10 months agoArsenal hero Petit: I laugh at Emery’s weak, average defence

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Arsenal hero Petit: I laugh at Emery’s weak, average defenceby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal hero Emmanuel Petit says manager Unai Emery’s defence isn’t good enough.Petit claims that Arsenal’s biggest weakness is their “average defence’ and ultimately that will undermine Emery’s chances of success this season.He told Paddy Power: “In defence they are weak, they’re average. They make individual and collective errors. Sometimes you have to laugh. They injuries are not an excuse, most of the players who stepped in are internationals.“The quality they had been showing vanished (at Brighton) and it became obvious what their weakest link was – the defence.“I don’t know what’s going on with some of these players. During the long unbeaten run you thought Arsenal are back on track.”But now I look back at the number of those games in which they were lucky and, suddenly, reality returned.“They need to raise their game mentally on Saturday. I’ve seen glimpses of improvement compared to previous years but you can’t perform for just half an hour against Liverpool. You need to be fully switched on for 90 minutes, especially away from home.“If Arsenal go to Anfield thinking they can just keep plodding away the way they have been, it’s over – they’ll leave the stadium with three or four goals against them.” last_img read more

"10 months agoArsenal hero Petit: I laugh at Emery’s weak, average defence"

A Bill to Absolve Certain National Heroes and Their Supporters from Criminal Liability

first_imgMr. Speaker, Members of this Honourable House, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good afternoon.M. Speaker, Today must go down in the annals of this Honourable House as a day of historic proportions, the value and substance of which must never be diminished. Today, we the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of our forebears unite around an honourable act – the tabling of a Bill whose objective is to redeem and restore the dignity and integrity of those who suffered much, even to the point of giving their lives, so that we would be free – free to be who we want to be, free to aspire to the best we can be, free to make them proud by the various actions we put in place to assure them that we their children will one day rid our land of persistent poverty and self-destruction, and carve out for our beloved country a destiny moulded in sustainable prosperity.Mr. Speaker, Words from Jamaican poet Vera Bell come to mind as we contemplate this important activity on behalf of our ancestors:Ancestor on the auction blockAcross the years your eyes seek mineCompelling me to lookI see you sweating, toiling, sufferingWithin your loins I see the seedOf multitudesFrom your labourGrow roads, aqueducts, civilization.Yours was the task to clear the ground(Ours) be the task to build.Mr. Speaker, Today we are compelled to look back through the course of our history, a glorious history of resistance and resilience, of indomitable spirit and heroic stance. And we do so in order to put this activity into its correct perspective.Mr. Speaker, the past we reflect on today was the worst of times. It was a time of hardship and oppression for people of African descent who were taken forcibly from their families and homes in Africa and brought to serve in chattel slavery on plantations across Jamaica, the Caribbean and the Americas. In this most demeaning process, the colonizers sought to take from these Africans all the vestiges of their humanity – their names, their identity, their dignity. Their lot was to enrich the enslavers and planters, to bring fortunes to the crown even as they lost contact with everything they knew and loved in their native Africa. Guyanese Caribbean historian and political activist, Walter Rodney, in reflecting on this period of world history, described it as How Europe Underdeveloped Africa.Mr. Speaker, our ancestors arrived in Jamaica over three centuries of the Trans-Atlantic Trade in Africans. But we must pause to remember also the many who did not arrive, like those who chose the waters of the Atlantic over chattel slavery. And there were those, as in the Zong incident off the coast of Jamaica, in the vicinity of Black River, who were tossed overboard into the Caribbean Sea to lighten the ship and claim insurance money.Mr. Speaker, Those who arrived, landed at various ports (Kingston Harbour/Falmouth/Lucea/etc.) and were placed on auction blocks, later to be branded like animals, given new names, and led to the various plantations across the country. There they toiled and laboured in every kind of weather to fill the coffers of Europe, even as Africa and the so-called New World became impoverished.Mr. Speaker, our ancestors were of an ancestral pedigree that was not daunted by challenges, no matter how great they may be or how seemingly unsurmountable the obstacles. They came to Jamaica shackled and belaboured, but within their fertile minds dwelt the militant cultures they had fashioned back home in the various tribal forces of the Continent. Mr. Speaker, they soon became freedom fighters, “buffalo soldiers, stolen from Africa, fighting on arrival, fighting for survival”. In this prolific and prolonged campaign, they wreaked mayhem and holy war against the oppressors. They made life difficult for those who would try to rule them, making them realize that though they would enslave the body, they could not enslave their mind. Their fertile mind was in a state of constant preparation for the time when they or their children would be free.And so, Mr. Speaker, Tacky struck for freedom for the enslaved Africans. He led one of the most serious and solid campaigns against the oppressors, in the parish of St. Mary, between May and July 1760. The fierceness and determination of its campaign as well as the level of militancy and skill demonstrated by the leader, caused the Tacky War or St. Mary Rebellion to be considered as the “most significant slave rebellion in the Caribbean between the 1733 slave insurrection in St. John and the 1791 Haitian Revolution”.And then, there was Right Excellent Sam Sharpe, National Hero. His campaign was one of the most remarkable in organization, meticulous planning and effective implementation. Determined to end the tyranny of slavery, this Baptist deacon held meetings at nights in various sections of St. James, from Catadupa to Kensington, as part of his campaign. His was the determination to “rather die on yonder gallows than to live one more day of slavery”. And, as the record shows, he did die at the hands of the executioner on May 23, 1832 after succeeding in staging the first organized labour resistance in Jamaica.Mr. Speaker, the most significant achievement of the Christmas Rebellion was that it caused the British crown to abolish slavery. But, emancipation, wrought in 1834, did not end the rule of tyranny of the European mercenaries. It also did not reduce the militancy of the African people. And so as the oppression reached high levels, by 1865 it was the turn of Right Excellent George William Gordon, a legislator, and Right Excellent Paul Bogle, a Baptist deacon, to lead a multitude of followers in another determined effort to put an end to the tyranny.And then, finally, there was in modern Jamaica, a recognition that slavery had infiltrated the minds of the enslaved who had by then showed signs of what could be seen as an inferiority complex. Armed with insight from the books he read, Right Excellent Marcus Garvey became the voice of black consciousness as he promoted a philosophy of black business and political acumen. Garvey’s philosophy was supported by an activism that saw him engaging in business and politics, which soon brought him into conflict with the modern version of the imperial power. Garvey’s militancy was in the force of his words, his unwavering stance in the face of opposition and his belief in the power of the black man to become master of his own destiny. This, invariably, placed him in a posture of collision with the colonial rulers which led to his imprisonment.It must also be noted, Mr. Speaker, that in saluting the leaders cited in this presentation, our Bill recognizes those who supported these movements. These were the rank and file African people who believed in the leadership, saw the need to battle against the forces of oppression, and, cognizant of the type of punishment that would result, were willing and determined to become participants in the cause, even unto death. We salute these rank and file persons in this Bill today, whom we treat in the same manner as the leaders they supported, in another most blatant demonstration of complicity. In other words, we the generation that has taken up this task of absolving our forebears are, by this action, complicit with them in their various campaigns and endeavours, and treat with the supporters, sympathizers and participants by association in like manner as we do their leaders. Mr. Speaker, let the record show!Mr. Speaker, in those worst of times of colonial oppression and slavery, those who would dare to stand up against man’s inhumanity to man, to strike out against all forms of tyranny, to promote a militant campaign to restore the dignity of an entire people, were seen by the organs of said tyranny as conspirators, enemies and even criminals. These oppressors, with authority given to them by egregious laws, created labels of terror and oppression as they determined that the freedom fighters be deemed as enemies to the very freedom for which they fought.And so, Mr. Speaker, we the children of these freedom fighters who gave up life and liberty so we can be free, cannot sit in silence and acquiesce to a system that rendered those who freed us with their lives as criminals. It would be unjust for the children of the oppressed, emboldened by a vision of future liberty for their children, to sit silently and allow the names of these martyrs for freedom to have their names and images tarnished by a brutal uncaring system of governance. It is the duty of those of us who are the inheritors of the new life that resulted from their self-sacrifice, to take the bold step and correct the wrongs of the past, restore the dignity and integrity of the cause for which they so willingly died.The following extract from the book Daddy Sharpe by Fred Kennedy, and cited as words written by Methodist Minister Rev. Henry Bleby, captures it well:“I witnessed the execution… I was anxious to see how he would demean himself, when actually confronted with the stern and solemn realities of death and eternity… I could not help feeling deep sorrow and indignation, as I turned from his death-scene, and brushed away the tears which the contemplation of his (tragic) fate called forth, that such a man as Samuel Sharpe, who possessed a mind which under proper influence and direction was capable of noble things, should be thus immolated at the polluting shrine of slavery… Sam Sharpe was the most intelligent and remarkable slave I have ever known”.Mr. Speaker, it is this that we are doing by tabling this Bill – provide a situation for an entire nation to appreciate the kind of mind that our ancestors had and the remarkable ability and tenacity they displayed. This Bill gives new life to these our heroes and unsung heroes. This Bill seeks to redress the wrongs and set the captives free.Mr Speaker, permit me at this point to express appreciation to a number of persons and entities who have played supportive roles in the processes we have followed. They are Minister Mike Henry, who has been one of those at the forefront in advocating for Reparations; Senator Tom Tavares Finson, Professor Verene Sheperd for her research and advocacy; Dr Julius Garvey; the Council on Reparations, the Legislative Committee; the Attorney General’s Office and of course the Cabinet.Mr. Speaker, if I may be allowed in closing one final personal testimony, allow me to say how privileged I feel as one who was born and who grew up in the bowels of West Kingston to have been chosen by the ancestors to table this very significant Bill of redress. As I speak I hear the voices and feel the spirits of such greats as Mortimer Planno, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and all those who brought light to the eyes of so many, so that West Kingston became the oasis of Jamaica’s greatest gift to the world – Reggae Music, with anthems to the oppressed like One Love, Many Rivers to Cross, Equal Rights and Justice, Revolution, One Man Against the World, War, Stepping outa Babylon, and so many others.Today, Mr. Speaker, this humble daughter of West Kingston invites us all in this Honourable House to unite in celebrating this Bill “to absolve certain National Heroes, namely, The Right Excellent Samuel Sharpe, The Right Excellent George William Gordon, The Right Excellent Paul Bogle, The Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey, their supporters, sympathizers and participants by association, and other freedom fighters, from criminal liability arising from participation in the 1760 Tacky’s or St. Mary Rebellion, the 1831 to 1832 Christmas Rebellion, the 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion and the 1929 campaign of the People’s Political Party, respectively, and to provide for connected matters”.Yes,Their resistance and militancy led to many skirmishes with the colonial rulers. As the custodians of authority based on Europeans determining their right to divide Africa and the world around them and set up empires for themselves, they legislated against the activities of the enslaved. And so, Mr. Speaker, the determination to free oneself from the bondage of slavery became an offence, punishable by some of the most horrific forms of punishment ever contrived, including execution.Mr. Speaker, to us, these are heroes on whose shoulders we now stand tall. To the colonial oppressors they were dissidents, fighting against the status quo, terrorizing the planters and their families, being criminalsMr. Speaker, for the colonial oppressors, those through whose daily rumblings and skirmishes with plantation owners, overseers and militia, wereIn doing so, we acclaim our ancestral pedigree as fostered by many who, rather than give in to the brutality of their colonial masters, preferred rather than live in slavery to “die on yonder gallows”… and did!last_img read more

"A Bill to Absolve Certain National Heroes and Their Supporters from Criminal Liability"

Judge Pipeline owners trespassed but work can continue

first_imgNEW ORLEANS — A Louisiana judge says a company building an oil pipeline through south Louisiana trespassed on the land of three people challenging the construction — but he allowed the work to continue and awarded each of the three $150 in compensation and damages.Judge Keith Comeaux’s ruling Thursday disappointed opponents of the nearly complete Bayou Bridge Pipeline, who said they would appeal.Opponents had hoped the St. Martinville-based judge would order the pipeline removed from the relatively small amount of land involved, a fraction of a 38-acre (15-hectare) tract. Barring that, they had hoped for a major damage award to discourage what they said was the illegal taking of land.Energy Transfer Partners, the project owner, has said the 162-mile (260-kilometre) pipeline is expected to be operational by year’s end.Kevin McGill, The Associated Presslast_img read more

"Judge Pipeline owners trespassed but work can continue"

Gray Milan has ambitious plans to be cleaner greener

first_imgMILAN — If Italy’s fashion capital has a predominant colour, it is grey — not only because of the blocks of neoclassical stone buildings for which the city is celebrated, but also due to its often-grey sky, which traps pollution.But Milan now wants to shift its colour palette toward green.The city has ambitious plans to plant 3 million new trees by 2030 — a move that experts say could offer relief from the city’s muggy, sometimes tropical weather.Projects like architect Stefano Boeri’s striking Vertical Forest residential towers, completed in 2014 near the Garibaldi train station, aim to improve not only air quality but the quality of life for Milan residents.Colleen Barry, The Associated Presslast_img read more

"Gray Milan has ambitious plans to be cleaner greener"

SeaWorld says DOJ probe into Blackfish statements is over

first_imgORLANDO, Fla. — SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. says it has been notified that the U.S. Department of Justice is ending its probe into whether company officials misled investors about the negative impact the documentary “Blackfish” was having on its business.In September, SeaWorld and two former executives agreed to pay more than $5 million to settle federal fraud claims brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission alleging they had made misleading statements about the documentary’s impact.The Orlando-based theme park company said Wednesday in a SEC filing that Justice Department has now notified the company that it won’t take any action.Attendance and revenue declined after the release of the 2013 documentary about the life of Tilikum, an orca that killed a SeaWorld trainer during a performance in Orlando in 2010.The Associated Presslast_img read more

"SeaWorld says DOJ probe into Blackfish statements is over"

Kolkata CP among 4 Bengal cops replaced ahead of polls

first_imgKOLKATA: In a surprising move just days before the ensuing Lok Sabha polls, the Election Commission has removed the Commissioners of Police (CPs) of both Kolkata and Bidhannagar. The four officers cannot be involved by the state government in any election-related duties, the poll panel stated.Dr Rajesh Kumar, ADG, Pollution Control Board has been made the new Commissioner of Police, Kolkata, replacing Anuj Sharma. It may be recalled that Sharma had been made the Commissioner of the city barely two months ago. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaThe new Kolkata police chief was once private secretary to Mukul Roy when he was Railway Minister. Natarajan Ramesh Babu, ADG and IGP, Operations has been posted as Commissioner of Police, Bidhannagar. The Commission has also removed Birbhum SP Shyam Singh and Diamond Harbour SP S Selvamurugan. In a letter to Chief Secretary Malay De on Friday, the Commission informed that the decision was taken after reviewing the poll-preparedness of the state. Avannu Ravindranath, DC (Airport Division), Bidhannagar, has been posted as SP Birbhum, while Srihari Pandey, DC, KAP 3rd Battalion, has been posted as SP, Diamond Harbour.last_img read more

"Kolkata CP among 4 Bengal cops replaced ahead of polls"

Harbhajan bowling with confidence: Lee

first_imgVisakhapatnam: Former Australia speedster Brett Lee applauded Harbhajan Singh, saying that the veteran Indian off-spinner has shown a lot of confidence while bowling for Chennai Super Kings in the ongoing IPL. Harbhajan, 38, has turned the clock this IPL season more than once, taking crucial wickets during the tournament to help CSK reach their record eighth final in 10 years. CSK were suspended for two years in between. “He exactly knows where to bowl for certain batsmen. His bowling was outstanding, he got some beautiful shape on the ball again. I love the revolutions of the ball,” the Star Sports Select Dugout Expert, Lee said. Also Read – We will push hard for Kabaddi”s inclusion in 2024 Olympics: Rijiju”That tells us that he has good control on the ball. He is bowling with confidence,” the former fast bowler added. Harbajan finished with figures of 31 for two in Qualifier 2 to help CSK restrict Delhi Capitals to 147 for 9 on Friday night and then the defending champions reached the target to win by six wickets. Two wickets in the game against Delhi meant Harbhajan became the third Indian to claim 150 wickets in IPL. “His stand is basically right-handers vs left-handers. Just shows how good a bowler he is. He can bring in the LBW both against the left and the right-handers,” Kings XI Punjab coach Mike Hesson, who is also a Star Sports Select Dugout Expert, said. Harbhajan has taken 16 wickets from 10 matches so far in the ongoing cash-rich tournament.last_img read more

"Harbhajan bowling with confidence: Lee"

Mens hockey Steve Miller signs on as associate head coach

Steve Miller has officially signed on to join the Ohio State men’s ice hockey coaching staff as associate head coach under Steve Rohlik, the school said Friday. Miller spent the past two seasons with Air Force as the director of hockey, and was an assistant coach on the gold medal-winning Team USA at the 2017 World Junior Championships — a team that featured Ohio State sophomore forward Tanner Laczynski.“Steve is one of the most respected coaches in college hockey,” Rohlik said. “He is outstanding at developing players and brings a great deal of championship experience to our team. We are thrilled to have him as a Buckeye. We can’t wait for the season to start.”A coaching veteran with 28 years of experience under his belt, Miller was rewarded in 2008 with the American Hockey Coaches Association’s Terry Flanagan Award, an honor recognized to an assistant coach for a career’s worth of coaching success.The bulk of Miller’s career was spent coaching the University of Denver where he spent 20 seasons, the first 17 of which as an assistant coach and latter three as associate head coach. While working with the Pioneers, Miller helped guide the team to back-to-back NCAA National Championships in 2004 and 2005, three Western Collegiate Hockey Association titles and four WCHA tournament titles. Regarded as a premier player-developer in the nation while at Denver, Miller coached 41 players to selections in the NHL draft, 55 All-WCHA honorees, 15 All-Americans and a pair of Hobey Baker Memorial Award Winners (given to the player deemed the best men’s collegiate hockey player in the nation).Miller began his coaching career with his alma mater, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota after playing three seasons of varsity hockey for the program. As a coach, Miller’s team immediately found success as it won the 1989 Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference playoff championship and reached the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament that year.He then spent two years at Miami under George Gwozdecky — whom he followed to Denver — where he helped the program win its first Central Collegiate Hockey Association title. After his time spent at Denver, he worked at Providence as an associate head coach during the 2014-15 season when the Friars won the NCAA Championship.Miller brings his history of success to an Ohio State program on the rise after finishing 21-12-6, earning an at-large berth to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2009. “I am honored and humbled to join such a prestigious institution and build on what Coach Rohlik and the student-athletes have achieved,” Miller said. “There are great things on the horizon for this program. I am excited to get going.”Miller’s careerOhio State associate head coach: 2017 – presentAir Force director of hockey: 2015-17Providence associate head coach: 2014-15University of Denver associate head coach: 2011-14University of Denver assistant coach: 1994-2011Miami University graduate assistant coach: 1992-1994St. Mary’s Univeristy of Minnesota: 1989-1992 read more

"Mens hockey Steve Miller signs on as associate head coach"

Softball No 24 Ohio State starts 2019 season with three wins in

Ohio State second basemen Emily Clark makes an off-foot throw to first during the Sep. 24 gameagainst Wright State. Credit: Gretchen Rudolph | For The LanternOhio State came away with three wins and one loss at the Friends of Jaclyn tournament. The Buckeyes recorded a home run in every game, and a shutout in two of the four. The second game against Ole Miss at 9:30 a.m. Sunday was cancelled due to weather. George MasonOhio State blanked George Mason 7-0 in its season opener. The Buckeyes have won their season opener in the past five seasons. The Buckeyes opened the scoring in the bottom of the third with a triple from senior shortstop Lilli Piper, the fourth of her career, and a sacrifice fly from senior second baseman Emily Clark. Ohio State took a 7-0 lead with six runs on six hits along with three errors by George Mason. Clark recorded a two-run home run, her first of the season.Ole MissOhio State continued its winning ways, defeating Ole Miss 4-2. This was the first time the two teams have ever played against each other. The Rebels got off to an early 2-0 lead at the beginning. However, The Buckeyes sparked a comeback in the bottom of the third with freshman center fielder Meg Otte’s bunt single, senior left fielder Bri Beschel’s walk, Piper’s fielder’s choice leaving the bases loaded.Clark finished on the opportunity, and hit a grand slam, pushing the lead to 4-2, a lead the Buckeyes would hold the rest of the game. Senior pitcher Morgan Ray pitched a complete game for Ohio State, allowing three hits and two runs, finish four batters off with strikeouts.With the victory, head coach Kelly Kovach Schoenly has recorded her 200th career win during her time at Ohio State.North FloridaThe Buckeyes blanked North Florida with a 3-0 shutout victory. Freshman third baseman Ashley Prange recorded the first home run of her career, getting the first run in the second inning by driving the ball over the left field fence. Senior pitcher Katya Duvall gave Ohio State its second complete game of the weekend, finishing the game with a career-high 10 strikeouts and holding North Florida to two hits and a walk.In the third inning, junior left fielder Andi Farrah doubled to left field and advanced to third on a wild pitch. Sophomore designated hitter Kallie Boren then singled to the right, helping to push the lead to 2-0. Senior second baseman Emily Clark added an insurance run on a two-out single in the fifth inning to secure the three-run win.. UCFOhio State suffered its first loss of the season, 3-2, against UCF. Ohio State went up 2-0 in the fourth inning off a home run by sophomore catcher Claire Nicholson, the first home run of her career and junior left fielder Andi Farrah’s RBI single through the left side. However, UCF turned the table in the bottom of the fifth inning.The Golden Knights scored three unanswered on a wild pitch and a two-run double by sophomore infielder Jazmine Esparza, giving UCF a 3-2 lead it would hold on to for the remainder of the game.Ohio State will take part in the ESPN Elite Invitational Feb. 15-17, facing Florida State, LSU, Utah and Notre Dame in Clearwater, Florida. read more

"Softball No 24 Ohio State starts 2019 season with three wins in"

NAMs Call for Prioritization of Social Services Youth Empowerment

first_imgBy: Kebba AF TourayNational Assembly Members have expressed their resolve on the need to prioritize the country’s social services and youth empowerment in the budget estimates, as they are key pillars in the development of the country. The honourable members made these and other assertions during yesterday’s debate on the 2018 budget estimate.Hon. Ousman Sillah, member for Banjul North, called on the Finance Minister to prioritize health, agriculture and youth empowerment during budget estimation. He said Government should ensure the implementation of the Abuja Declaration, which advocates for 15% of the local Fund to be allocated to the health sector; that this is important considering the current conditions of the country’s health sector which is faced with serious challenges, key among them, inadequate medical staff, supplies and equipment among others. He cited that without these, the attainment of quality and accessible health care services will be mission impossible.He called on Government to work towards the implementation of its commitment to the Maputu Declaration, where they are committed to allocate 10 percent of the national economy to agriculture to boost the sector, because it is the mainstay of the country’s economy. On youth empowerment, Hon. Sillah urged Government to invest more in the youth and create opportunities for them, to help curb irregular migration, unemployment and the crime rate. He called for the adjustment in the budget allocation to the Fisheries department, which he said has the potential of creating job for the youth, supplement the nutritional intake of the populace and boost the economy.On celebrations, he pointed out that at this crucial moment of the country, there is no need for celebrations but to make savings.Hon. Saikou Marong, Member for Latrikunda Sabiji, said the health sector is faced with daunting challenges that need urgent intervention; that this should be reflected in the estimates by allocating a befitting budget to the sector; that in 2013, the maternal and mortality rate was 33 per 10,000; neonatal mortality 21 per 1000; 34 per 1000 in infant mortality and in health delivery system the number of nurses is 3.2 nurses per 10,000. He called on the Finance Minister to prioritize the health sector during the budget allocation to make these and other scary scenarios facing the health sector a thing of the past.On the Ministry of Youth and Sport, he urged that the sector be fully catered for because it is charged with improving the welfare of young people who are the future leaders and cream of the society. “This is a new Gambia and the ideas of a new Gambia must be reflected in the budget. The youth need to be catered for”, he said. He called on the Ministry of Trade to also prioritize youth in their action plans and provide job opportunities for them. On celebrations, Hon. Marong argued that the National Independence of the country is worth celebrating, but slams other celebrations saying ‘‘we don’t need them,” considering the terrible economy that the country has at the moment.Hon. Bakary Camara, member for Central Badibou, lauded the Finance Minister for the additional D73 million estimate, to be allocated to the health sector; that this will go a long way in addressing the problems facing the health sectorHe spoke of the need to address the problem of lack of skills and education in youth, without which the provision of youth employment will be a waste; that skills and education of youth are prerequisites in the effective implementation of the job.The member for Sami Alfusainey Ceesay, said this government inherited bad governance but they are doing what they can to see that all sectors are considered; that the Gambian people are just eager to see rapid changes and said that Rome was not built in a day; thus the need for them to take things easy.He commended Government for increasing the transport allowances for civil servants describing this as a great stride but raised concern over teachers in the provinces. According to him, teachers in the provinces are not entitled to transport allowance and therefore questioned the package Government has in place for them.On Agriculture, Hon. Ceesay said people always concentrate on crop production and neglect animal husbandry which is also part of agriculture; that if crop production fails, they can sell their animals to gain income. He stressed the need for them to consider animal husbandry under agriculture.On Youth and Sports, he said more needs to be allocated to this sector in order to build more skill centers which will help the youth to be engaged in something meaningful.The member for Jimara, Alagie H. Sowe, frowned on the budget allocated for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, noting that it is too much and should be cut and transferred to the Ministry of Youth and Sport and Communications respectively.Sainey Touray, National Assembly Member for Jarra East, said the office of the First Lady which is included in the draft estimates is not constitutional and should not be included in the budget; that as law makers they should be doing the right thing.The member for Wuli West Sedia Jatta, told the finance Minister that they are going to deal with the document seriously and called on him to help them to get rid of the unnecessary estimates and put them where it is necessary; that many people are lying sick in this country and cannot be cured in the country because there is no money to take them somewhere else; that if a member of parliament has a serious accident, they rush him to India or if a minister falls sick, they rush him to the US. He described this as unfair, unsafe and incorrect. “But the time has come when this country must have a hospital where if you cannot be cured, you cannot be cured anywhere else. This is the country where you must do it and can do it,” he assured.The Wuli West NAM said Gambia has been re-born and they belong to a new Gambia; that they are tired and everything must change. He described Agriculture, health and education as important towards the development of the country describing them as the economic drivers; that when they revised last year’s budget, it was indicated that it has a deficit of 4 billion as there was no budget support and because they were able to have budget support, it was bit down to D950million; that this year also when the budget estimates were being formulated, considerate amount was made of budget support and grant; that no nation including the Gambia, can ever develop with loans and grants; that The Gambia can develop itself with the resources available at its disposal without seeking for help outside. Hon. Jatta said The Gambia is moving towards the direction of becoming a model for the world; that The Gambia must primarily be dependent on itself for survival and anything else should be secondary. While thanking the Minister for the changes they did to the budget, he said they want to add their input so that together they can create a Gambian nation which will also be giving out to others as they cannot just be receiving without giving out, noting that this is how relationships work.The Members for Kiang West, tumana, Upper Nuimi, Illiassa, Nianija and Nominated Member Kumba Jatta all added their voice to the debate.NAMs called on the Minister to invest more in youth development for the betterment of the country. NAMS also frowned against the ‘many celebrations’ in the country excluding Independence Day, which they described as unnecessary expenditures and should be cut down.last_img read more

"NAMs Call for Prioritization of Social Services Youth Empowerment"