Venture star interview 2 Jin Shanyun will push the enterprise version of Kingsoft fast disk

editor’s note: 2013 Chinese Internet entrepreneurs conference will be officially opened in May this year, before the official opening of the general assembly, TechWeb and the Organizing Committee jointly launched "mobile venture star" series of interviews, show the mobile Internet goers style.

TechWeb March 13th Qi Yanan (special) Shen Shen joint report

WPS in February 2012, the original pan office platform business under the cloud storage business Kingsoft disk officially split, the establishment of an independent subsidiary Jinshan cloud, Zhang Hongjiang personally served as CEO. Jinshan cloud is also considered to be the establishment of Kingsoft mobile Internet transformation of the specific implementation, but also for the Jinshan WPS brothers business provides tangible cloud support.


according to the 2012 third quarter results, the founder Lei Jun millet company to $1 million 820 thousand bought a 9.87% stake in Jinshan cloud, after the Kingsoft disk is likely to replace the hard disk as a new mobile phone millet millet cloud services.

In 2013

Jinshan conference, Lei Jun made such comments on Jin Shanyun: "Jinshan cloud formed a" 3+1 "business layout, as long as we sort out ideas, Jinshan cloud is likely than Ali cloud, cloud Tencent more opportunities."

2013 Enterprise Edition will launch cloud Kingsoft Jinshan cloud storage products, is currently in beta stage, enterprise cloud storage coverage including Android, Web and other platforms, iOS.

in terms of profitability, Jinshan cloud storage platform will be the shortest period profit Jinshan cloud business, Kingsoft disk Enterprise Edition, and Kingsoft disk personal edition to profit for the longest time. Jinshan cloud President Wang Yulin said that the three fastest in the next three years to achieve profitability. And in the scale of profitability, the future of the composition of the cloud will continue to maintain the proportion of the revenue of nearly two 5:5.

is still in the loss of Jinshan cloud is currently the first round of financing, the amount of financing is unknown. According to Wang Yulin revealed that mobile phone manufacturers and video sites will be the focus of the development of cloud storage platform.

following interview record:

asked: and other APP is not the same, Jinshan fast disk Logo seems to be unable to see the contents of its products. Can you tell me about the history of Logo?

Jinshan cloud: the creative theme of Kingsoft disk Logo is "fast", combined with KUAIPAN in the letter "K" is a deformation of the entire LOGO is like a few light objects around the earth in a fast running. With the gradual maturity of the Jinshan cloud product system as well as the rapid improvement of the disk product features, for individuals and businesses of different versions, we will soon launch a new fast disk LOGO.

asked: the current user requirements for storage space continues to improve, the use of Kingsoft fast disk backup can solve the problem. Kingsoft fast disk is how to guarantee >

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