Talking about the promotion method and plan of Taobao shop

a search engine promotion:

Taobao shielding Baidu search engine, so do not consider the promotion of Baidu rankings. Using Google, Sogou promotion, Sogou surge in traffic in the past two years, it is worth considering.

two, Tencent and Ali Wangwang advertising promotion information:

domestic users this kind of style have been hated, personally think that the promotion effect is not big, can be of concern.

three, shop signature and shop introduction:

customers will be through the signature and the introduction of the shop to produce the first feeling, and then progress into your shop, which requires you to seriously consider a shop slogan or a shop text description.

four, clever use of window recommendation:

shop is also the same as the store, customers can only see you put in the window of a part of the baby yo, only by relying on these customers to attract customers to see you. The window of the recommended time should be reasonable, according to stroll in the jar long time, relatively large flow is generally 10:00 ~ 12:00 ~ 17:00; 15:00; 20:00 ~ 22:00, so try to choose the time near the end of the baby are recommended, in front of such recommended baby will appear in the query of the Taobao home page.

five, participate in Taobao activities:

participate in Taobao’s promotions, recommended activities, etc., personally think that this is the fastest way to flow and order, in a relatively short period of time can bring enough traffic, but also to bring enough orders. Participate in some of the activities of Taobao, customers will increase the understanding and trust in your shop, so that they buy your products.

six, Taobao guest promotion:


shielding Baidu, can be said to be a strategy of Ma Yun, one of the benefits is spawned most of Taobao’s customers using Taobao, many small and medium-sized customers to promote your shop, get off the Taobao royalty shop also gain. Use other people’s traffic to earn their own money, you can focus on this method.

seven, the use of Ali mother alliance or domestic advertising alliance promotion:

to give a certain amount of capital investment, the use of these alliances, the investment will not be particularly large, there is the flow of the station to pay the corresponding costs, this promotion model can also be of particular concern.

eight, forum posts promotion:

of course, this needs to promote the reasonable tracking of the team, posting as much as possible to write these: it is necessary to send some meaningful, content, the quality of the post to help everyone. Forum to promote the essence of post enormous energy, can bring huge amount of post and see stick, so your avatar and signature. Timely editing of high quality soft Wen, concerned about the direction of the forum of public opinion, the editor is more suitable for the forum specific ad posts. In terms of experience, the flow is not small in this regard.

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