The RFEF gives official response: the Leganés remains without signing

first_imgThe RFEF raised the case to FIFA trying to find protection from the world body, but the response was also negative. He says FIFA that in the whole world there is only one exception to sign out of the market and it is to hire players without equipment before the closing of the last transfer window, that is, the signing of unemployed players. Spanish legislation in this regard is unique because the exception also includes a long-term injury, as has been the case with I trembled Y Braithwaite. “In case of accessing the request of the CD Leganés SAD, to allow a new player to register the consequences of that situation, they would be predicable to the fourth club, the fifth club … and so on, being able to give rise to a chain of transfers outside of the registration period that would be a significant damage to the integrity of the competition and the fairness of the participants“, explains the RFEF. Leganés has received an official response this morning to his request for the Spanish Federation (RFEF) to grant him an extraordinary term of signings after Martin Braithwaite’s departure to FC Barcelona, previous payment of the clause, to replace out of market the withdrawal of I trembled. How they intuited in BumperThe response, which arrives one week after the request occurred, has been negative. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 27, 2020center_img In this regard, the RFEF has confirmed to the Leganés that it will propose shortly changing the regulations to suppress this assumption and equate to the regulations in the rest of the world. Article 124.3 of the general regulation of the RFEF, which enables these signings due to injury, is therefore officially bound to disappear. “The RFEF will begin the appropriate procedures to raise the proposal for the suppression of Article 124.3 General Regulations, hoping, on this occasion and contrary to what has happened before, that the National Professional Football League report favorably to said proposal and that the CSD Board of Directors estimates the regulatory modification that the RFEF has been wanting to implement for a long time “, argues the RFEF in its statement.The feeling within the club is of great discomfort for this response and, although they expected it to be what the norm affirms, they still had some hope that a loophole could be found to undo a mess that, as the president stated, Victoria Pavón, a week ago, it was doing almost irreparable damage to the entity, even if the RFEF gave the green light to sign.Goodbye to an advanced signingThe Leganés, confirm sources close to the club, will not raise any more resources. Exhausted the route of sports justice, there was the option of resorting to ordinary justice, something that is ruled out due to lack of time.With this refusal, the Leganés says goodbye to the almost certain incorporation of any player from here at the end of the season. In Butarque they insist that there was a very advanced signing that, if they had received a positive response, they would have arrived in Leganés in a matter of two-three days. The agreement between all parties, they insist, was almost done.Closed this option, now the Leganés must study whether to sign a unemployed player, but it is almost discarded. The market is meager and the options that were on the table, insist on Butarque, did not give the desired profile.last_img read more

"The RFEF gives official response: the Leganés remains without signing"