Vie Review The Best Budget Vaporizer Ever Made

first_img DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer Review: Vaping Gets TinyMysterious Incident at E-Cig Plant Left 29 Sick, Fire Chief “Bewildere… Most vaporizers cost a pretty penny. Even if you’re looking at cheaper options, you can still expect to spend at least $150 for something that does everything well. But the Vie is looking to outperform all of those folks and undercut them at the same time. Vie retails for a meager $50, and, at that price, you’d expect to be held together with twine and duct tape, but it’s got plenty of surprizes lurking under the hood — almost all of them positive.For starters, Vie was designed by its users. For years, owner Barak Rigbi has been working on prototypes and crowd-sourcing ideas for the vape. To honor contributors, many of the major design changes are named after the people that suggested them. The result is something altogether special. The Vie is built as the Android of vaporizers and made to tackle reigning champs that place form over function.The Vie can do just about anything higher-end models can. It supports both concentrates and herbs, it has plenty of temperature settings, and it sports a number of built-in tricks tools and tricks to improve the vaping experience. As one example, the mouth piece alone not only carries a pick tool, but also a specially designed “maze” for the vapor so that it cools effectively and evenly before hitting your lungs. And if you’re worried about cleaning such a maze (I know I would be, with oil’s tendency to worm its way into every nook and cranny), don’t be. The whole thing is a removable bit of silicone that you can simply dip in warm, soapy water.via vierevolution.comSmoking is straightforward. You can either load the chamber directly, or pack one of a few portable capsules for greater portability (and holy crap is that feature awesome, and something I’ve only seen in the $300 DaVinci IQ until now). Concentrates work a bit differently, but the principle is the same. Once you’re ready, pop the capsule into the chamber and let it go.I was skeptical at first — I’m not a fan of extra steps in my smoking experience — but the results were incredible. For one, the capsule allows more even heat distribution — which cuts down on material waste. You don’t need to sit there and “cook” all of your herbs even when you just want one or two puffs. That alone is huge because very, very few vapes outside of the convective realm (e.g., the Firefly 2) offer that kind of flexibility — and this retails for less than 1/6th as much. Even better, concentrate users will notice perhaps the single best experience currently available. Concentrates are boiled instead of burned, yielding cleaner, smoother vapor without the aggressive heat.Vie truly is a wonder. I keep learning about new features as I use the device (like how it’s one of only a handful of vapes you can use while charging). Rigbi has claimed that there won’t be any major new versions or updates as is common in the industry. Instead, he believes he’s gotten his vape perfect. And that’s a hard point to argue. If I had to complain, I’d say that the Vie doesn’t feel as solid as some other, more expensive vapes, but for the exceptional performance, feature set, price, and experience, I’m not sure that matters.ProsInexpensiveFeature-PackedEasy to UsePortableConsA little cheap-feelingBottom LineAt $50, the Vie could well be a revolution in portable vaporizers. It’s got everything you need, all in one stunningly convenient package.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img

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