Official: Mirandés-Zaragoza postponed by rain

first_imgThe heavy downpour that fell on Miranda from the early hours of Saturday afternoon led to the postponement of Mirandés-Zaragoza for which there is no scheduled date yet. Sagués Oscoz inspected the pitch twice with his assistants The ball did not even roll or bounce in the most flooded areas that were on the side of the lawn.With that panorama, the Basque collegiate made the decision to postpone the contest. “They asked us our position. As a club, we told him to decide if he could play or not. It is clear that the state of the countryside was bad. The ball was not going to roll. They were clear about their position. The reality is that you could not play and you have to assume that decision. If the referee had said yes, we would have gone ahead “, highlights the coach of the Mirandés Andoni Iraola. LaLiga announced the postponement of the meeting on Twitter: “The Mirandés-RealZaragoza is postponed by arbitration decision in agreement with the two clubs as a result of the inclement weather.”The date on which the contest will finally be disputed is unknown.. Since both teams are still alive in the Copa del Rey, the possibility of playing it this week was ruled out, even to see their faces tomorrow since Zaragoza will be measured on Tuesday at Mallorca in La Romareda: “I understand that we will have to eliminate both. As one continues, it will be played later. It will be played whenever possible. Now we must think about the next Celtic Thursday and put ourselves in Cup mode again. “ Iraola I was sure that I was going to introduce several changes in the initial eleven due to accumulated fatigue. The Gipuzkoan technician did not want to assess whether the postponement is positive or not for his staff: “Sportingly, I don’t know if it’s good or bad for us. We came from playing recently and we could be fair. I came, I saw the field and I was more aware of an alignment according to the conditions and who would adapt better. In the end it was going to be moving and gaining ground. We had a player with discomfort and also Odei who was sick, but that did not condition us at the time of postponement. “This is the third game that postponed the Aragonese team this season after meetings against Sporting, for the flu, and against Fuenlabrada, for food poisoning. Victor Fernandez He also said of the postponement in GOL: “It’s a shame, if we want to protect the show, the field did not meet the conditions to play without risk. I think it was the wisest decision. I don’t know if with 100 operators and itching there would have been some possibility. We have quickly agreed. I don’t remember having three games suspended in the same season. “Minutes of the matchThe referee of the match, Sagues Oscoz, reflected the following in the minutes: “Once the mandatory inspection of the pitch has been completed, upon arrival at the sports facilities, 90 minutes before the scheduled time of the start of the match, we verify that a large part of the surface of the pitch was impracticable for soccer practice, not bouncing or rolling the ball in numerous parts of the field, all this due to the incessant rains fallen in the hours before the start of the game. At 20:30 a second inspection of the pitch was made again, worsening it even with respect to the previous inspection. For this reason and in view of the fact that the rain forecasts after the start of the match were not favorable, announcing a high percentage of new rains, We took the decision to suspend the meeting. Both teams express, through their team delegates, their full agreement with the decision to suspend the match. Therefore, at 8:40 p.m., both delegates were officially announced to suspend the meeting.last_img read more

"Official: Mirandés-Zaragoza postponed by rain"