HUAWE in the enterprise network to CSCO War seek business model change

in the enterprise network market is still in the infancy stage of HUAWEI, the challenge of big brother CISCO’s first shot.

HUAWEI used to fire the gun, is a global enterprise network in August 8, 2013 for the launch of a new generation of switches. It is the challenge, change can bring business model with various manufacturers of the previous generations of products "to the definition of network hardware is different, a new generation of switches is" intelligent software defined network "products. This change, similar to the function of the phone to the smartphone iterative update.

According to HUAWEI

business group CEO Xu Wenwei introduced a new generation of switch change brings, will be reflected in many aspects, such as: the IP network is perceived to meet quality, you can quickly locate the fault, software can be controlled can be upgraded. In the past, the protection of network quality can only be the best effort, the fault is difficult to locate, the response speed of the business is relatively slow.

in these changes is more important is that the whole industry’s business model will change, because the software is scalable, hardware will not be updated frequently, the enterprise network equipment providers can transition from selling hardware to sell software so that the original business model of CISCO over the years monopoly will be broken.

why HUAWEI is not CISCO

since the benefits so much, why at this time the introduction of a new generation of switch products, is in the enterprise network market and not much accumulation of HUAWEI, rather than the market’s number one overlord CISCO?

‘from the’ software definition network ‘,’ intelligent ‘these features, the new generation of switches is a breakthrough product, the vendor can sell the software to sell from the transformation. In this market is in a monopoly of CISCO, is now more willing to sell more switches hardware products to profit." Xu Wenwei explained that in the global exchange market, CISCO accounts for more than half of the share, the monopoly advantage for direct benefit is the original CISCO can lengthen the life cycle of the product, and then get more revenue.

Xu Wenwei believes that, unlike CISCO, in the global enterprise network market is almost not what the foundation of HUAWEI, can not have any baggage or concerns directly with the revolutionary new generation product to challenge the original business model in this field.

HUAWEI is the first to launch a new generation of switch products manufacturers, in the near future, the next generation switch will become a trend, many manufacturers will launch a similar product." Zhang Shunmao, President of HUAWEI enterprise business group market and solutions.

it is worth noting that HUAWEI in the new generation of switches using their own chip products. Xu Wenwei said, chip capability is an important part of the whole industry, it is important as the engine and the car." It is understood that almost all of the switches are self – developed CISCO chip, which is it can

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