Doyle Bramhall II Treats Fans To New Music In Stunning Fayetteville Show [Gallery]

first_imgLast night, guitarist extraordinaire Doyle Bramhall II set up shop at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, AR as part of his spring tour schedule. Bramhall II is known for his enthusiastic approach to the blues genre, adding his Southern flare to give a potent edge on songs both familiar and brand new. The band has a new album on the way, and treated fans to a number of helpings from that upcoming release throughout the night.Among the setlist were a handful of covers, including Johnny Guitar Watson’s “Lovin’ You” and Sam & Dave’s “I Thank You,” the latter of which also featured a sit-in from former JJ Grey & Mofro drummer Anthony “AC” Cole, who played saxophone on the number. Four new songs, including “My People,” “The Veil,” “Mama Can’t Help You (Believe It),” “Saga” and “Hands Up” are all selections from the new release, getting fans excited about more music to come!You can keep up with the band and their upcoming shows, music and more via their official website. Check out a full gallery of images from Jeremy Scott, as well as the full setlist below:Setlist: Doyle Bramhall II at George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville, AR – 5/3/16Set: I Wanna Be, My People, Early in the Morning, The Veil, So You Want it to Rain, Lovin’ You, Time, Mama Can’t Help You(Believe It), Saga, Hands Up, I Thank YouEncore: Green Light Girl Load remaining imageslast_img read more

"Doyle Bramhall II Treats Fans To New Music In Stunning Fayetteville Show [Gallery]"

Pretty Lights Reveals New Band Lineup, Mini-Festival Tour Dates In Cryptic Video

first_imgPretty Lights has just shared an intriguing video, outlining what appears to be a major multi-city tour with a live band. While nothing has been formally announced, it looks as though there will be ten dates, and that an ensemble of Alvin Ford Jr., Brian Coogan, Chris Karns, and Borahm Lee will be joining him for what has been dubbed the PL Festival.The video shows a number of dates, including 8/5-6 in the Northeast, 8/12-13 and 8/26-27 in the Midwest/Colorado area, 9/23-24 in the Illinois area, and 10/7-8 near the Southeast. It also shows the words “PL Festival Routing” in the first few frames, with a spreadsheet that has columns like “Venue” and “Special Guests,” suggesting that the famed DJ has some major plans in store for this summer.You can check out the new video from Pretty Lights below.last_img read more

"Pretty Lights Reveals New Band Lineup, Mini-Festival Tour Dates In Cryptic Video"

Sweetwater Music Hall To Host ‘Jerry Day’ Tribute To Jerry Garcia

first_imgThe first week of August is always a special time for fans of Jerry Garcia. The famed Grateful Dead guitarist was born on August 1st, 1942 and passed away on August 9th, 1995 – creating a “Jerry Week” celebration for all who want to honor Garcia’s legacy.Of course, there’s no better way to honor said legacy than with the music. Fortunately, the Sweetwater Music Hall (of which Bob Weir is a co-owner) has put together a “Jerry Day” tribute concert featuring a number of musicians from the extended Grateful Dead family. The show will feature vocalist Sunshine Garcia Becker, bassist Robin Sylvester, Tift Merritt, keyboardist Danny Eisenberg, guitarist Matt Hartle and drummer Ezra Lipp. The announcement also promises additional special guests to be added later.The show is coming up on August 9th at the Mill Valley, CA venue, and tickets can be found here.last_img read more

"Sweetwater Music Hall To Host ‘Jerry Day’ Tribute To Jerry Garcia"

Watch Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer Rip With Allman Brothers’ Butch Trucks & The Freight Train

first_imgButch Trucks & The Freight Train stormed through New York City last night, making their debut at B.B. King’s in Times Square. The band, who consists of bassist Berry Oakley Jr., guitarist Vaylor Trucks, keys-master Bruce Katz, rising star guitarist and vocalist Heather Gillis, was joined by young guitarist Ben Sparaco, blues master Junior Mack, and 13-year-old Brandon “Taz” Niederauer. Led by the original Allman Brothers drummer, and with plenty of ABB blood on stage, the band kept it family-oriented with some covers and originals for a two-hour set. Toward the end of the night, Niederauer made his way over to the club straight from one of eight performances he’ll have this week at the Winter Garden Theatre, where he plays the lead role of Zack Mooneyham in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s School of Rock The Musical. The teenager was excited to play with Trucks again, as they’d met four years ago at the Allman Brothers / Southern Rock-inspired Music Masters Camp called Roots Rock Revival. It was at that camp that Niederauer was introduced to many people who would lead the way for his musical career.Watch Niederauer jump in and rip Les McCann and Eddie Harris‘s “Compared To What”, then stick around for the ABB classic, “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”, along with some more highlights from the show, courtesy of Scott Gibson:Compared To What feat. Brandon NiederauerIn Memory of Elizabeth Reed feat. Brandon NiederauerStatesboro Blues feat. Junior MackBruce Katz OriginalOphelia, feat. Astrid Trucks (Vaylor’s daughter, Butch’s granddaughter)Butch Trucks & The Freight Train will be hitting Fairfield, CT on Thursday night. Catch the band in a city near you!last_img read more

"Watch Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer Rip With Allman Brothers’ Butch Trucks & The Freight Train"

Wilco To Play Intimate NYC Show At Rough Trade

first_imgThe band is hosting a Shmilco listening party at the venue tonight (September 6th), and the first 300 purchasers of the album will be given wristbands that will gain access to the show later this month. So run to Rough Trade, check out that new album, and hopefully get there in time to snag a wristband![H/T – Brooklyn Vegan] Chicago Americana stalwarts Wilco have announced a special one-off show at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade for later this month. The show will take place on September 22nd at the Williamsburg record store / music venue, and to get a ticket you need to head to Rough Trade (ASAP!!!) to buy a copy of the band’s new album, Shmilco.last_img read more

"Wilco To Play Intimate NYC Show At Rough Trade"

Neil Young Debuts New Material In His First-Ever Appearance At Telluride

first_imgWhen you’ve been performing as long as Neil Young, there are few firsts anymore. However, when Young teamed up with Promise of the Real back in 2014, it seemingly reinvigorated his sound in ways that no fan could have imagined. Now, two years later, Young brought the band out to Telluride Town Park, playing his first-ever performance in the music-loving city that is Telluride, CO.Continuing with the theme of “firsts,” there were a total of four songs last night played for the first time ever. The songs are so new, they only have working titles: “Hang Gliders,” “Texas Rangers,” “Peace Trail,” and “Show Me.” With these four songs and the recently-released studio track “Indian Givers,” we may soon hear news of a new album from the great Neil Young.The show also featured a number of Young’s biggest hits, opening with “After The Gold Rush” and “Heart Of Gold.” The set ended with “Rockin’ In The Free World,” before Young treated Telluride to versions of “Fuckin’ Up” and “Cinnamon Girl” to end the show.Young will return tonight, October 1st, for the second show of his two-night run at the beautiful venue. From there, Young heads through Idaho and Utah, eventually landing at the inaugural Desert Trip festival in Indio, CA.You can watch some video clips below, and see the full setlist courtesy of Sugar Mountain. Setlist: Neil Young at Telluride Town Park, Telluride, CO – 9/30/161. After The Gold Rush2. Heart Of Gold3. Long May You Run4. Comes A Time5. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)6. Out On The Weekend7. Human Highway8. “Hang Gliders”9. “Texas Rangers”10. Hold Back The Tears11. “Peace Trail”12. “Show Me”13. Powderfinger14. Love And Only Love15. Seed Justice16. Vampire Blues17. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere18. Don’t Be Denied19. Rockin’ In The Free World—20. F*!#in’ Up21. Cinnamon Girl[Photo by abehringer//Instagram]last_img read more

"Neil Young Debuts New Material In His First-Ever Appearance At Telluride"

Yonder Mountain String Band Covers The Dead, Stones & More In Milwaukee [Review/Gallery]

first_imgPhoto: Daniel Ojeda Last night, Yonder Mountain String Band brought some serious jamgrass to Milwaukee’s Turner Hall Ballroom for a fun Thursday night show. It was a packed house, and as usual Yonder Mountain knew how to get fans’ feet stomping and hands clapping. What was pretty cool and notable about the show was that for those who couldn’t make it to the show, you could still catch the set as it was live-streamed on Not typically a band that streams a lot, it’s great to see YMSB try and bring their live show to an even broader audience. Even the opener was included on the stream to boot. Hopefully some footage from this show surfaces, as it was a great night of music.Minnesota-based bluegrass band Pert Near Sandstone opened the show. Right from the beginning of their set, they played straight bluegrass, with a breath of relief from the frantic energy with a folk song every now and then. With a new album to be released by the band on November 4, their set was filled with newer tunes like “Bloom Again,” as well as older favorites like “Down in the Holler.” They even brought up Yonder’s Jake Jolliff for two songs and Allie Kral for the set-ending “Wild Bill Jones.” Some (including myself) in the crowd were pleasantly surprised by their percussionist – the clogger. Matt Cartier kept the beat with his two feet and his 5’ x 5’ wood panel beneath his feet. His solos were quite enjoyable. Pert Near Sandstone did a fantastic job starting off the night and demonstrated how entertaining they have been for over ten years.Yonder’s set was equally as energetic. Their music blended into a smorgasbord of genres. Even fiddle player Allie Kral mentioned to the crowd how her aunt claimed the group’s music as “a mix between the Grateful Dead and bluegrass.” It was quite an apt description.Later banjo player Dave Johnston then told the Milwaukee crowd, “Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart.” Upright bass player Ben Kaufmann had just enough time to swipe out his upright bass for an electric bass guitar before Yonder broke into an absolutely amazing rendition of “Shakedown Street.” It was a phenomenal bluegrassy version of an awesome song and definitely was the highlight of the night. Kral took charge during the Garcia guitar solo and did it justice. All the members of the band had some cool effects on their instruments making it a spacey, bluegrass cover of this classic Dead tune.Other great moments of the show were “Black Sheep” and “Ever Fallen in Love,” the latter featuring those great harmonizing vocals that the band is known for.Yonder Mountain has three shows coming up, ones that will mark the end of their fall tour. Tonight they will be playing in Minneapolis for the CD release party of opener Pert Near Sandstone’s new album Discovery of Honey. Saturday they will be making it to Chicago for what will be a raucous Halloween show, playing tracks off of the classic Ween album 12 Golden Country Greats. Finally, Sunday will be the fall tour closer in Omaha.Judging from last night’s show in Milwaukee and what is to come over the next weekend, you will definitely want to make the trek to the Yonder Mountain for some great music. Check out the full set lists, below.Setlist: Pert Near Sandstone at Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI – 10/27/16Set: Rattlesnake, Down in the Holler, Skillet, Animal Instinct, Dawg’s Bull, Hard Times, Pass Me By, Enough Said (with Jake Jolliff), Bay Road (with Jake Jolliff), Bloom Again, Nothing I Can Do, Wild Bill Jones (with Allie Kral)Setlist: Yonder Mountain String Band at Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI – 10/27/16Set: Loved You Enough, Annalee, Ever Fallen In Love, Don’t Cry Blue, Shakedown Street, All Aboard -> Fingerprint -> All Aboard, Bend, Black Sheep -> I’m Lost, Gilpin Swing, New Deal Train, Leavin’, Torn & Frayed, Criminal, Northern Song -> Sideshow Blues -> Night Out -> Sideshow Blues -> Northern SongE: Rag Mama, Yer No Good Load remaining imageslast_img read more

"Yonder Mountain String Band Covers The Dead, Stones & More In Milwaukee [Review/Gallery]"

The Funniest Things Overheard At Phish’s Four-Night Run In Las Vegas

first_imgIt’s become tradition for the Live For Live Music family to catalog the hysterical things we overhear at large-scale jam scene events. Some moments live on through various fan groups, providing additional content and extended laughs galore. Though nothing can live up to the actual memories of the communities floating through places like Soldier Field during Fare Thee Well, or Madison Square Garden during New Years Eve, or any of the various music festivals that occupy the lives of our strange-folk jam scene, it’s the after-read that makes this work week just a little more enjoyable.Our most recent laughs have come straight out of Las Vegas, when Phish took over the MGM Grand Garden Arena for four nights to celebrate Halloween. With over 17,000 gambling phans in attendance, there was plenty of action to hear from. So, here’s what made us laugh the hardest!“The MGM makes me feel like Hunter S. Thompson had it easy in fear and loathing in Las Vegas…”“I could probably nail Mike from here with this glow stick… but I won’t. He’s wooorking.”“I have double Page nipples” – after receiving random Phish buttons.“I don’t want to walk through that way, it’s a field of spunions over there.”“WHO WANTS TO FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK?!?”Dude in a skirt: “You guys look pretty great, wanna take me home?”“I’m invisible!” “Well I’m a bagel!!”“This is great pot. It feels like when you’re still feeling the waves after being on a boat, but in a good way….” “So you could say it’s ‘Big Boat’ weed?!?”“No ducks, no deal.”“I mean it’s a baby, I haven’t done anything with it but he’s cool.”“I need a pen that writes, not one you smoke out of!”“I couldn’t handle this place on acid!”“This is a Phish show not a Dead show – so no tie dye!”“We’ve got some powerful pills here, who wants em?!” Hands out Smarties.“I only hope that Page labels his haunted house noises with pictures or icons instead of words. That’s what I would do.”“This band is going to make me cry tonight.”Said during the show: “You know what would make this even better… bacon.”“You know, this band really needs more tambourines…” “I know! I wish these glow sticks were tambourines.”Hippies run to the people in front of us wearing blinking lights & stop: “Sorry about cutting in front of you, but those lights were so inviting!”Sign on Amish costume, “what happens on rumshpringa stays on rumshpringa.”“Baa baa black sheep have you any shirt?”“Did someone lose a sock? It just fell in front of me…”“Star Jam?” “Star VOCAL Jam!!”“Your cab driver was a pimp?!” “Well yea but he was more of a renaissance man really.”During set three on Halloween: “Didn’t Mike have sleeves at one point during this concert?”During Twist drum solo: “IT’S PHISH IN SPAAAACE!”After Monday’s show: “DO NOT under-do it tonight, doctor’s orders.”Groom to bride before wedding, dressed as Hall and Oates: “Babe, you have the marriage certificate right? Also, let me fix your mustache, it’s crooked.”“How am I going to get these drugs in?” “You could supposit them…” “Did you just invent a new verb?”In the bathroom: “How do I hang up my bag of wine?”“I sold my extra to a wook but realized afterwards it was my ticket, so now I’m the wook looking for an extra. WHO’S GOT MY EXTRA!?!?”“I heard John Mayer is here. Did you guys catch when Mayer’s rhythm guitarist played with Phish in Nashville?”“I dropped five grand on a shitty handjob last night.”“I’m all itchy from that woman’s glitter last night.”“Me and my buddy were banging this chick last night in the room and she reached over and started eating all the Altoids. They were all dosed and…” elevator door closes.After someone got kicked out: “That’s what happens when Phish brings back the Gumbo jams.”Also after someone got kicked out: “I couldn’t get any more psychedelic right now.”“Hey guys, I’m going to see this really awesome band on Halloween. They’re called Twiddle. If anyone knows any pre game parties we could hit, let me know!” – an actual Facebook message [face palm!]“Guys, I’m pretty sure I just saw John Mayer riding a the rail in a unicorn onesie… my life is complete!”At TopGolf: “I’m nailing golf balls at a driving range with Electric Beethoven playing behind me after a Phish show. They should call me Tiger Wooks!”last_img read more

"The Funniest Things Overheard At Phish’s Four-Night Run In Las Vegas"

The Disco Biscuits Kick Off Three-Night Hometown Throwdown In Philly [Pro-Shot Video]

first_imgThe Disco Biscuits performed their first of three nights at The Fillmore in Philadelphia last night. Their hometown throwdowns are notoriously good, as the premises give bandmates an opportunity to explore new measures in the comfort of their own homes. Three night runs, nonetheless, allow for even more jamming that the jamtronica experts are known for.To kick off the night, the Biscuits opened appropriately with “Coming Home,” a not-so-subtle reference to their return to The City of Brotherly Love. The band also modified the lyrics of “Coming Home,” using the Philly-centric lyrics that were debuted during their New Years Run in 2002 stating “Philly, it’s always been home with a Happy New Year Biscuits coming home.” The night would see this song return for the final slot of the first set, as the band made the six-song first set a giant “Coming Home” sandwich.The night would see this song return for the final slot of the first set, as the band made the nonstop six-song first set a giant “Coming Home” sandwich. Following the show opener, the band moved through “I-Man” and “Vassillios” before hitting an inverted “Abraxas,” all of which featured took advantage of the space in the first set to get exploratory and jammy. The Biscuits then covered Pink Floyd’s “Run Like Hell” before returning back to the reprise of “Coming Home” to close the first set.The second set of the night started off with a bang, with the band starting off with “The Overture,” which lasted over thirty minutes. This dropped straight into an inverted “Portal To An Empty Head” before swinging through “Overture” once again. The band reset for “Highwire,” before moving into “I Remember When.” The second set closed on “Magellan” and saw a return of “I-Man” from the first set. To close out the night, The Biscuits kicked off the encore with “Wet” before bringing back “Run Like Hell” to end the evening.You can take a peek at the setlist below, and watch the full show here:Check out pro-shot footage of show-opener Aqueous’s performance last night too!The Disco Biscuits return to the stage tonight with Swift Technique and will be live streamed from the band’s YouTube page.Setlist: The Disco Biscuits | The Fillmore Philadelphia | Philadelphia, PA | 2/2/17Set I: Coming Home-> I-Man-> Vassillios-> Abraxas-> Run Like Hell-> Coming HomeSet II: The Overture-> Portal to an Empty Head-> The Overture, Highwire-> I Remember When, Magellan-> I-ManE: Wet-> Run Like Hell[Setlist/Photo via Disco Biscuits Facebook]last_img read more

"The Disco Biscuits Kick Off Three-Night Hometown Throwdown In Philly [Pro-Shot Video]"

We Want To Send You To Fool’s Paradise In Style!

first_imgWe’re gearing up for the second annual Fool’s Paradise in beautiful and historic St. Augustine, Florida, just a little over a month away. On March 31st and April 1st, Lettuce, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, The Motet, The Floozies, Manic Science (Manic Focus x Break Science), The Main Squeeze, and more will funk up the beach in one of the oldest cities in America.We’re giving you and a friend the chance to attend for free, VIP-style. One lucky winner will receive:-2 VIP Weekend Passes-2 Tickets To Each After Party-2 Night Stay at Local Hotel-2 Tickets to 1 Excursion-2 Fool’s Paradise T-Shirts-Priority Access to Pit Area & Seating-Discounted Beverages-2 Fool’s Paradise Limited Edition PostersEnter below, then share to increase your chances of winning. Good luck!For tickets and more information visit read more

"We Want To Send You To Fool’s Paradise In Style!"