Hilary presidential election to open a wide variety of online shop to catch up with the integrated e

Hilary in the local time 26, launched a fund-raising campaign for online store, online sales of T-shirts pants. Source: Hilary · official website

Beijing, May 27, according to foreign media reports, has announced the addition of the U.S. presidential election in Hilary in 2016, local time, 26, launched a campaign fund-raising network store. In addition to advertising on the network, the same day she arrived in South Carolina campaign.

reported that in 26, the new network, there are many with the Hilary campaign logo products, such as glass, baby clothes, brooch. In addition, many people have noticed, with a very Hilary pants product characteristics "(Pantsuit) t-shirt.

Hilary is keen to wear pants, many of her classic pants style is a lot of occupation women respected, but no less are people tucao. This trousers disguised as a casual T-shirt products "to the casual Friday brings new meaning", is obviously a sense of humor to the Hilary campaign.

in addition to the online promotional activities, Hilary also 26, former South Carolina campaign.

in addition, local time 25, former U.S. President Clinton and Hilary attended the memorial day to commemorate the cable parade in New York, newcastle. Their presence attracted thousands of people. Reported that this is the first time Hilary announced the election and the same time with the emergence of Clinton.

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