A super funny email from prsllc phreaker net

I do not know if you have recently received a letter from [email protected] or [email protected]et. Don’t believe it!

the following message:


kqiqi.com been found via online has auctions.

Please let know your price we will and consider us the it.

Our company investing in Tech IT projects. the domain is very attractive for us, since every in the Internet requires business a domain.

and market Now is High

Looking to do business with forward you.


Sebastian Sterling

Vice President


I think it’s pretty obvious that I didn’t do it on the internet. Besides, my rice is not a good hybrid rice.

in order to verify the authenticity, I found that the Google is not a good bird.

is one of the most impressive and interesting comment is: Yes this address stands there telling you: " Look at me, I’m a big scam", lol, funny; guys, they gave me a smile. No nonsense.

through the following address: http://s.www.namepros.com/warnings-and-alerts/454716-email-scam-vice-president-phreaker-net.html

if you can also find their own boring @phreaker.net

in GG

is seeing is believing. Move it, I was bored, they returned to an e-mail, I said 1000,0>

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