1688 Taobao Tmall family drama staged businesses should stratification

June 10th, Alibaba’s B2B business platform 1688 website officially launched the strength of the business project, and announced that it will reshape the market structure, focusing on supporting the strength of the business.

said the 1688 division director Hong Bo accepted the twenty-first Century economic report interview with reporters, this is a layered on the 1688 original businesses, first support and enhance the part of the seller of goods and services, so as to realize the whole quality of the website upgrade.


previously, Taobao Ali’s business platform to carry out crackdown launched the "strike out" policy, Tmall revised rules to improve the starting quality threshold merchants settled Tmall strategy; Juhuasuan opened the "poly customization" to promote the brand activation strategy. So far, the four major electronic business platform Ali opened the curtain upgrade.

Ali currently all electricity supplier business has exceeded 10 million, the annual turnover of over one trillion yuan. But at the same time, the challenge is also growing, such as after the listing, a "fake crisis" will once again Ali pushed in the teeth of the storm. Ali in the enjoyment of rapid growth and a huge amount of body bring dividends, but also to face the problem and break through the bottleneck stage.

Ali tried to find the next opportunity from the new consumption trend, Ali Institute expert Li on analysis, the current consumption is upgrading, consumers started from survival consumption, development and consumption upgrade to XiangShouXing consumption; and the electricity consumption upgrade also experienced this stage, the rapid rise of the cross-border electricity supplier is an example of. Therefore, from the logic of C2B point of view, the change in the C terminal will be conductive to the B end.

this judgment in Ali’s new CEO Zhang Yong also mentioned in a recent article. He said that companies need to do, not the consumer is divided into online and offline, but through the big data to consumers, while providing layered products and services.

so as to bear Ali B2B business platform, launched the "1688 merchants" project, like Tmall was born Taobao, will be a major reshuffle of the business. While the platform model will also be a new round of upgrades.

merchant layered

it is understood that 1688 of the daily number of online visitors up to 150 million, more than 120 million users, the total number of stores also exceeded the number of open, of which the integrity of members through the 830 thousand. Hong Bo said that this year’s goal is to find out from the about 800000 businesses in the strength of the business of 2, each want to apply for the strength of the business must be a member of the integrity.

senior vice president of Alibaba, B2B business group president Wu Minzhi said that the so-called "merchants", does not mean that the line has much factories and shops have much power, but those who are willing to promise to provide better products and services for buyers business platform. Once selected, the platform will tilt in traffic, service and other aspects. It is understood that the current investment in the FMCG industry.


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