nternet industry’s most bitter fresh electricity supplier status quo under the line anti corrosion

every time by the reporter Jin Zhe each edited Luo Wei

in the electricity supplier feast "double 12" on the eve of the domestic fruit retail giant Baiguoyuan counterattack to the electronic business platform, announced that it has completed the acquisition of a meter of fresh fresh business platform.

December 11th, Baiguoyuan founder Yu Huiyong told the "daily economic news" reporter said, although Baiguoyuan began to explore electricity supplier from 2008, but the team is very difficult inside the incubator and the electricity supplier industry characteristics fit, online business has been a short board Baiguoyuan, now with the acquisition of a piece of fresh rice, padded short board.

but the reporter also noted that due to the delay in solving the problem of profit, the beginning of this year was like a raging fire fresh horror piece, the collapse of the platform of news industry. Executive vice president of China Fruit Association Lu Fang school said that the fresh electricity penetration rate of only 3%, there are a lot of business platform in the process of fusion and unresolved pain points in the traditional fruit.

M M & a fresh fruit plantation

it is understood that the romance with a meter will little by way of cross shareholdings to merge, a fresh rice company and its team into romance line operating system, a meter of fresh brand will maintain independent operation and development. One meter fresh coke Yue founder served as deputy general manager of Baiguoyuan group, is mainly responsible for the business of Baiguoyuan group. However, the two sides did not disclose the specific amount of mergers and acquisitions, said only non cash transactions.

actually, Baiguoyuan had exploration on business electricity supplier for many years, but there has been no breakthrough growth. Yu Huiyong said, seduction business has been a short board. "100 orchards began to explore electricity supplier from 2008, but the team is very difficult inside the incubator and the electricity supplier industry characteristics fit, although there has been no money but did not do too. With the upgrading of consumption, hundreds of orchards in the electricity industry must choose a business cooperation, make up the missing."

fresh electricity supplier, the last mile is not open around the topic. Yue Yue believes that relying on fresh electricity supplier is an entity chain stores, can be a good solution to this problem. Moreover, the online business will also be on the line to enhance the flow of the store, so as to enhance the profitability of physical stores.

in Yu Huiyong view, whether it is new retail, or new consumption, are the first user thinking, the essence is how to better serve consumers. Today, the user’s consumption scene is changing, no longer adhere to online or offline, who can better meet customer needs, who is the real winner. "We hope the Baiguoyuan group can enter the online business China fresh top three in 2017, to become the first solid fruit electricity supplier."

he said, this year the beginning of Baiguoyuan sales target of 6 billion yuan, while the 2020 sales target is 30 billion to 40 billion yuan, of which online sales reached billion yuan scale.

this year a horror of fresh electricity

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