Because of the first 11 double commodity price and then discount Ali fined 800 thousand

NetEase Francisco April 18th news, Alibaba group announced on Friday, due to Tmall’s platform product pricing problem in the "double eleven" period, the company by the government supervision department fined 800 thousand yuan.

announcement that the penalty was due in 2013 and in 2014, the double eleven period, the third party merchants set up their own price on the basis of the fight of half off, rather than playing the original price of the product by up to half off.

Alibaba said that although the price of goods by third party sellers set their own Alibaba, but the company will not participate in the daily operations to strengthen the pricing rules of the platform, in 2015 the importance of "double eleven" activities before emphasizes the pricing rules of

"double eleven" has become China’s largest online shopping day. Last year, Alibaba double eleven sales reached a record $9 billion 300 million,

currently, Alibaba and China’s regulators are working together to combat counterfeit goods on its platform, in order to protect the interests of consumers. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission also asked the Alibaba to disclose more information and cooperation with the State Administration for Industry and commerce.

Alibaba’s share price fell 21% this year, closing at $81.90 on Friday. (Si Yuan)

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