave Spell Improv Set – 8/17/18 [Video: Vera Lee Mandić (@phantasy_sts9)]last_img read more

"PREMIERE: Watch STS9’s Psychedelic Improv Set With Richard Devine At Wave Spell Live [Full Set Video]"

Bok Center honors 510

first_imgThe Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ deans of undergraduate education awarded an unprecedented 510 certificates of distinction on Oct. 26 at Harvard’s Center for Government and International Studies.“This is a huge vote of confidence for Harvard teaching fellows, lecturers, preceptors, TAs [teaching assistants], and CAs [course assistants] — and for teaching at Harvard in general,” said the center’s interim director Terry Aladjem.Based on a score of 4.5 or better in the “overall” category, 36 recipients received awards for multiple courses, and 53 got perfect “5”s in that category. The two awards given include the traditional Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, awarded to 370 teaching fellows, teaching assistants, and course assistants, and the Harvard University Certificate of Teaching Excellence, now given to lecturers and preceptors. 97 were awarded this year.“These awards affirm Harvard’s deep commitment to outstanding and creative teaching,” said Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Allan Brandt.  “We have come here today to honor the critical, conscientious, and brilliant teaching that is done by our graduate students, teaching assistants, and other instructors who contribute so greatly to our goal of making Harvard College a truly great learning environment.”For a list of award recipients, visit the Bok Center’s website.last_img read more

"Bok Center honors 510"

Watch the Star-Studded Annie Cast Talk the Musical’s Makeover

first_img Star Files Bobby Cannavale The new Annie hits movie theaters on December 19 and Quvenzhané Wallis, Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale stopped by Good Morning America to chat about the classic tuner’s 21st-century makeover and more. Foxx pokes fun at Wallis, who seems to get younger and younger, while Diaz isn’t too worried about people comparing her Miss Hannigan to Carol Burnett’s. She also revealed (we so love Diaz for her stance on Botox!) “I did a lot of face acting….lots of scowling, my face was very tired at the end of this shoot!” Plus how did You Can’t Take It With You’s Byrne cope with the “pretty foxy” scene her real-life boyfriend Canvavale had with Diaz? Watch below to find out! More ABC US news | ABC World News View Commentslast_img read more

"Watch the Star-Studded Annie Cast Talk the Musical’s Makeover"

Unseasonably Hot

first_imgGeorgia’s vegetable growers need to irrigate more frequently as unseasonably high temperatures are forecast to remain high with little to no rainfall expected. Andre da Silva, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension vegetable specialist, said it is urgent that vegetable producers heed this advice.According to, the last rain event in southern Georgia occurred May 11 and did not provide enough moisture to satisfy the water requirements for vegetables, da Silva said. Also, temperatures eclipsed 100 degrees Fahrenheit for most of south Georgia last weekend, and summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21.Vegetables are more sensitive to water stress than row crops like cotton and peanuts.“Vegetables are also more sensitive to soil water depletion. Soil water content levels lower than 70% of field capacity (the maximum amount of water the soil can hold) is sufficient to cause yield loss,” da Silva said. “Vegetable crops such as bell pepper and tomato could also be impacted even more from the direct contact of fruit to sunlight, which causes blossom end rot disorders and reduces yield quality.”Blossom end rot is a calcium-related disorder that causes cells to die in young, rapidly expanding fruit tissue. As the fruit expands and grows, the condition makes it appear as if a large portion of the blossom end is brown or black. Fruit affected with the disorder is unmarketable.For recommendations on irrigation management, da Silva suggests growers use the UGA irrigating app found at The application provides seasonal crop water demand for most of the vegetables grown in Georgia. The recommendations are based on historical weather data and crop growth stages. The only inputs required for the calculation are the type of vegetable crop, planting date and location.The United States Drought Monitor ( reported abnormally dry to moderate drought conditions for southern Georgia last week. But da Silva believes conditions could actually be worse for local growers, especially since the crops are mostly grown in sandy soils that soak up moisture very quickly.Pam Knox, director of the UGA Weather Network, said growers can help the Drought Monitor accurately depict drought conditions in Georgia by submitting reports on local conditions through the Drought Impact Reporter found at more information on producing vegetables in Georgia, contact da Silva at 229-386-3806 or [email protected]last_img read more

"Unseasonably Hot"

Yes, the introduction matters

first_img 15SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Michael Hudson Dr. Michael Hudson started his first business when he was just 7 years old…riding his bicycle from house to house selling greeting cards and holiday gifts. Since then he … Web: Details “A poor introduction can derail even the best speech.” ~ Michael HudsonChances are that in the past couple of months you’ve attended at least one education or training session, convention keynote, or business presentation. And my bet is that in almost every case someone introduced the speaker to the audience.If things went well you probably don’t remember the introduction. In fact, you may think that the introduction doesn’t really matter and just kills time before the speaker takes the platform.Nothing could be further from the truth.The introduction matters, and it serves several important functions (at least it does when it is done correctly), including:Presenting the speaker’s topic to the audience and putting it into the proper context for the meetingCreating a moment of anticipation for the audience as they wonder about the message as the speaker takes the stageIntroducing the speaker to the audience in a way that endorses them and lets the audience know they have a message of valueBut all too often the process of introducing the speaker is treated casually and not handled very well.The truth is that every amateur and professional speaker I know has at least one horror story about a bad introduction that derailed a well planned and rehearsed speech.After delivering more than 7,500 presentations across the past 30 years I have a sizable collection, including…an introducer who had one too many glasses of merlot at the reception before the dinner and slurred, mispronounced, or misread literally every word of the 24-point copy on the printed introduction that was provided a week in advancean introducer who told an off-color joke that had no connection to the audience or the topic then handed me the microphone simply saying “here’s our speaker” and walked off-stagean introducer who shared that they had tried to get someone else who wasn’t available and told the audience that person recommended me as a ‘pinch-hitter who would probably do OK’an introducer who made it perfectly clear they felt they should be delivering the speech instead of me and promised to share anything that I left out at their next eventan introducer who had known me since childhood who felt it appropriate to make a reference about having known me since “my days *#^@!&% in my diapers”As much as I hate to admit it, the list could go on, but I’m pretty sure you get the message (and believe me you can’t make some of this stuff up).The Bottom Line: An introduction can set the speaker up to connect with the audience and create a powerful impact, or it can create a dis-connect for the audience that even the best speaker cannot overcome.Here are my 3 best tips for the next time you are asked to introduce someone, or are in a situation where someone is going to introduce you:Choose the Right Introducer—The key to delivering a great introduction is to have a genuine and sincere interest in the speaker’s success. When a personal connection exists that allows the introducer to share insight that helps the audience understand the value of the message it should be used, but only if it supports the message being delivered. If there is a person with a position or title that makes them the logical person to deliver the introduction make sure they are prepared for success by following the next two tips. Always Use/Provide a Written Introduction—If you’re the introducer, don’t trust yourself to deliver it effectively off-the-cuff. Reach out to the speaker in advance and ask a few questions, review their bio, and write a brief introduction using these guidelines from Toastmasters International. If you’re the speaker write your own introduction, print it in large type to make it easy to read, and share it with your introducer at least a week in advance. Be sure to include the instruction to please read this verbatim.center_img Connect the Speaker and the Introducer in Advance—It is worth the effort to speak with the person you are introducing or the person who will be introducing you before even the smallest event. Make sure you both understand the role of the introduction and the impact that it can have. If you are the speaker ask the introducer to help you make the event a success by delivering a strong introduction to connect the group to you and your message. If you are the introducer be flexible and work with the speaker to set them up for success.last_img read more

"Yes, the introduction matters"

Marketing budgets: Where credit unions are spending in 2020

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Going into 2020 credit union marketers find themselves with an expanding list of missions to accomplish and a marketing shopping list that just seems to grow longer.As a follow-up to The Financial Brand‘s analysis of overall credit union marketing spending in 2018 compared to 2015, we reached out to a cross-section of credit unions for specifics about their 2020 marketing spending plans. We wanted to know not only how much they expected their marketing budgets to change in 2020, but where the money was going, especially where spending plans were shifting from past patterns. We also asked about anticipated spending on martech, where literally thousands of tools are out there now.Only one institution planned to reduce marketing spending, and this was because efforts had been so successful in the past that regulators wanted management to slow the institution’s growth for a bit. Most credit unions plan to hike marketing budgets in 2020, with one in the process of pushing for an increase of 25% over 2019 levels in order to support a major branding effort. continue reading »last_img read more

"Marketing budgets: Where credit unions are spending in 2020"

Starbucks sees 47% drop in second-quarter earnings on coronavirus hit

first_imgTopics : The world’s largest coffee chain said same store sales in the United States began to decline on March 12 and have steadily worsened.The company also said revenue in China faced a shortfall of about $400 million compared with its expectations, with a 50% decline in comparable store sales for the second quarter ended March.Like most other restaurants, Starbucks had to close its cafe areas and move operations to drive-thru, carry out and delivery only in response to customer concerns and government mandates to help stop the spread of the deadly virus by limiting social contact.The company expects to report its second-quarter earnings on April 28.  Starbucks Corp on Wednesday forecast a 47% drop in second-quarter earnings, scrapped its full-year forecast and warned that the financial hit from the coronavirus pandemic would extend into the final quarter of the fiscal year 2020.The company also said it would temporarily suspend its share buyback program and take steps to cut costs, but would maintain its quarterly dividend.Starbucks said it now expects to report second-quarter earnings of about 28 cents per share, reflecting the impact of lost sales for the period as well as higher costs. It had reported 53 cents per share in the year-earlier period.last_img read more

"Starbucks sees 47% drop in second-quarter earnings on coronavirus hit"

Esemka carmaker takes wing with Garuda SUV production

first_imgAccording to the Home Ministry’s data on vehicle ownership transfer fee (BBNKB), the Esemka Garuda 1 is worth Rp 278.25 million (US$18,854) before taxes.Prior to commencing production of the Esemka Garuda 1, PT SMK launched two pickup trucks called the Bima 1.2 and the Bima 1.3 in September 2019.The company is currently developing two other cars in cooperation with state-owned weapons manufacturer Pindad: an electric double cab truck called Digdaya and an unnamed VVIP bulletproof SUV.Pindad secretary Tuning Rudyati said earlier in April that the two companies were discussing the development of a new line for the President’s official car.”Pindad has the competence to build armored and bulletproof vehicles, but we need further research to domestically produce commercial bulletproof cars,” she said at the time. “We’re still discussing the technical aspects of the plan.” (nal)Topics : Indonesian carmaker PT Solo Manufaktur Kreasi (PT SMK), known for its Esemka car brand, has started manufacturing its first SUV, the Esemka Garuda 1.PT SMK spokesperson Sabar Budhi confirmed the production of the Garuda 1 but remained tight-lipped about the model’s price.”We have started production, but we have not yet determined the price,” Sabar said on Monday as reported by read more

"Esemka carmaker takes wing with Garuda SUV production"