Analysis of the relationship between community and e commerce

community and e-commerce is the field of the Internet in the early emergence of two services, but also in the Internet boom is very active in the form of the two. Data show that nearly 80% of the domestic websites have their own communities, and e-commerce not only set off a revolution in consumer attitudes in twenty-first Century, but also created a lot of successful entrepreneurs. The popularity of the community to bring the flow of e-commerce, e-commerce is a breakthrough in the community to bring a profit, the integration of the two has been started, B2C electricity supplier and the relationship between the community inseparable.

Why do

electricity supplier business community

B2C Enterprise Office of the community, no need to cover it, should direct sales service. Personally think that the mission of the B2C community, in accordance with the order of priority: access to new traffic, improve conversion rates, improve the frequency of the purchase of old users. The reason why the new traffic in the first place, because the community enhance the conversion potential, much less than the flow potential, according to yesterday to talk about "the B2C business flow rate = * * per flow value" formula, traffic conversion rate increased by 50%, as the traffic is up 50%, while the two effects. The latter has more potential. The transformation of the community to improve the rate, mainly from the perspective of improving the degree of trust and resolve user doubts. Community can be consistent through the brand, the new user’s trust in the community transferred to the mall; you can also reflect the spirit and ability of business services. In contrast, the latter is the icing on the cake, less important. Improve the frequency of the purchase of the old user is essentially improve traffic. It is worth noting that only a small proportion of buyers will overlap with community users, so the ability to improve the community to increase the frequency of the purchase of the old user is limited. Attract old users to stay in the community, its greater value is to induce favorable information on the conversion rate, the following will talk about.

The relationship between

community and B2C station

There are at least 4 kinds of relationship between

community and B2C e-commerce station: affiliated community, community, community, community.

affiliated community: This is the most common form, such as B2C station subsidiary bbs. This form can be limited to improve the flow conversion rate and improve the old user purchase frequency, can save part of the old users, can bring a certain amount of SEO Traffic and word of mouth traffic, but the efficiency is relatively low.

community: user evaluation system, know the type of mutual aid community, can be regarded as the prototype of their own community, but this is a weak community contact highly fragmented, users lack a sense of belonging, but also the lack of a sense of trust by user evaluation. Its value is mainly to absorb the contents of the user’s contribution, to provide a more abundant decision basis for potential customers.

independent community: refers to the community independent domain name, independent team development, but with the mall with the same brand, member center convergence, incentive system convergence, independent community has strong potential to get new traffic. The same brand, member center is very necessary, B2C mall if you want to buy an independent community, the key is this step

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