How to promote the products through e commerce

China’s Internet development faster and faster, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Now more and more small and medium enterprises pay great attention to the product in the Internet a lot of publicity, I through half a year to 114 electric vehicles and 51 battery network optimization, analysis and management. Summary of how the enterprise product through the Internet to achieve better publicity and then find a good customer.

first: enterprises before the registration of e-commerce simple preparation work

1: home page to collect some of the better industry and comprehensive e-commerce website (well-known brands, keywords ranking good, including high and high power electronic commerce network)

2: the collection of e-commerce sites to analyze the content of the dynamic content of its home page and site visits.

3: the analysis of collected e-commerce content information of the title, keyword (title) (keyworld) and description (DIS) is how to come, this is very important (network marketing personnel, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, rarely make this point)

second: enterprises through a simple search engine analysis content ranking

1: first of all, we want to find the key words and related industries in the search engine to find out which e-commerce sites to see the first page and the second page.

2: search for the first and second page

by searching for keywords that are similar to their own products or have potential customers

third: if the reasonable registered e-commerce information platform, now more and more communication platform, a part of a part of the free charge. If you can do a better free registration.

1: we first register the company’s basic information, do not arbitrarily add URL or phone number. At the same time want to fill in the website information.

2: when the site does not have to be reviewed, we must first issue a correct or two supply and demand information, when the site to review when we can wait for the completion of the review in the supply of information.

3: the test of information: if one or two of the above information is passed, the next step is to supply information content or pictures on behalf of the site and telephone, both of which can be tested. At the same time we are also in the first time to modify the first or two supply information to add the phone or the site can be audited. At the same time, we can also register the company’s introduction and the company’s image can fill in the URL and telephone.

fourth: analysis of e-commerce content of enterprise registered products ranking

1: home page to analyze the registered company’s corporate information, supply information, what time and information included in the search engine rankings.

2: when the information included, how should we deal with the site information to the search engine home page.

3: analysis of the website ranking and periodically refresh some ranking algorithms, and website weight.

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