Kuba or let in the United States online store to accelerate the integration of yellow house


has Gome online mall and Kuba "double brand" has been questioned in the electric business development strategy. Yesterday, Gome told reporters, Gome creator and largest shareholder Wong Kwong Yu holding the two platform, the internal integration is accelerating, Kuba (micro-blog) is the docking of supply chain system and logistics system with Gome, is used in the background system Gome online mall, which is means that the development strategy of Gome, Gome Online mall will be more strategic.

after Huang holding Gome online mall and Kubba, status of the two platforms to the United States a new elaboration. Gome President Wang Junzhou said the reporter, Gome online mall as Gome with brand online only retailer, Gome is force electricity providers of the bridgehead, extremely important strategic significance.

industry: "double brand" "multi channel strategy" doubt

as a brand acquisition Kuba, its status is likely to make in the United States online store. The reporter understands, Kuba is the docking of supply chain system and logistics system and is used in Gome, Gome online mall system.

Gome online mall general manager Han Depeng said, Gome online mall will take 50 billion of the sales volume to do architecture, personnel, technology, logistics and other aspects of the business system and the background to build support by the international first-class information technology solutions for companies to create the most advanced information system.

at the end of last month, Gome announced in Hongkong, owned by Wong Kwong Yu through Gome sharp dynamic company HK $90 million 90 thousand (about 73 million 330 thousand yuan) with Kuba and new beauty (operation "Gome online mall") two home appliances sales website of the 40% stake. The yellow house through the transfer of equity, the Kuba and new beauty form of absolute ownership.

it is worth noting that, before the yellow house holding, the industry has been to the United States business platform "double brand", "multi channel" strategy — in addition to questions about "Gome online mall" and "Bowser", the United States also dangdang.com (micro-blog) opened the "Dangdang Gome city".

United States: single brand double brand

The United States

stakeholders responded that the electricity supplier in the field, whether it is a brand that still has two brands, there is no good or bad, can not say that a single brand is a clear strategy, it is not clear the dual brand strategy, Gome online mall alliance is Dangdang, dual brand sales channels, no associated with the electricity supplier is a dual brand strategy, Gome online mall online retail platform has opened up a multi-channel sales path, the responsible person.

Han Depeng also said that the Internet world itself is open, the network platform without borders. However, he stressed that the United States will always focus on the United States and the United States online mall this strategic platform, in line with the group’s strategy to achieve online and offline two-way collar >

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