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Beijing time on February 16th, India electricity supplier website Sanpdeal announced the completion of a new $200 million round of financing, pension institutions by the world’s largest Canadian province of Ontario teachers’ pension plan, and the Singapore Investment Corp Brother Fortune Apparel led. The valuation of this round of financing for Snapdeal 6 billion 500 million to $7 billion, making it the company’s valuation in India ranked second, second only to rival Flipkart.

remember six months ago, Ali Snapdeal investment to support its competition with Amazon’s media stalks are talked about, however, including Ali, Softbank, Foxconn, investment circle chiefs of the Sanpdeal reported, the real reason behind it has become increasingly clear: India soil may nurture the next Alibaba.

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now, India electricity supplier market size is not large. 2014 eMarketer data show that when the electricity supplier sales in India was only $5 billion 300 million, the same period in the Chinese electricity supplier only reached 50 billion yuan (about $7 billion 700 million) in the amount of trading volume during the double eleven. However, whether it is the media or professional market research company, the development of the electricity supplier market in India has made quite optimistic estimates.


market research firm Forrester Research India electricity supplier scale forecast

has the ability to buy and buy only business opportunities

India electric as xiangbobo, have to say thanks to the rise of the middle class and young consumers. At present, India’s middle class has accounted for 22% of the total population, in 2030, this figure may increase to 45%. The vigorous development of the retail industry from the side of the growth of consumption in the country, according to the latest research report of India economic and trade market shows that at present, India retail market size of about $600 billion, is expected to an annual growth rate of 12% to expand further in 2020 could reach trillions of scale.

mobile Internet into electricity supplier shake Qian Shu

the number of Internet and smartphone use in India is expanding. 2016, the number of mobile Internet users in India than the United states. The mobile Internet has gradually become the main basis for the electricity supplier in India, according to TechCrunch reports, a year ago, Snapdeal 5% transactions are from the mobile terminal, and today this figure has risen to 65%.


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Mumbai high prices in Shanghai, New Delhi prices catching Beijing, perhaps many people do not know. India no

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