6 billion Taobao Tmall network bank support small and micro businesses for double 11


technology news September 29th morning news, the network bank announced that it would launch a "Small and micro businesses growth plan", to help Small and micro businesses to solve the financing problem, will provide 6 billion yuan of credit funds to support Taobao, Tmall platform for small and micro businesses and entrepreneurs, to prepare for this year’s double eleven.

small and micro enterprises is an important part of the real economy and capillaries, contributed more than 60% of GDP and more than 70% of new jobs." The network bank governor Yu Shengfa said that the current economic situation remains unclear, the need to increase the Small and micro businesses to support efforts to serve the real economy, so the network bank choose at this time to launch the "Small and micro businesses growth plan", continue to provide support for Small and micro businesses.

at present, commercial bank App has not yet been officially released, but provides financing services for commercial bank has tens of thousands of Small and micro businesses. Later, the network bank will also face all walks of life, the next line market and the rural market, provide more credit funds to provide financial support for the Small and micro businesses in various fields.

6 billion yuan to support Taobao Tmall small and micro businesses prepare for dual


in the network bank opened at the beginning, Yu Shengfa also revealed that the commercial bank will be in five years, 1000 million Small and micro businesses and individual entrepreneurs, help them to grow up.

recently launched Small and micro businesses, commercial bank growth plan "". Among them, the first phase of the program, the network bank will provide 6 billion yuan of credit funds to Taobao, Tmall on the platform of small and micro businesses, Small and micro businesses and industry, and the single Small and micro businesses and entrepreneurs of the credit line, also will according to the actual needs of enterprises and increase the large data risk control assessment.

in the amount of increase, net banks will cut the rate of 20% based on the original loan interest rate, loan interest free payment group purchase also introduced preferential measures, and more flexible repayment of the "double eleven big promotion loans" and other products to subdivide the scene. Taobao, Tmall platform sellers can log on the loan platform to view details and apply for registration.

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network bank stakeholders, improve the credit amount, lower interest rates, one is to reduce the cost of financing Small and micro businesses, two for more help on the platform of Taobao, Tmall Small and micro businesses and entrepreneurs as possible."

in the future will provide funding for small and micro enterprises in rural areas

addition, network bank will resolutely "go out" and "go", go to street lanes, go to the fields, into the various Small and micro businesses operating in the scene to provide convenient, direct access to financial products for the snack food store managers, vegetables keep bees in rural Small and micro businesses and rural operators.

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reports, commercial bank will follow the line, to provide comprehensive financial services including financing, supply chain management, funds for small and micro businesses and Small and micro businesses.

for the rural market, commercial bank and Alibaba.

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