The popular B2C mall do popular

Taobao, I like it! Play it again and again, and eBay all the time.


, Taobao began to spread the sales people love, and then slowly grew up, Taobao owners, should not sell the goods. So, Taobao gave them a chance: manager of Taobao mall. Since you earn money, do their own brand, I have a supermarket here to let you in.

fortune in Taobao, Taobao supermarket, their store opened into it, it is natural to Taobao to form a virtuous circle. Business is getting better, better business, will have to remove the bad influence, so the introduction of the integrity of fake, classic and smooth completion of the process of Taobao become the phoenix.

was from Taobao in the embrace of the growth of the manager who certainly used Taobao, also a novice enterprise? Of course they can also choose this as the fruit of the sale of goods, but some do not want to in the strong arms of Taobao "protection money", after all, relates to the cost budget. So follow the popular B2C mall do.

after baptism, B2C mall seems not so good to do, see others, learned the lessons of PPG, made the entire Internet portal like a raging fire, all covered with advertisements, and seemingly not direct advertising, but according to the transaction billing. How did he do it?

author through the observation of a number of B2C mall, summed up the four winning experience:

1, be sure to take the market recognized products to promote. Enterprises have their own R & d love with perfect products go to the mall, that their companies to develop products must be impeccable, necessarily can change society, and for the society to assume some responsibility. In fact, the product is not perfect in the enterprise circle is perfect, consumers do not recognize your product, do not say that the change of society, and even the opportunity to change consumers are not.

recognized market products is how to assess? Is advertising in the network products, you r & d like it must be accepted by the market, but in the similar at the same time, if you have more points, winning a greater grasp.

2, the full development of CPS based. CPS is the most widely used VANCL, direct translation of CPS is: to the number of actual sales of products to convert ad amount, can be calculated in accordance with the Commission to promote the understanding is the transaction. Many companies in the promotion of the mall only consider the search engine advertising, that the more the more the return on investment. If the search engine is not enough, then put on the portal advertising.

advertising cost rate depends on the delivery efforts, struggle in the capital, it is difficult to take advantage of the new product, once appear similar, opponents have the capital base thicker, more massive promotion team, will easily get you. Therefore, in the early stages of the promotion, we must focus on the development of their own promotion team, because of the convenience of the network, simply relying on the promotion of the presence of the team

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