The experience summary of website single page practice

contacted the Internet, or was it just a freshman, when it was an illiterate computer?. Although the University of computer science, but three years down to learn too little. I have never been able to find an ideal job after graduation. About a year after graduation, it was difficult to find a website maintenance job in a private unit. The company is new, so it has nothing to do. At first, the boss asked me to make a website, even if I had to practice. After more than two weeks, my first website was finally on the line. By chance, I heard SEO from my classmate. Then began to understand this knowledge, on-line, began to know the ADMIN5, SEO data station and other websites. Study SEO knowledge every day. read more

"The experience summary of website single page practice"

What can you do to make the engine fast

according to my last year I did three stops and then took turns testing on the floor…

my first station is a station of QQ resources, natural QQ this is a popular keyword and then I used DZ + Forum program is written by a friend program is to read DZ data and independent generated data to do home program.

I like

in the DZ forum post post address is then my home will be at (the address is to follow your program settings and change, not fixed, this is just the example.) and the 2 address is independent of the program is independent is a shared database read more

"What can you do to make the engine fast"

What should you consider before you set up a website

in Chinese, there are too many personal webmaster, in the webmaster, I believe that many people only see other people doing the station will itch, I also want to make a station, I also want to be master, as do what do what to do, don’t think, some even do what after considering the what to put on his website. No wonder there are a lot of Chinese webmasters, but few of them are well blended. Here to talk about individuals think before the site should consider a few questions:

in to the site before, must first figure out, why do you stand for? Interest or make money? Talk about interest, interest to all other important, your love on the line, in the day, there is not much to say. Some just in order to lead the station when the addiction, it is also good to say, find a free space to apply, even procedures are not used, 32 months is enough to make you enough of this addiction. Next to that is to make money and do stand, the owners should be the most, I think, want to make money do stand in two ways, one is the garbage station, station stationmaster net how there are too many well written articles, I will not show. The other is to make money the station with its own characteristics, the website needs to have their own fixed user groups, rather than relying on search to flow, so we must first have a do stand the idea what kind of station, this is the most important. How can you tell if your idea works? read more

"What should you consider before you set up a website"

The reputation of website entered the stage of sustainable development must be crossed the threshold

annual new sites to hundreds of thousands of counts, and every year the closure of the site, also need to count hundreds of thousands, from the point of view of those sites of success, often continued success, and those new sites will be facing a severe crisis, that is the website no signs of sustainable development, even the beginning profits have no way to do, how to obtain the core of sustainable development power? But want to get profits, then crossed an important threshold, that is the reputation construction, if a site does not have a good reputation, then there will be no loyal customers, loyal customers, and talk about what to talk about profit. The sustainable development of read more

"The reputation of website entered the stage of sustainable development must be crossed the threshold"

Talk about new sites is how to improve rankings

below, I’ll explain why the new station rankings so good:

some time ago on the decision to engage in a network ( of the site, the site from the line until today, just one month, the main keyword ranking "network marketing" natural ranked seventh, not bad. I’ve been busy with other things since I’ve been on the line. I haven’t kept a good update, and haven’t done a good job of quality outsourcing. Website has been hanging there, until last week, just to make time, and do a good job of internal construction and the distribution of the chain, the site in yesterday’s big update, ranking on it. Now, let’s all come here and discuss what we have done: read more

"Talk about new sites is how to improve rankings"

How do log analysis methods become simpler and more valuable

logs are a very broad concept in computer systems, and any program has the potential to output logs: operating system kernels, various application servers, and so forth. The content, size, and use of logs vary, and it’s hard to generalize.

the log in the log processing method discussed in this article refers to the Web log only. In fact, there is no precise definition that may include, but is not limited to, a variety of front-end Web servers — Apache, lighttpd, Tomcat, and other user access logs, and the logs produced by various Web applications themselves. read more

"How do log analysis methods become simpler and more valuable"

DedeCMS For Admin5 comprehensive application lecture

first, I will introduce myself, my dream is the official team if you contact. Also have more than 2 years of time, had been done at the forum, met a lot of friends like you, then he joined the dream team, found that this is a vibrant, passionate and learning ability where the webmaster network invited to give a lecture program DedeCMS.

is mainly because of the lack of lectures, training content system, this lecture I will dream technology forum common problem of sorting out, and some other aspects of the application of the contents of the supplement, let everybody understand the use of DedeCMS program. read more

"DedeCMS For Admin5 comprehensive application lecture"

How can you show that you know how to promote

there are a lot of people will say, I will promote, I have 100 how to get to the first page, how to IP on the one thousand, these are very enviable, but I think this person can say is to promote, but he does not know the promotion, below I say what kind of person is the promotion will be.

first of all, he has a high reputation in the industry, we all mention this name is very like, because he taught all of his selfless to others, everyone has problems, he can solve, mutual help each other.

second; he wants to use the king very understand, the original article is a search engine’s love, no matter what the time will not abandon, he never know the offbeat method, the search engine will never change the principle. read more

"How can you show that you know how to promote"

Grassroots webmaster thoughts ramble SEO and nothing

do station people, everyone wants to learn SEO, I also be half webmaster, but I still don’t know what SEO is, only know its name is search engine optimization.

, I’m on ADMIN5, too. I see a lot about SEO. But I personally feel that. SEO doesn’t have much.

generally think, SEO is to find more points, the chain to send key word optimization. That’s what makes search engines quick to include and how to cheat.

personally, I think (I’m more grassroots than the grass roots, just suggestions) read more

"Grassroots webmaster thoughts ramble SEO and nothing"

Dew talks about the risks and opportunities of investing in CN domain names today

I used to be very optimistic about CN, but now it’s not that good. Today I’ll talk about some of the risks and opportunities of investing in cn.

1. The chance to invest in CN domain names

today I ran into A5 forum, see what news, I went to see someone posted a ultrashort CN can be registered, with a curious heart, I will look into the points, as I expected, I now have three CN domain name can be registered in I’ll check the check, if it is true, I checked 6 three, four have not registered. What does that mean?. The three bit is not registered, they did not renew the fall down, the original one yuan registered CN meters, 35 people now want to renew, may of course not. read more

"Dew talks about the risks and opportunities of investing in CN domain names today"