Electronic commerce observation of the depth of Southern China electricity supplier thinking

according to iResearch and Taobao to provide monitoring data show that the current e-commerce penetration in Guangdong is much higher than other regions, online shopping has been a part of the life of the Internet users in Guangdong. And Guangdong is also the most developed areas of e-commerce, whether it is the volume of transactions or orders are ranked first in the country, but also from another side to prove that Guangdong has a good environment for the rapid development of e-commerce.

as a developed area of e-commerce, in addition to e-commerce crowd penetration, volume and other rigid indicators, whether there are a large number of leading e-commerce industry has become an essential local assessment conditions. Throughout the Southern China area, in addition to Tencent paipai.com, mango, catwalk, dream bazaar, green mango and several have a certain visibility and scale, the rest are in small and medium-sized websites mostly, also reflect the status quo of e-commerce in Guangdong, and is not strong. If the business enterprise competitiveness as the judgment standard, Beijing belong to the first echelon, Shanghai and Hangzhou belong to the second tier, and the Southern China area belong to the third echelon, obviously with the electronic commerce big province status does not match. What caused the Guangdong e-commerce enterprises and competitiveness is not strong, but far less than Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou enterprises in Guangdong area? Why can not cultivate like Jingdong, Dangdang, excellence, customer sincere guest, Ctrip, one shop, the Alibaba the enterprise? It is worth thinking and summary.

a lack of good Internet environment

relative to Beijing, Shanghai, whether it is Shenzhen or Guangzhou, the entire Internet atmosphere is relatively weak. No matter whether it is cooperation or communication between the less, it is impossible to organize the industry salon as often as Beijing. Because communication is less, many enterprises are also behind closed doors, lost a lot of resource sharing opportunities. Moreover, due to the lack of atmosphere, the flow of talent is relatively small, but also caused a lot of talent bottleneck. Looking for a suitable electricity supplier to become the most headache Southern China electricity supplier business. For the Internet or e-commerce companies, talent is the most valuable asset, no talent, talk about how to develop it?

Fujian Jinjiang has become a sports capital, because there are Anta, 361, PEAK, a large number of leading enterprises to promote the role of demonstration. Similarly, the rapid development of e-commerce in Beijing, can not be separated Dangdang, excellence, Jingdong and a large number of enterprises with industry influence. The lack of real leading role in the Guangdong region, most companies are groping stage.

two, U.S. venture capital, VC relatively poor

normal, Guangdong should belong to capital depressions. Thirty years to change the development of China’s largest province, but also create a lot of wealth. Single Shenzhen daily cash flow to occupy the whole of China 1/3. It was born like deep venture, fortune, day, today a large number of capital in the domestic famous local VC. However, due to the domestic gem threshold and other factors, local VC investment in the Internet industry is far higher than the U.S. dollar VC. The dollar VC mainly in Shanghai, Beijing based. Therefore, Shanghai, Beijing, the probability of exposure to venture capital companies are far

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