Scouts with nothing to browse

first_imgMadrid is providing the COVID-19 stoppage to regional scouts with alternative tasks to take advantage of their knowledge. One tool is WyScout, a powerful software with a lot of material from other European Leagues more difficult to follow (Holland, Greece, Turkey …), searching for specific player profiles. Also they analyze the vast catalog of videos of the white club, especially on RMTV, which records a minimum of five games from the lower categories every day in Valdebebas. This is also done, for example, by Valencia. The scouts who work outside the Valencian Community have been sent the videos of the Ches youth squads to give their opinion. A kind of impromptu audit. “The club traditionally tries have homework done by the end of December, there is already transfers signed and they have been done tests interesting players in Valdebebas during the winter, but you should always be on the lookout for the end of the season, ”a scout from the white team tells AS. A job, yours, poorly paid (the majority cannot dedicate themselves to it full time) and that some have made compatible with tasks that range from from being public officials to goalkeeping coaches. More than economically, that also, uncertainty is the future. “The club reassures us, but it is impossible to know what will happen, this season is lost ”. The only ones who really have their job secured are the high-ranking officials of the quarry. Ramón Martínez, the head of the Factory, David Fernandez, Recruitment Coordinator and strong man since 2017 when he joined Espanyol, Alfredo Merino (head of scouts) and some managers of weight zone, such as the former soccer player Mutt Solarium (head of the downtown area). It is a long-suffering profession, that of the foot-scout. For the number of recommendations that remain on the road and for the day to day. “I would go out at eight in the morning on Saturday and have breakfast in a field before a game, I would watch games and sometimes I had to eat a snack in a bar in the sports hall itself so as not to miss a game first thing in the afternoon… on Sunday the same and so every weekend, it started in Tarragona and ended in Girona ”, explains Manolo Romero, a veteran Madrid exojeador for two decades in Catalonia. Your stubbornness was the one that took Mariano to Valdebebas against the initial reluctance of the entity, which really went to Barcelona to see another promise, Sergio Cortés. A scout of the notebook, pen in hand and a lot of smell. Easter has always been a hotbed of championships de grassroots. A fishing ground in which the scouts of the great clubs, including the Real Madrid, take the opportunity to make reports, discover kids and be aware of what new talent pops up. A section that coincides with the end of the season, a fertile time in quarry movements that this year will not be. COVID-19 has paralyzed everything and its effects have left an essential part of Factory, the scouts. David Fernández is the coordinator of scouts for Real Madrid. The club signed him from Espanyol in 2017. Ramón Martínez, boss of La Fábrica blanca, and Juni Calafat, the strong man in the club’s signings.JAVIER GANDUL Distributed by the four cardinal points …They are also placed in constant rotation. Strong men left in important regions, such as Arkaitz Mota (left Madrid for the Qatari Aspire academy) in the Basque Country and Carlos Paniza, an institution in the Balearic Islands and discoverer of Marco Asensio, who left for Mallorca. They are supported by Madrid, yes, very veteran as Antonio Galán, a huge connoisseur of Andalusian football and especially of Cordoba, and Sixto Alfonso, attentive to the always prolific Canarian quarry (he discovered Jesé). There are spies at the four cardinal points. The Galician quarry controls it Pablo Fernández and the Asturian, despite being dominated by Sporting and Oviedo, watches closely Juan Carlos Rodríguez ‘Sardín’. In the downtown area, under Solana’s command, reports pass Mario Followed and the former soccer player of the entity Santi Aragon…They are on the ground, become the first link in the chain (they are the ones that alert the club before Merino travels to see the possible signing) and although now, because of the stoppage of all national grassroots football, they cannot browse talent, they are an essential piece for Real Madrid and Factory. Manolo Romero thinks so: “Today there are computer applications with a lot of data and the agents carry a lot of weight, but in the end the talent … the talent is seen by two eyes“last_img read more

"Scouts with nothing to browse"