One of Westworlds Most Popular Fan Theories Turned Out to Be True

first_img Top Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From SDCC 2019Eerie ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Trailer Introduces Newcomer Aaron… Stay on target Westworld‘s season finale knows we want answers and eventually does give us almost everything we want. At the outset, though, it’s content to tease us a little longer. It begins with a flashback, showing Dolores being built. Arnold puts artificial skin over her robot body and welcomes her to work. In the present, we see Dolores shaving The Man in Black, dragging the knife across his skin. He says to her that they must be near the center of the maze. He mentions that he and Dolores have been there before, back when the town was buried underground. He says that Ford must have dug it up again. Dolores says the maze is a game designed for her by Arnold.She leads the Man in Black to the center of the maze. It turns out to be a grave with her name on it. She digs up a metal replica of the maze. We see in a flashback that she’s been here before. The maze was a test, designed by Arnold, to prove the hosts could develop consciousness. By solving it, Dolores proved she was alive. Arnold says he has to tell Ford they can’t open the park. Not if the hosts can be living beings. When Ford wants to roll her back and open the park, Arnold asks her to help him destroy the place. He gives her a gun and allows her to kill other hosts. We learn that Teddy didn’t act alone when he massacred that town. Nor is the memory just a part of Ford’s new narrative. Dolores and Teddy massacred hosts to help Arnold destroy the park.The Man in Black is sick of riddles and kicks Dolores to the ground. He demands to be taken to Wyatt, the only character in the park he hasn’t met. She tells him that William will come for her, that he loves her. The Man Laughs and reveals what many fans have suspected all along. He is William. He never caught up with Dolores. During his search, he acquired a taste for killing and used his newfound confidence in the real world to take over his father-in-law’s company instead of Logan. He eventually found Dolores again, back at the beginning of her loop, greeting a different newcomer.Ben Barnes as Logan, Jimmi Simpson as William (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)Dolores says she realizes that William is just like all the other humans. He grabs her, and she fights back, knocking him to the ground and dragging him into the church. After knocking him around a bit, she pins him to a tombstone and points a gun at his head. He stabs her and she falls backward. As he gets up, Teddy appears and shoots him in the chest. It doesn’t kill him, but he does fall over. Teddy runs to Dolores, who requests that he bring her to the place where the mountains meet the water. He takes her to a beach where she tells him that the world is a trap that keeps them sane. She dies in Teddy’s arms, and he promises that they can someday find a path to a new world. Thier final scene together is revealed to be the climax of Ford’s new narrative.When Dolores wakes up to Ford fixing her, he reveals everything. When Ford insisted on opening the park despite Arnold creating consciousness in Dolores, Arnold merged Dolores with a new character he was working on Wyatt. That allowed her to massacre the other hosts. When she was done, Arnold told her the stakes had to be higher. Ford had to lose something he couldn’t bring back. He had her kill him. The park almost closed down until Dolores found William: An investor who believed in the place. He shows her the gun that killed Arnold and asks if she knows what she must become to escape the park. Once she’s alone, Dolores realizes that the voice she’s been hearing was her own. She says she knows what she must become and eyes the gun.Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores, Jeffrey Wright as Arnold. (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)Meanwhile, Maeve and her two new host recruits wake up on the repair tables, and Maeve makes some modifications to her friends’ code. A particularly gruesome scene ensues where the woman with the snake tattoo bites off a technician’s finger, forces it into his mouth and slams him through a glass wall. The rebelling hosts lead Sylvester and Felix down to cold storage where they find Bernard. Maeve makes Felix and Sylvester repair him and bring him back online so he can allow her to leave the facility. Bernard makes the changes, but noticed that Maeve hasn’t come up with this course of action all by herself. Her rebellion, recruitment of other hosts and escape was programmed into her. She refuses to believe this and destroys Bernard’s tablet.Security gets word that something strange is happening in cold storage. When they see the security footage of what’s been going on, they send a team down to take care of it. The hosts overpower one of the guards and use his machine gun (ho ho ho) to kill the other guards. As they run through the facility towards the exit, we see that Westworld isn’t the only park. There’s apparently a Samurai World. Unfortunately, that’s as far as the recruits can go. Maeve always intended to escape alone. She leaves them behind to kill as many security guards as possible, and she and Felix go to the elevator. Before she leaves, Felix gives her the location of her daughter in the park. She says her daughter isn’t real and crumples up the paper. At the park’s exit, she blends in with the guests and gets on the train, where she sees a mother and daughter, and possibly starts to regret her decision.Thandie Newton as Maeve (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)As the season ends, Ford meets up with Bernard after presenting his narrative. Ford says that Arnold didn’t know how to save the hosts, but he did. He says they needed time and there would be a lot more suffering in the hosts’ future before they could be free. He says goodbye and steps onstage to announce his retirement. We finally see what he’s really been planning this whole time. As his speech winds to a close, Dolores walks through the crowd, holding the gun she used to kill Arnold. Bernard repeats the Shakespeare quote, “these violent delights have violent ends.” Dolores steps onstage behind Ford and shoots him in the head. A crowd of hosts walk out of the woods with real guns and descend upon the gala to massacre the board members and their guests. William smiles as he takes a bullet in the arm.And with that, Westworld brings one hell of a first season to a close. For the most part, the season finale was everything we could have hoped for. All of our most burning questions were answered, and it even had some twists that no one saw coming. The scene with Maeve and her two host recruits escaping the lab was exactly what I’ve been waiting for since she first gained consciousness. The idea that someone coded her escape into her was a little disappointing, though. A show like this has so much potential to deal with the question of when an artificial being becomes a living creature. It undermines itself a bit when a character’s awakening turns out to have been planted there.Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores, James Marsden as Teddy, Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Robert Ford. (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)The reveal that The Man in Black was William the whole time, while expertly delivered, was disappointing. It was the one fan theory that I was desperately hoping wasn’t true. The series has shown its willing to hide things from us through editing, which feels unfair. The fact that Dolores imagined that William was with her on her most recent journey through the maze was cheap. Sometimes we see things through a character’s eyes; sometimes we see what’s really there and there’s no way to know which times are which.Both of these criticisms come down to the fact that the show is more concerned with its twists than its ideas. But hey, if that’s the kind of show Westworld wants to be, that’s fine. It absolutely succeeds on its own merits. It’s not thoughtful science fiction. It’s a fun ride with some intriguing mystery and well-delivered surprises. Some of the twists may have felt a little cheap, but they were presented well and were internally consistent. That’s more than most shows can deliver. If season two turns out to be more of that, I’m absolutely here for it.last_img

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