Déjà vu 11 more Britishbased people who have just discovered hurling on

first_img How will we cope with an hour without live popular sport? Live hurling on sky sports 3 it is…— Andy Mitchelmore (@MitchelmoreAndy) June 14, 2014 How have I never watched hurling before this is great— Rachel (@rach_tennis) June 14, 2014 Source: Andy Mitchelmore/Twitter 9. Michael Cook Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet Source: Michael Cook/Twitter 3. Joe O’Shea 2. Alex Case Source: Alex Case/Twitter 6. Ben Nall Source: Jon Horn/Twitter Source: Joe O’Shea/Twitter Watching the hurling on sky. What do all those numbers mean?? @daraobriain— Tom Pengelly (@flyincattlebird) June 14, 2014 Hurling is absolute carnage. About five sports in one— Jon Horn (@Jondavidhorn) June 14, 2014 11. Tom Pengelly Currently watching Hurling on Sky #WTF— Alex Case (@alexcase92) June 14, 2014 5. Lillypad 10. Andy Mitchelmore Source: Ben Nall/Twitter First time watching Hurling on Sky sports 3. From what I can gather it is a sport that involves lots of guys having a pub fight on grass— Ben Nall (@BenNall79) June 14, 2014 English guy in pub who’s watched the hurling on Sky Sports; “mad sport, it’s a bit Game of Thrones, Innit?” #GAA— Joe O’Shea (@josefoshea) June 14, 2014 Source: Rachel Franczeska/Twitter 7. Hannah Sherlock Source: Aaron Skelton/Twitter 8. Aaron Skelton Watching the hurling on Sky sports 3…My paddy cousins are feckin mad… What a mental game…Dublin win I reckon…— Aaron Skelton (@Skelts10) June 14, 2014 It’s like a mixture of cricket, rugby and a egg and spoon race #hurling #skysports— Lillypad (@jacklilly14) June 14, 2014 #GAA I’m watching Hurling. Wexford have scored 4 over the bar and 1 in the net and the score is 7. Can anyone explain?— The Viking Experience Forever!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂🤷‍♂️ (@TheMCook) June 14, 2014 Source: Tom Pengelly/Twitter Source: Lillypad/Twitter LAST WEEK, WE brought you the amusing reactions of British people who had just discovered hurling, after the sport made its debut on Sky Sports.And unsurprisingly, during Sky’s second live game yesterday, there were more people ostensibly tuning in for the first time and tweeting their hilarious and bemused thoughts, as you’ll notice below.Granted, it’s been done before, but think of this as a sequel to last week’s article — and one that is more Godfather II than Hangover II hopefully.Anyway, here are 11 of the funniest responses in all of their glory…1. Rachel Franczeska 4. Joe Horn The British man who made THAT tweet about hurling>As it happened: Wexford v Dublin, Leinster SHC semi-final>last_img read more

"Déjà vu 11 more Britishbased people who have just discovered hurling on"